Trump Lashes Out: ‘Fake News Media’ Refuses to Call Russia Probe a ‘GIANT AND ILLEGAL HOAX’

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President Donald Trump back on Twitter again and blasting the “fake news media” for supposedly failing to report that the investigation into his 2016 campaign is a “GIANT AND ILLEGAL HOAX” with no evidence of Russian collusion. The president started his Friday by parroting Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett for saying that Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr hasn’t found evidence yet to prove the Trump-Russia collusion theory. Interestingly, this doesn’t touch on how Burr indicated that there are still a number of open questions, even if his upcoming report will primarily focus on the Obama administration’s response to Russian election-meddling. Next up, cited a piece from The Hill opinion writer John Solomon, who seems to be is accusing House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) of hypocrisy for meeting Fusion GPS Founder Glenn Simpson recently in Aspen. Note: Simpson did not write the dossier. Finally, Trump focused on his favorite enemy: the political press. These speak for themselves really. — —
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