College Media Year in Review: Defending Free Speech for Students

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Just one year ago, four organizations renowned for promoting free speech on college campuses issued a dire warning: The independence of college media is under attack. The report—called, appropriately enough, “Threats to the Independence of College Media”—detailed efforts by college administrators to silence student journalists, especially when those journalists wanted to publish stories that could put colleges in a bad light. Often, college officials sought the power to censor student journalism. The four organizations—the American Association of University Professors, College Media Association, Student Press Law Center and National Coalition Against Censorship—determined that one of the best bulwarks against suppression of students’ free speech, whether digital, broadcast or print, was a well-trained media adviser: an educator who could go to bat for them. “This issue impacts millions of educators and students,” Kelley Lash, the immediate past-president of College Media Association, said in
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