The Economist Cover Illustrates Trump Using a KKK Hood as a Megaphone

Get to know Joe Berkeley. He is the illustrator credited with the stunning cover image –seen above– of the most recent issue of The Economist promoting and article entitled “Donald Trump has no grasp of what it means to be president.” Like Edel Rodriquez, the New Yorker’s Barry Blitt and the NY Times Chritsoph Niemann, Berkley might deserve inclusion among great political illustrators during the Trump administration. Is it fair to suggest that Trump is speaking to a racist side of his base as this cover suggests? Well in his provocative and equivocal “both sides” press event on Tuesday, he did defend White Supremacists marching with torches (who he called “innocent protestors) with the counter-protest and anti-Nazi individuals who he blamed for not having Continue reading "The Economist Cover Illustrates Trump Using a KKK Hood as a Megaphone"

Roland Martin: Trump’s ‘Aligning Himself With Nazis’ is ‘Shameful and Should Not Go Unchecked’

President Donald Trump raised a LOT of eyebrows yesterday when he blamed “both sides” involved in the deadly Nazi protest in Charlottesville this weekend, and defended the “innocent protests” of the White Supremacists and blamed the counter-protestors for not having a permit. But no one’s eyebrows might be higher than TVOne’s Roland Martin who expressed his reasonable outrage directed at a White House that, in his words, has “aligned with Nazis” and should not go unchecked. In an impassioned take down of a respected thought leader from the worlds of media, news and African-American issues, Martin’s rhetoric should be heard by individuals on all sides of this issue as they represent what many people believe, regardless of race, religion or creed. Watch the clip above, courtesy of TVOne.

Don Lemon: White House Staff Supporting Trump ‘Complicit in Their Racism as Well’

CNN primetime host Don Lemon made a rare early appearance on New Day this morning to discuss President Donald Trump‘s inflammatory comments yesterday in which he doubled down on blaming “both sides” for the deadly white supremacy protest in Charlottesville this weekend. Lemon has been among Trump’s harshest critics — especially on race — and did not demur today in his assessment. He opened by proclaiming that Trump has “traded on racial animus and racial bs and been doing it for decades” before asking if “we’re going to pretend we’re surprised” by what many critics (on many political stripes) have seen as distasteful at best.  But Lemon asked a question that is now on many people’s minds, saying “How can anyone defend what the president said yesterday,” describing his comments as both disgusting and un-American.” He then finished with “anyone who is in that White Continue reading "Don Lemon: White House Staff Supporting Trump ‘Complicit in Their Racism as Well’"

Fox & Friends Turns Emotional as Guests Bond Over ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Trump

Fox & Friends has long been considered the safest province for President Donald Trump supporters on cable news, but a segment today proved an exception to that rule. In what seemed to be meant as a classic left vs right debate over the public statues of Confederate “heroes,” the segment turned into a remarkably emotional discussion in which both Democratic and Republican panelists expressed tear-stained sadness about the state of the nation following the deadly protests in Charlottesville last weekend. Representing the left we met Wendy Osefo, who was identified by chyron as a “Democratic Political Analyst,” and quickly moved the conversation introduced by Abby Huntsman from Confederate Soldier monuments to “hatred and white supremacy to have killed Heather Heyer on U.S. soil by Nazis.” Huntsman ostensibly ignores Osefo’s broader comments and tries to get the conversation back on track by echoing Trump with “there are Continue reading "Fox & Friends Turns Emotional as Guests Bond Over ‘Morally Bankrupt’ Trump"

Tucker Carlson Equates White Supremacy With Those Protesting White Supremacy

Tucker Carlson should be ashamed. At at time when there is nearly bipartisan condemnation for President Donald Trump‘s defense of the rights of Nazis and White Supremacists who marched in violent Charlottesville protests — and blamed counter-protesters for not having a permit — Carlson made a similar false moral equivalency under the guise of “identity politics.” In the context of Trump’s sad and misguided press event earlier today, Carlson tried to turn the tables on the left in the most embarrassingly ridiculous manner possible. Ridiculous because his analysis was worthy of public ridicule and mockery. Tucker opened his comments well enough by saying “one of the things I don’t like about some of these white supremacist groups is that race is at the center of their world view.” He then turned to blame the left, saying “but I see the same on the left,” adding “I see Continue reading "Tucker Carlson Equates White Supremacy With Those Protesting White Supremacy"

Frank Bruni on Trump: We Just Witnessed an ‘Act of Self-Immolation Without the Flames’

President Donald Trump offered a dizzying, if not confused, explanation of his comments that followed the deadly protest in Charlottesville this past weekend, but also touched on a number of issues that are sure to be parsed and discussed on cable news outlets in the coming hours, days, millennia. The takes are coming hot and fast, and NY Times columnist — and MSNBC contributor —  Frank Bruni is out of the gates early, with some top-shelf hyperbole and graphic adjectives in describing Trump’s presser. Bruni called it an “act of self-immolation by a man by a man who can’t take criticism,” without the flames. He went on to say that Trump “obviously meant what he said on Saturday,” (when he blamed the violence on “many sides”) adding that  Trump’s comment yesterday, he “obviously only said what he said because he was being made to.” For flourish, Bruni added Continue reading "Frank Bruni on Trump: We Just Witnessed an ‘Act of Self-Immolation Without the Flames’"

Jimmy Kimmel: ‘The ONE Thing Trump Decides to be Quiet About’ Was Nazis

When an individual hits all five Sunday morning talk shows, people in the media call it the “Full Ginsburg” named after the Monica Lewinsky attorney William Ginsburg who appeared on every program back in 2009. Perhaps now we can create a new term for when an individual draws harsh criticism and rebuke from every late night comedian and call it the “Full Trump.” Jimmy Kimmel piled on President Donald Trump last night for his “many sides” comment in the aftermath of the deadly unrest in Charlottesville last weekend. He joined his internetwork colleagues Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers who each explained in varying degrees of gravitas and comedic effect. Watch the clip above, courtesy of ABC.