Rep. Nina Lowey: We Didn’t Talk to Hannity, Coulter, or Drudge Before Striking Border Deal

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Many have questioned just how much influence Sean Hannity has in President Donald Trump‘s administration. But according to one key point person on the border security negotiations, the answer is zero. Appearing on CNN’s New Day Tuesday, Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) — who chairs the House appropriations committee — said that the Fox News host’s bashing of the agreement as a “garbage compromise” is a sign that the deal has merit. “That probably confirms for me that it’s a good deal,” Lowey said. “I would hope Sean Hannity and all the other people you mentioned aren’t running this government. This was a bipartisan deal. Senate and House. Republican, Democrat. And I think we did an excellent job that all parts of our caucuses can accept.” New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota pressed Lowey — saying that a previous deal on the issue in September had been scuttled after the got cold feet following criticism from the likes of Hannity, Ann Coulter, and Matt Drudge. “Look, when we sat around this table and negotiated this deal, we didn’t call Sean Hannity. We didn’t call Coulter. We didn’t call all the people you mentioned,” Lowey said. “This was a deal that was negotiated between Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate. And we think we came to a good compromise — again, that would secure our border, because that’s the goal. We have to uphold our values, secure our border, get a deal that we can support, and I think we did a good job.” Watch above, via CNN.

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