Colbert Thinks Things Would Be Different if Hillary Won: People Would Call POTUS to Say ‘I Love You’ Not ‘I’d Love a Pardon’

This post is by Tamar Auber from Mediaite

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On Friday night, Stephen Colbert suggested that if Hillary Clinton had become president things would be different, at least when it comes to the phone calls patched into the Oval Office Colbert started off by saying this:  “At times like these– at times like these, I think about the president we could have had, Hillary Clinton.” He then played a clip of Clinton at an event for Vote Mama. While she was speaking to the group, her phone rang. Clinton picked up the phone. “I’m at a meeting! I’m with all these people! I’ll call you back, okay?” Clinton says to the grandkid on Facetime. After the clip aired, Colbert quipped, “Just think. If she had won in 2016, we’d have a president who people call just to say ‘I love you,’ instead of ‘I’d love a pardon.'” Watch above, via CBS    

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