Brit Hume Suggests Trump is Too Ignorant to Have Made Joke About Native American Genocide

This post is by Aidan McLaughlin from Mediaite

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One weird thing happened over the weekend that has already faded into the news cycle: President Donald Trump apparently made a joke about Native American genocide. People were outraged, as is tradition, and Fox News analyst Brit Hume dismissed the outrage as an overreaction, as is tradition. In a tweet, Hume suggested Trump couldn’t have been making a joke about genocide, simply because he’s too ignorant of history to understand the joke he made. Reporters, including CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, were perplexed by the defense: Hume explained that Trump “says ignorant and offensive things regularly, but he is not noted for veiled references to historical events.” Daily Mail White House reporter David Martosko pointed out, however, that he once questioned Trump on the Trail of Tears, and the president was “aware” of what happened. Whether or not Trump knows about the Native American genocide of the 19th century, his son apparently does: Donald Trump Jr. posted a joke on Instagram about the genocide that boasted Trump’s mocking of Elizabeth Warren was “another murder.” “Savage!!! Love my President,” Don Jr. wrote.

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