Bloomberg Urges Americans To Stop Resisting Trump And Focus On 2020 Election Instead

Michael Bloomberg may have said some disparaging things about Donald Trump before he was elected president, but the former New York City mayor appears to have softened his approach now that Trump is in the White House.
During an appearance on Wednesday’s “The View,” Bloomberg, who once called Trump a “con” and “dangerous demagogue,” urged Americans to get behind Trump and suggested that the president’s opponents should focus less on resistance and more on the next presidential election.
“Let’s just all hope that Donald Trump is a good president of the United States,” the billionaire businessman and philanthropist said. “He’s our president, and we need this country to be run well.”
Bloomberg also explained that, although he did not vote for Trump, he wanted to avoid repeating the “mistake” that he says Sen. Mitch McConnell made as minority leader in President Barack Obama’s administration. In 2010, McConnell told The National Journal Continue reading "Bloomberg Urges Americans To Stop Resisting Trump And Focus On 2020 Election Instead"

‘Daily Show’ Investigates The Slants And Their ‘Offensive’ Band Name

The Supreme Court made an important ruling on the First Amendment Monday that could help the NFL’s Washington Redskins keep its controversial name. To better understand the case, “The Daily Show” sent senior correspondent Ronny Chieng to investigate the other group that fought ― and won ― the trademark battle to keep using its “racially insensitive” name: The Slants.
During Tuesday’s episode, Chieng sat down with the rock band, which is made up of four Asian-American musicians, to find out why they took their fight all the way to the Supreme Court after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office denied their trademark application.
“The court said that we’re too Asian to use the name,” Simon Tam, the band’s frontman, told Chieng.
It said that anyone can register “The Slants” as long as they’re not Asian,” Tam added.
Confused, Chieng asked, “You’re saying that if you were white, you could Continue reading "‘Daily Show’ Investigates The Slants And Their ‘Offensive’ Band Name"

Alex Jones Doubles Down On Threats Ahead Of Megyn Kelly Show

Alex Jones, conspiracy theorist and host of “InfoWars,” on Saturday intensified his call for NBC News to release a full, unedited recording of his controversial interview due to air Sunday on the network’s “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” program.
During a 15-minute rant posted to the live-streaming app Periscope, Jones said that if NBC did not publish at least about 100 minutes of his unedited interview on their website, he would release eight or more hours of secret audio recordings and footage he has of Kelly and her news team.
The recordings, Jones claims, were made in his car and at dinner with Kelly, and in the control room of his studio. During the ramblings he posted, he also insults longtime NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw and calls NBC News and Kelly “frauds.”

CNN Called Comey’s Dad, But Comey Picked Up The Phone Instead

When reporters find out their source is dropping out of an interview hours before it’s supposed to happen, it’s usually bad news. That’s what happened to CNN reporter MJ Lee on Saturday, but in the best way possible.
When Lee called James Comey’s father, J. Brien Comey, on Saturday morning for an interview, he agreed but couldn’t at that moment, according to CNN. He was expecting “company,” Comey senior told Lee, so she should call back in a few hours.
Lee did as he requested and called back that afternoon. But instead of J. Brien Comey, Lee had James Comey ― the ousted FBI director who’s involved in one of the largest political scandals to date ― on the line instead.

Tucker Carlson’s Bizarre Rant Over Lauren Duca

For someone who says he doesn’t like Lauren Duca, Tucker Carlson sure talks a lot about her.
The Fox News host ended his show Friday night by bringing up the Teen Vogue columnist and political writer, yet again, for no apparent reason. This is now the third time Carlson has featured a segment on Duca during his show since their viral blow-up in December, when he spoke over her, attempted to belittle her work and told her to “stick to the thigh-high boots.”

In the most recent round of Duca-bashing, titled “The Problem With Lauren Duca,” Carlson dedicated a whole segment to tearing down the writer’s recent accomplishments, including her New York Times profile, her university commencement address and the heartwarming note that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sent to her.
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Bill Maher Jokes He’s A ‘House N****r’ On ‘Real Time’

Bill Maher is unapologetically against political correctness, and his fans seem to love him for it. 
But the host of “Real Time” may have gone too far Friday.
While speaking with Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), Maher dropped a racial slur, and people erupted on social media.

While discussing the state of Nebraska, Sasse told Maher, “We’d love to have you work in the fields with us.”
Apparently confused by the invitation, Maher joked “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house n****r!”
Sasse looked uncomfortable, and the audience reacted with a mix of claps and groans. Then Maher followed up his remark by pointing out the sarcasm. 
“No, it’s a joke,” he said.
The “Real Time” audience seemed to quickly forgive the Continue reading "Bill Maher Jokes He’s A ‘House N****r’ On ‘Real Time’"

Anderson Cooper: If Trump ‘Took A Dump On His Desk,’ Jeffrey Lord Would Defend It

It appears CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has had enough of people making excuses for President Donald Trump’s questionable actions.
Cooper on Friday was asking Jeffrey Lord, a CNN contributor and Trump surrogate, about the president reportedly calling former FBI Director James Comey a “nut job” to Russian officials at the White House. But Lord continued his unconditional support for Trump, saying U.S. presidents can say whatever they want.
“I don’t care what he says to the Russians. I mean, he’s the president of the United States,” Lord said. “If he wants to say that, if Barack Obama wants to say whatever, if George Bush says I looked in his eyes ...”
Cooper, apparently fed up, interrupted: “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it.”
The sharp comment made Lord laugh.