John Oliver Tells Colbert Trump Could Win 2020; Gets Booed

This post is by Tamar Auber from Mediaite

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John Oliver visited with Stephen Colbert on Monday night and he had some thoughts about surviving Trump in the White House. “We just passed the midpoint in Trump’s hopefully first and only term, and some say the end is in sight,” Colbert said. Oliver warned against such optimism. “To say we’re halfway through his presidency, I think,  is to ignore the possibility of a second term,” he stressed. “We are two to six years away from the end of his presidency.” The audience booed loudly. Oliver then said the Constitution gives us an endpoint. “We all have a finish line like in a marathon that we all stumble over, be covered in a cape and have someone say, you really shouldn’t have done that,” he said. “Which is to stay alive till January 21, 2025?” Colbert asked. Oliver said that is exactly what meant but there is one person who really had to be mindful of outlasting Trump “I think that’s what we all have to do, all of us especially Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” Oliver stressed. Watch above, via CBS

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