Anderson Cooper: If Trump ‘Took A Dump On His Desk,’ Jeffrey Lord Would Defend It

It appears CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has had enough of people making excuses for President Donald Trump’s questionable actions.
Cooper on Friday was asking Jeffrey Lord, a CNN contributor and Trump surrogate, about the president reportedly calling former FBI Director James Comey a “nut job” to Russian officials at the White House. But Lord continued his unconditional support for Trump, saying U.S. presidents can say whatever they want.
“I don’t care what he says to the Russians. I mean, he’s the president of the United States,” Lord said. “If he wants to say that, if Barack Obama wants to say whatever, if George Bush says I looked in his eyes ...”
Cooper, apparently fed up, interrupted: “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”
The sharp comment made Lord laugh.

3 Filipina-American Journalists Discuss ‘My Family’s Slave’ And Who Gets To Judge It

This week, it seemed the entire internet had something to say about The Atlantic’s latest cover story, written by the late Filipino-American journalist Alex Tizon.
Tizon’s personal essay, which detailed his life with a woman he first knew as Lola and eventually identified as his family’s slave, quickly went viral.
People reacted emotionally. People acted with outrage. People criticized Tizon for participating in modern-day slavery. People criticized him for telling Lola’s story ― Eudocia Tomas Pulido’s story ― in the first place.
Then, Filipinos began speaking up for themselves in an attempt to explain a culture that many felt the rest of the world simply could not understand. 
Filipinos and Filipino-Americans wondered out loud: How could the rest of the world, especially wealthier countries, expect to solve the Philippines’ social issues without experiencing their painful history and cultural complexities first-hand?
And, more pointedly, who gets to tell Filipinos how Continue reading "3 Filipina-American Journalists Discuss ‘My Family’s Slave’ And Who Gets To Judge It"

Trevor Noah Spells Out Why Trump Nixing Comey Is Bad For Democracy

Trevor Noah is convinced that America, under the Trump administration, is headed the way of an African dictatorship
The host of “The Daily Show,” who is originally from South Africa, picked apart the most dangerous aspects of President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey on Wednesday night’s episode and his outlook was grim.
“People, I’m not going to sugarcoat this,” he said. “This is bad for democracy.”
Why? As Noah suggested yesterday, it’s because “Dictator Trump,” as he has dubbed the president, has become emboldened enough to get rid of the very people who are investigating his ties to Russia ― even if Trump claims it’s because Comey had wronged his former opponent Hillary Clinton.
“I’m sorry but that’s straight-up bullshit,” Noah said. “You don’t need to be a genius to figure out why Trump really canned Comey. It rhymes with Russia.”
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Giphy’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month GIFs Are Pretty And Personal

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and what better way to celebrate it than with the perfect GIF to punctuate your social media?
In honor of the monthlong tribute, Giphy, the popular graphic-making site, released this week a series of original GIFs that explore and celebrate those in the Asian American Pacific Islander community.
Similar to their Black History Month and Women’s History Month campaigns, Giphy’s latest project honors what AAPIs have contributed to the country. The website is also sharing individuals’ take on what it’s like to be an AAPI minority in this country through the “I Am” interview project

“We’re mindful of ensuring Giphy portrays the diversity of America as much as possible,” content strategy director Yosub Kim told HuffPost. “I definitely felt we needed to drive conversation for other underrepresented communities, which led us to the AAPI community.”

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New York Times Readers Are Canceling Subscriptions Over Climate-Denying Writer

The New York Times just hired Bret Stephens, a conservative writer who identifies as a “climate agnostic” ― infuriating many readers who say the paper is going against its mission to cover climate change.
Now, scientists are rallying people against the Times and its new hire. 
Climate scientist Michael E. Mann launched the hashtag #ShowYourCancellation this week after the paper’s public editor defended the decision to hire the former Wall Street Journal columnist, dismissing its so-called “left-leaning critics” who they claimed were leading a “fiery revolt.”
Mann called for people to prove to the Times that they were actually ending their subscriptions to the paper over Stephens, who published his first column on being skeptical about the effects of climate change on Friday.

‘Donald Trump’ Gets Trevor Noah To Admit The ‘Daily Show’ Is Fake News

Trevor Noah completely trashed Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office on Monday, so when the “Daily Show” host went after Trump again on Tuesday ― this time targeting his ever-changing plans for a border wall ― the “president” decided to talk to Noah himself.
“I don’t know why Trump and his people don’t just lose the whole wall idea,” Noah said. “Just admit that the whole thing is ridiculous and move on. At the end of 100 days the president should be talking about his legislation not his stupid wall.”
That’s when President Trump, as portrayed by comedy writer Anthony Atamanuik, interrupted the show. POTUS’ arrival elicited both cheers and moans from the crowd, and Trump was as pompous and orange as ever.

Trump confronted Noah for saying “some very not nice things about me,” before hurling his signature insult at the late-night TV host.
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Bill Nye Slams CNN For Putting Climate Change Skeptic On Earth Day Panel

Bill Nye will gladly talk to the media about climate change, but he has no time for climate change skeptics. 
The celebrity scientist slammed CNN’s “New Day” on Saturday for including William Happer ― a physicist who thinks carbon pollution is a myth and once compared carbon dioxide to the suffering of Jewish people during the Holocaust ― in an Earth Day panel on the March for Science protests.
When asked about Happer’s skepticism, Nye answered by providing Happer with a few facts about the rising rates of atmospheric CO2, but not before scolding the hosts for doing a “disservice” to their viewers.
“I will say, as much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic, and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change,” Nye said, referring to the widespread consensus among scientists that climate change is real Continue reading "Bill Nye Slams CNN For Putting Climate Change Skeptic On Earth Day Panel"