WATCH: Hockey Player Suffers Heart Attack During Game, Saved By Doctor Who Happened to Be Playing

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“I was simply dead.” That comment came from North Carolina man Jib Street — who suffered a heart attack right on the ice during a pickup hockey game last month. “My heart had stopped pumping, and I wasn’t breathing, and my organs were shutting down,” Street told the Today Show. But it just so happened that a man on the opposing squad was a doctor. And thanks to his quick response, and the presence of some crucial medical equipment, Street’s life was saved. Dr. Craig Bryant was the man who revived Street. He told Today that he that he knew right away that he was dealing with a life-threatening situation. “I did realize how serious this was,” Bryant said. He added, “Your brain can have irreversible damage at the four to six-minute mark…So this is one of those situations where time is extremely important.” The rink happened to an automated external defibrillator. And Bryant used it to revive Street — who finally came to after approximately five minutes. “He’s my guardian angel,” Street said of the doctor. “I’m blessed to be here.” Watch above, via NBC.

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