Seth Meyers Slams ‘Lawless’ Trump, Calls His Firing of Jeff Sessions a ‘Power Grab’

This post is by Joseph A. Wulfsohn from Mediaite

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On Thursday night, Seth Meyers went after President Donald Trump over his firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Meyers accused Trump of showing “vindictiveness” in the forced resignation of Sessions, which he called a “power grab” by the president. He then showed a clip from Wednesday’s wild press conference showing CBS News reporter Major Garrett asking the president about the job security of Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, something he said he’d rather answer “at a little bit different time.” “You could say yes or no, but saying ‘I’d like to answer that later’ is the most suspicious answer you could give,” Meyers reacted. “If you get pulled over and your answer to ‘Have you been drinking?’ is ‘Let me get back to you,’ it’s breathalyzer time.” The Late Night host mocked Trump for punting the firing duties to White House Chief of Staff Kelly, who reported fired Sessions over the phone. “These guys are such cowards. Trump didn’t want to fire Sessions himself so he had Kelly do it. And Kelly didn’t want to do it either, so he just called him,” Meyers told his audience. “I’m surprised they didn’t just send Stephen Miller to perch on Sessions’ window sill.” “With Democrats regaining power in Washington, Trump is now seriously threatened for the first time in his presidency and in response, he’s becoming more lawless,” Meyers continued. “He sees the law not as a constraint on his power but as a tool to protect himself. And as Jeff Sessions just learned, he’ll attack anyone in his way whether you’re an opponent who hates him or a supporter who gives him the ’embrace.'” Watch the clip above, via NBC (start at the 7:20 mark).

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