Bill Maher: There’s a ‘Real Liberal Face’ on College Admissions Scandal, This Is Why People Voted for Trump

This post is by Josh Feldman from Mediaite

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Bill Maher tonight went off on the college admissions scandal and broadened it out to his gripes about parenting in general these days and what the scandal says about the resentment against “coastal elites.” He said parents have gotten “weaker and weaker” over the years and noted how Lori Loughlin‘s daughter wants to be an “influencer,” saying kids “all want to be Kardashians.” “There’s a real liberal face on this scandal,” Maher continued. “I’m sure there were some conservatives. But it looks like coastal elites. If you ever wonder why so many people––how could you vote for Trump? Or why do they hate Democrats so much? This is exactly why.” Jessica Yellin said she looked up the political donations of the parents involved and there are both Democrats and Republicans in the mix. As Maher continued going off on parents for being too soft on kids, said, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with spanking your kids a little bit when they’re young before they’re old enough to fight back.” You can watch a clip above, via HBO. [image via screengrab]

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