Why Journalism, Education Could Benefit From a Mixed-Methods Approach

Education and journalism are essentially about people and their stories, as well as sharing information that produces prepared citizens for the good of the world. Of course, these are lofty goals, which are realized only in part because educators and journalists are in the trenches each day, fighting valiantly against apathy, ignorance, funding loss, and other barriers. Another current commonality, which isn’t so positive, is a titanic shift from people to numbers – a pivot that, although well-meaning, has had disastrous consequences.

Journalism’s obsession with numbers

Journalism has bought into data. We have seen those statistics be beautifully instructive through visualizations, infographics and in-depth reporting. We have also seen interpretations of that data be wrong, namely in the results of Brexit and the 2016 U.S. election. Journalists are, of course, struggling with those outcomes still, and media are working to counterbalance what some have seen as an overreliance on numbers versus
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