Sean Hannity Ran Deceptively Edited CNN Clip During ‘Fake News’ Harangue

By any objective measure, Friday, December 8th was a rough day for CNN’s news staff. Hours after publishing a bombshell report claiming members of the Trump campaign and Trump Organization — including then-candidate Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. — had received an email from WikiLeaks providing a decryption key and website address to hacked content, CNN issued a correction noting that it got the date of the email incorrect. It was a big journalistic mistake that was almost immediately conflated by President Trump and his supporters as evidence of  CNN’s “Fake News”, that time-honored chestnut that has redefined a phrase originally used as a synonym for propaganda to mean biased coverage or journalistic faux-pas. There may be no better example of that conflation than Sean Hannity’s opening monologue of Monday evening’s episode of Hannity in which he covered the events of a few days earlier as he was off on Friday evening. The Continue reading "Sean Hannity Ran Deceptively Edited CNN Clip During ‘Fake News’ Harangue"

Rep. Peter King: Steve Bannon ‘Looks Like Some Disheveled Drunk Who Wandered on to the Political Stage’

Rep. Peter King appeared on CNN’s New Day to dissect yesterday’s shocking Republican loss in the (deeply red state) Alabama special election and went far beyond the predictable blame-laying in which politicians typically engage after a loss. King took some pretty personal shots at former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, joining in a growing chorus of established Republicans eager to see Bannon exit the political stage. The election saw Democratic candidate Doug Jones surprisingly defeat Republican Roy Moore in a highly contentious political battle, and co-host Chris Cuomo opened the segment with the old political axiom that “when you lose you blame and Republicans are blaming former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon,” before asking his guest “Why is he such a big deal?” The Republican House Representative from Long Island who did not hold back, putting his critique of Bannon in a broader context, saying “It’s not a political Continue reading "Rep. Peter King: Steve Bannon ‘Looks Like Some Disheveled Drunk Who Wandered on to the Political Stage’"

Role Play! Fox & Friends Reads Anti-Trump Texts from FBI Agent Removed from Mueller Investigation

Fox News recently obtained a copy of the private text messages exchanged between two FBI agents that led to the dismissal of Peter Strzok from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of investigators. This morning, the hosts of Fox & Friends did a bit of role-playing by reading out the ostensibly damning texts. But the presentation of this so-called damning evidence of career government officials exchanging private thoughts seemed to be far less incriminating of the “deep state” than anticipated, especially given the sturm and drang with which right-of-center opinion programs at Fox News have presented the news. In the past week, critics have seen something of a coordinated effort to undermine the Mueller investigation, with full-throated attacks on US law officials led by Jeannine PirroSean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, Fox & Friends, Laura Ingraham and numerous pro-Trump talk radio programs and websites. In fact, if the so-called “mainstream media” were Continue reading "Role Play! Fox & Friends Reads Anti-Trump Texts from FBI Agent Removed from Mueller Investigation"

Chris Cuomo Methodically Rips Trump Tweet: ‘Republican Led Investigation At Every Level’

CNN’s New Day host Chris Cuomo’s sharp legal mind was on full display Tuesday morning as he tore apart a recent tweet from President Donald Trump in the well-reasoned and dispassionate manner that viewers have come to expect. Trump’s tweet dismissed the recent press appearances of three women who have alleged sexual misconduct by a then-civilian Trump and was coincidently published whilst a report about these allegations against the President was being aired by CNN reporter Joe Johns. It was almost as though Trump was responding to what he was watching on television in real time Trump’s tweet read:

Suspect in Port Authority Subway Bombing Identified: Akayed Ullah

The suspect in the Eighth Avenue Subway bombing has been identified as Akayed Ullah, according to NYPD Chief James O’Neill, and is currently in custody at Bellevue Hospital where he is ostensibly being treated for self-inflicted injuries. According to Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence & Counter-terrorism of the NYPD John Miller, the device “based on a pipe bomb” and affixed to the suspect with “a combination of Velcro and zip ties.” Little is known about details surrounding the alleged assailant right now other than he is foreign-born and has lived in the borough of Brooklyn for the past seven years. Brooklyn has a large Muslim-American population and boasts many mosques and madrassas throughout the largest borough Continue reading "Suspect in Port Authority Subway Bombing Identified: Akayed Ullah"

NYPD: Suspect in Port Authority Bombing in Custody, Wore ‘Explosive Vest’

One suspect is in custody following an explosion in New York’s Port Authority at the intersection of 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue during rush hour Monday morning. Axios reported that an NYPD spokesperson said authorities are investigating whether the incident was terror related. NY One reported that the suspect was wearing a suicide vest that went off prematurely, injuring him.

Fox & Friends Parenting Segment Turns Weird: ‘How Many of You Went Potty This Morning?’

Welp, things got a little weird on the curvy couch this morning, when author Kevin Leman asked his hosts “how many of you went potty this morning?” In fairness, the conversation was in the context of parenting advice (in particular, the notion of bribing/rewarding kids to encourage behavior) though that made the reaction to Leman’s question no less awkward. Leman, the author of parenting guidebook Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours offered thoughtful (and comedic) parenting advice for Fox & Friends viewers eager to learn how best to raise their children. The basic note of his appearance was the value of “authoritative” parenting versus “authoritarian” parenting. But after describing an idealized way to respond to a straight-A report card, Leman seemed to want to pivot to potty training, when he asked his guests how many of them went potty this morning. The usually quick-witted and occasionally facile Fox & Friends Continue reading "Fox & Friends Parenting Segment Turns Weird: ‘How Many of You Went Potty This Morning?’"