Dem Rep. Deb Haaland Refuses to Condemn Rep. Omar’s New Israel Tweets: ‘I Don’t Have a Comment’

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Rep. Deb Haaland (D-NM) refused to condemn fellow freshmen Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) latest tweets about Israel and support for the country in Congress, which have been labeled as being anti-Semitic, during her interview with CNN on Monday. “I say that, sure, it’s common knowledge that Republicans will — I mean, they do take campaign contributions from everything, everyone and every corporate PAC money and gas and oil industry money and all these things,” Haaland said. “I think that my colleague, she has decided not to take campaign contributions from some folks. Look, it’s not up to us to police what people say on Twitter, you know, with respect to that. I have never witnessed any of my colleagues promote or speak or, you know, to anti-semitism.” “She points to [American Israel Public Affairs Committee] and AIPAC doesn’t contribute to politicians. And even Democrats, your democratic colleagues, many of them are speaking out about what she has said,” CNN’s Kate Bolduan pressed. “Right. I don’t have — I don’t have a comment on that currently,” Haaland replied. “Because you don’t think the comment was anti-semitic,” Bolduan asked. “Well, I think the comment — what you read me, I didn’t read it, but what you just read me alludes to campaign contributions, it doesn’t allude to anything else but that,” Haaland insisted. “But it speaks to a longstanding veiled anti-semitism that many folks have talked about over the years about Jews running things because they have money,” Bolduan explained. “Yeah, I don’t — I mean, I don’t subscribe to that. I don’t subscribe to that,” the congresswoman ended the interview with. Following Haaland’s interview, the Democratic leadership said Omar’s tweets were anti-Semitic and called on her to “apologize for these hurtful comments.” Watch above, via CNN.

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