Former Senator Claire McCaskill To Morning Joe: Lindsey Graham Has Lost His Mind

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Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) appeared on Morning Joe Wednesday morning and to ostensibly provide insight into the current Congressional dynamics, in particular, the backroom drama surrounding President Donald Trump’s possible declaration of a national emergency to build his much-touted border wall. There is an apparent split amongst Congressional Republicans on the “national emergency gambit” which was addressed by Lindsey Graham (R-SC) who recently addressed his fellow Republicans and said they needed to go along with the national emergency if that’s what it comes to. Co-host Willie Geist asked McCaskill what she thought about Graham’s comments, to which she replied plainly “number one, Lindsey Graham has lost his mind. I don’t understand what has happened.” After Geist pressed with “What’s he doing, Senator?” McCaskill admitted she didn’t know. “It’s beyond bizarre to me. This is not the man I served shoulder to shoulder with so many years. I don’t . It must have something to do with how he views the president. ” What followed was a Morning Joe pile-on over Graham’s loyal support of President Trump, who just on Tuesday demeaned and denigrated Graham’s close friend and mentor John McCain. “I do not understand why Lindsey Graham is not throwing a haymaker in defense of John McCain towards this president,” McCaskill said, adding “I don’t get Lindsey Graham.” The list of time-honored takes and topics that regular viewers of Morning Joe tune into watch include President Donald Trump’s fitness for office, the shifting positions of Republicans in Congress and now, the degradation of Lindsey Graham’s character (and not unfairly so.) Watch above via MSNBC.

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