Fox & Friends Goes Full Propaganda: If You Don’t Want Open Borders, ‘Vote for Republicans’

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The coordination between the White House and Fox News has never worked more seamlessly. Perhaps credit is due to former FNC executive Bill Shine, who recently became Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, but as Juan Williams recently admitted, Fox News and the White House appear to be “joined at the hip” in terms of political messaging. Take for example news of a sharp increase in illegal immigration at the U.S. southern border. President Trump began tweeting about this issue yesterday, and like the loyal sycophants that their critics see them as, Fox & Friends began amplifying that rhetoric by design. Fox News correspondent Griff Jenkins covered the spike in immigration over the past few months, but framed this not in a manner critical of the current administration (as they did under Obama) but rather as a scare tactic designed to get out the vote. (Side note: the headline for this post could be “Fox & Friends Reports on Sharp Increase of Illegal Immigration Under Trump Administration.”) The segment ended with a clip of Newt Gingrich claiming that the midterm elections come down to two issues: the ugly confirmation process of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and the “caravan” of illegal immigrants crossing the border. And in case any viewer missed the rather banal point, co-host Steve Doocy ended with: “So it comes down to a simple question regarding the Republicans and the Democrats because it’s clear. If you think that our southern border should be open, support the Democrats. If you think the southern border should actually be a border with security, and stopping people, and processing them accordingly, then you’ve got to vote for Republicans.” Shortly after the segment aired, Fox & Friends’ most powerful viewer tweeted: Followed by: To be clear, Fox & Friends is not a news program, it’s an opinion program for a conservative audience. But this level of open promotion of campaign strategy seems to leave what little nuance the show had in covering conservative-friendly topics by the side of the road. In 2017 CNN president Jeff Zucker hyperbolically derided Fox News as “state-run TV” in an interview with David Remnick, ostensibly comparing the conservative cable news outlet’s relationship with the Trump administration to Pravda, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Segments today demonstrate that the moniker “state-run TV” is no longer hyperbolic but more and more a sad truth. Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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