CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump’s Infamous Charlottesville Remarks: It’s a ‘Ridiculous Question!’

This post is by Tamar Auber from Mediaite

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A CNN panel erupted on Friday night after host Erin Burnett asked Trump supporter and CNN contributor Paris Dennard if — one year after the deadly protests in Charlottesville — if he agreed with President Donald Trump that there was “good people on both sides.” “Erin Burnett, don’t ask me ridiculous questions like that,” Dennard snapped back. “Why is it a ridiculous question, Paris?” Burnett pressed on. “You’re sitting here saying this is something that has been going on since the beginning of our country, acting like the President of the United States has nothing to do with it. He has said that there are good people on both sides. I am asking you, as a supporter of him who is African-American, do you agree? Dennard once again said it was a “ridiculous” question before adding, “Erin, it’s a ridiculous question because you know that the president was talking about the 1925 rally.” “No, he was talking about the white supremacists, one of whom killed someone at a rally one year ago this weekend, that’s who he was talking about,” Burnett replied, her voice raising. Then, when fellow panelist Joan Walsh chimed in, Dennard was not amused that she was the one now asking questions. “I’m not going to be accosted by you!” Dennard said, after Walsh tried to get him to answer the question. “I’m not accosting you. I’m having a conversation,” Walsh snapped back. Then after crosstalk and repeated stonewalling from Dennard — who became increasingly angry throughout — he said this: “I believe what’s happening is the media is being allowed to be played by these racists and you all give them a platform and you feed into the narrative by asking me ridiculous questions and trying to draw inferences about the president when he’s denounced racism, bigotry and violence multiple times back in 2016.” Burnett then said these are “fair questions,” before bringing the segment to a close. Dennard, not giving up, continued to rant on. Watch above, via CNN [image via screengrab]

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