Fox News Cranks Up The Music And Fawns As Bomb Drops In Afghanistan

There’s no better way to get the “Fox & Friends” crew going after breakfast than playing some good ol’ fashion freedom music and watching a video of an American payload snuffing out the lives of our enemies.
The show kicked off its Friday-morning segment with black and white footage of the “Mother of All Bombs” killing as many as 36 alleged Islamic State militants in Afghanistan on Thursday, with a celebratory backdrop of Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.”
As the footage plays and the “Fox & Friends” crew cackles, host Ainsley Earhardt crows, “That is what freedom looks like.”

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9 Brands That Should Delete Their Account After That Tweet

Every Twitter “scandal” has a similar progression.
First, a brand tweets an offensive or objectively funny thing, like McDonald’s did when its corporate Twitter published threw shade directed at President Donald Trump.
Then, typically, the brands will attribute the errant tweet to a hack or a rogue employee ― and occasionally they will issue an apology.
Last but not least, the rest of the internet makes fun of them or promises to boycott, and then we all move on.
But some Twitter campaigns should not be forgotten, because they are very bad, and also serve as a warning to the next generation of tweeters: Stop tweeting. Delete your account. You’re going to ruin your life.
Now come downstairs for dinner.
Love, your dad, @andybcampbell.
We digress. Here are some egregiously bad tweets by brands:
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The Nintendo Switch’s Mobility Is Sweet, But Its Lineup Has Us Worried

It’s a console and a mobile platform at the same time. It looks like it’ll be fun to play with friends. The controllers are weird and apparently comfortable to hold this time around. But will the Nintendo Switch’s lineup at least beat the unmitigated disaster that was the Wii U’s launch?
Nintendo has been making a lot of promises since it announced the Switch in October. At its launch event Thursday night, we got to see more footage of “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” (which is what we all wanted, come on, admit it) and the hype train chugged just a little faster.
On Friday, reporters got some hands-on time with the Switch and it appears some of Nintendo’s design choices are a success. The controller design is reportedly comfortable and intuitive, and the integration of mobile and console gaming is relatively seamless.
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‘Deadpool 2’ Will Have Plenty More Fan Service, Writers Reveal

The writers of “Deadpool” have plenty of nods to comic book fans hidden in its sequel ― they also buried 1,600 kilos of cocaine somewhere in their apartment, right next to the cure for blindness.
First off, let’s get the big one out of the way about “Deadpool 2” ― which is rumored to be released around spring, 2018. Screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick said in an interview with Business Insider Friday that it’ll definitely include Cable, a Marvel hero featured alongside Deadpool in the comics.
It’s a matchup that feels like a no-brainer, but Wernick and Reese broke all the rules with the original, too, and it was a blockbuster last February.

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Deputy Suspended Over Leaked Airport Shooting Video

A Broward County Sheriff’s Office deputy was suspended this week after security footage of the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter was leaked to the press.
Deputy Michael Dingman, 46, was suspended with pay while the sheriff’s office investigates the leak. He’s accused of disclosing confidential criminal justice information and misconduct, according to an internal affairs memo released Tuesday.
On Sunday, TMZ published security footage showing the alleged gunman, Esteban Santiago, fire his first shots at the airport. He would go on to kill five people and wound another six.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel noted Tuesday that it’s still early in the investigation and it’s unclear whether Dingman contravened policy.
I’m not saying he did or didn’t do anything wrong,” Broward Sheriff Scott Israel told the Sun Sentinel on Tuesday. He was, however, extremely upset about the leak.
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Teen Vogue Writer Twists Knife After Taking Down Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson messed with the wrong person.
The Fox News host was blasted by Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca on his show Friday, after challenging her over her tweets about Ivanka Trump. It did not go well for Carlson, who ended his segment with an egregiously sexist remark after the interview devolved.
Carlson started by firing shots at Duca for tweeting that Ivanka Trump has “sinister complicity in aiding the most aggressively anti-woman candidate of our time.” Duca stood by her statement and parried his attacks by calling him out for interrupting.
“You’re shouting over me every time I speak. It’s incredibly unprofessional,” she said. “You’re actually being a partisan hack who’s just attacking me ad nauseam and not even allowing me to speak.”
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Hail Mary! Broncos Fan Sacked By Security Guard On Christmas

The Denver Broncos got a big lump of coal on Christmas Day when the Kansas City Chiefs gave ‘em a good ol’ fashioned American drubbing ― they lost 33-10, and even my mom was embarrassed for them. But it was a Broncos fan who suffered the worst sack of the game.
With a few seconds left in the third quarter on Sunday, a Kansas City security guard deployed a diving, crushing tackle on the fan as he ran across the field.
During the national broadcast of the game, Westwood One radio’s Kevin Harlan celebrated the sack with a hilarious play-by-play (watch and listen here).

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