Shepard Smith Hits Warren For ‘American Indian’ Texas Bar Flap: ‘This is Cultural Appropriation, Defined’

This post is by Joe DePaolo from Mediaite

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren‘s (D-MA) apology on Capitol Hill Wednesday for claiming to be “American Indian” on her 1986 Texas State Bar application aired during the afternoon’s edition of Shepard Smith Reporting. And it seems the Fox News anchor was not all that satisfied by Warren’s mea culpa. Immediately after Warren’s session with reporters concluded, Smith noted the significance of the the final question the senator fielded. “That last question is the most appropriate one,” Smith said. “How will voters respond? Because this is cultural appropriation, defined.” Smith went on to blast Warren — and speculating as to whether she intentionally sought to gain an advantage by identifying as a Native American. “The question is, was she trying to gain some sort of advantage — in this case, in the Texas bar — over those that did not consider themselves ‘American Indian,'” Smith said. “Which she is not.” above, via Fox News.

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