Scaramucci Responds to Insane New Yorker Convo: ‘I Sometimes Use Colorful Language…’

Thursday afternoon, The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza dropped a bombshell interview he had the night before with Anthony Scaramucci, the newly anointed White House communications director. Over the course of the bonkers interview — which Scaramucci for some reason did not declare off the record — the new staffer fumed about White House leaks, called Reince Priebus “a fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac,” and declared “I’m not Steve Bannon, I’m not trying to suck my own cock.” The interview naturally sent the internet into a DEFCON 1 meltdown, as Twitter eagerly awaited The Mooch’s response. And then, a few hours later, it arrived: Scaramucci reportedly called Lizza after the journalist caught word he would be dining at the Continue reading "Scaramucci Responds to Insane New Yorker Convo: ‘I Sometimes Use Colorful Language…’"

Waiter Claims Hannity Spent $42k in One Weekend at Trump Hotel, Ate Massive Lobster

Sean Hannity, Fox News anchor and millionaire-populist, racked up a $45,000 tab at Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. over the weekend of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, according to a waiter quoted by GQ. GQ’s Irina Aleksander spent a week inside the Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, a short dash from the White House, and wrote an extensive piece on her experience there. And according to one unnamed waiter at the hotel Aleksander spoke to, Hannity spent the weekend of Trump’s inauguration at the Trump International, where “suites were renting for as much as $18,000 a night.” What’s more, the Trump mega-fan apparently treated himself to thousands of dollars worth of hotel treats, including a massive imported lobster:
That same weekend, according to one forthcoming waiter, Fox News host Sean Hannity ran up a $42,000 tab in the restaurant, which included the cost of flying in an Continue reading "Waiter Claims Hannity Spent $42k in One Weekend at Trump Hotel, Ate Massive Lobster"

Report: Trump Views Reince Priebus Like ‘Neglected Puppy’

In light of the current White House civil war between new comms director Anthony Scaramucci and chief of staff Reince Priebus, President Donald Trump reportedly has sympathy for Priebus — whose “current state reminds him of the neglected puppies in the viral Sarah McLachlan videos,” according to Axios. Scaramucci fired the first shot in the now very public feud between the two senior White House staffers, tweeting Wednesday night that someone had leaked his financial disclosure information, while mentioning Priebus. Then on Thursday, Scaramucci called into CNN’s New Day to deliver a bonkers 30-minute interview in which he said his relationship with the chief of staff may not be repairable, comparing it to that between Cain and Abel (according to scripture, Cain ended up murdering Abel by impaling him in the head with a blunt object). And in the wake of this broadside, Axios points out that “nobody important Continue reading "Report: Trump Views Reince Priebus Like ‘Neglected Puppy’"

Kellyanne Conway: Paperwork Required to Serve in White House Demoralizes People

Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox & Friends Thursday morning to complain about the paperwork required to work in the White House, claiming it discourages “good men and women” from serving the Trump administration. Friend Ainsley Earhardt first asked Conway why Anthony Scaramucci’s tweet accusing someone of leaking his financial disclosure information included mention of chief of staff Reince Priebus. The White House counselor gave a textbook Conway non-response, instead opting to scold her classmates colleagues for leaking to the press. “The fact is that we just have to cut down on people thinking it’s cute and makes them popular, and it somehow enhances their resume and their portfolio for later on, to curry favor with folks who are more interested in covering the style and not the substance here,” she said. Conway went on to argue that the paperwork one must fill out to serve in government is too much Continue reading "Kellyanne Conway: Paperwork Required to Serve in White House Demoralizes People"

Palace Intrigue! WH Advisor Mocks Scaramucci DURING CNN Call: ‘Car Crash’

Anthony Scaramucci, the White House’s slick new communications director, called into CNN’s New Day Thursday morning for a 30-minute marathon interview to complain about White House leaks — while a reporter in the green room was receiving texts from other administration officials mocking that very interview. After apparently accusing Reince Priebus last night in a tweet of leaking a financial disclosure form that hadn’t even been leaked, Scaramucci called into New Day, perhaps after one too many cups of coffee. Speaking with Chris Cuomo for 30 minutes, The Mooch compared his relationship to the chief of staff to Cain and Abel, quoted Joe Paterno, moaned about leaks and slammed reporters. Bloomberg’s Josh Green joined CNN after the call, noting “it’s important to step back and let viewers know how bizarre and unusual what just transpired is,” before stating that he had been watching the episode and texting Continue reading "Palace Intrigue! WH Advisor Mocks Scaramucci DURING CNN Call: ‘Car Crash’"

Trump Banned Transgender Troops to… Get Funding for Border Wall?

President Donald Trump ignited a fresh controversy Wednesday morning when he announced the U.S. military would ban transgender individuals from serving, citing “the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” And while Trump wrote in his tweets that the decision was arrived at thanks to “consultation with my Generals and military experts,” Politico is reporting that there may have been another motive: a budget proposal to fund the president’s cherished wall on the Southern border. Per Politico, “House Republicans were planning to pass a spending bill stacked with his campaign promises, including money to build his border wall with Mexico.” “But an internal House Republican fight over transgender troops was threatening to blow up the bill,” with the GOP leadership unwilling to grant more conservative lawmakers their desire to see a ban on Pentagon-funded gender-reassignment surgeries. Those members threatened to derail Continue reading "Trump Banned Transgender Troops to… Get Funding for Border Wall?"

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Emotional Reading Trump Fan Mail From 9-Year-Old Named ‘Pickle’

Sarah Huckabee Sanders kicked off her first briefing as the newly-anointed press secretary by reading off a piece of fan mail written to President Donald Trump by a 9-year-old boy who claimed to go by “Pickle.” After announcing new communications director Anthony Scaramucci wanted to shake things up in the daily briefings, Sanders said, her voice breaking up: “we’re going to start the White House briefing every once in a while with a letter or an e-mail that we may receive” from “some of the forgotten men, women, and children” in America. Sanders kicked off her first fan mail reading with a letter from Dylan, a 9-year-old who claims that everyone calls him “Pickle.” In his letter, he said Trump is his favorite president. “I like you so much that I had a birthday about you,” young Pickle wrote. “My cake was the shape of your hat,” he Continue reading "Sarah Huckabee Sanders Gets Emotional Reading Trump Fan Mail From 9-Year-Old Named ‘Pickle’"