CNN’s John Berman Jokes About Jeffrey Toobin Having His Hands on Roger’s ‘Stones’

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Jeffrey Toobin is not just CNN’s Chief Legal analyst, he is also a remarkably accomplished writer for The New Yorker, and during a Monday morning visit to the set of New Day, his two jobs interested as he spoke about a recent article about Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi published Sunday evening. The long-form article mostly portrays the Kafka-esque political comedy of the former colleagues now turned legal rivals amidst the backdrop of the Mueller investigation but includes some fun and silly details as well. One such example is Stone’s fundraising ploy, which reads “In a pair of cardboard boxes, there were dozens of polished rocks, which Stone was autographing and selling: “Roger stones,” to benefit his legal-defense fund.” At the end of Monday’s New Day segment, Toobin spoke of the autograph stone gambit, even holding an example up for viewers to see. He made clear that received his “Roger’d” stone for free, so as to keep journalistically sound in his reporting. It was shortly thereafter, however, that New Day co-host John Berman bravely made the joke that the world didn’t know it needed until it was out there for all to see. “There’s Jeffrey Toobin with his hands on Roger stones,” he said, which some viewers may have heard as a double entendre for something else altogether. Worth noting that Roger Stone has often called out “liberal scumbags.” The ever erudite Toobin took the high road, replying with “sometimes you think of things to say and you don’t say them and you think what a good decision.” And a good time was had by all. Watch above, via CNN.

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