Fox & Friends Covers AOC’s Green New Deal With Brutal Mockery and Scorn

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Fox & Friends took a mocking tone on Friday as they covered Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and her proposed “Green New Deal.” Yesterday, Ocasio-Cortez held a presser in which she called on the country to make the push for environmental innovation and an embrace of renewable energy resources. How did the curvy couch react to this? Well, Ainsley Earhardt set the tone by sarcastically responding with “if you don’t want to work, you don’t have to; no more airplane, you have to take a train now.” “No more cars as we know ’em,” Steve Doocy added as Earhardt told Brian Kilmeade to throw out his mileage with Jetblue. Minor aside: who’s to say that flying is completely out of the question when someone could get rich if they invent an environmentally-friendly way to do it? The hosts went on to declare that Ocasio-Cortez’s plan will force American to its entire way of life. This involved the three of them predicting that Americans will quit their jobs en masse when the state assumes responsibility for their well-being, and there was also the part where they said every cow in the country would have to be slaughtered immediately for generating natural gas. There’s enough conservative comfort food for everybody here, so please, enjoy. Watch above, via Fox News. — —
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