Caitlyn Jenner Will Get Candid With Diane Sawyer Once Again

Two years after their first history-making interview, Caitlyn Jenner will sit down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer once more. 
Jenner, 67, will chat with Sawyer on April 21 to mark the second anniversary of their 2015 interview, in which the Olympian spoke at length about identifying as transgender for the first time. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the hour-long “20/20” interview will coincide with the release of Jenner’s memoirThe Secrets of My Life.
Details on the specifics of the interview are minimal, but the two have a lot to catch up on. In the two years since the first “20/20” interview, Jenner has become a bona-fide icon for the trans community with her own E! reality series, “I Am Cait.” Her TV appearances include Amazon’s “Transparent” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.” 
Meanwhile, she’s also become a lightning rod Continue reading "Caitlyn Jenner Will Get Candid With Diane Sawyer Once Again"

‘Billions’ Star Tells Ellen What It Means To Identify As Gender Non-Binary

Asia Kate Dillon is making history as the first gender non-binary character on a mainstream television show, Showtime’s “Billions.” The star, who also identifies as gender non-binary in real life, doesn’t mind answering questions about what that means. 
Dillon, who uses the singular pronoun “they” for identification, spoke candidly about their path to discovering their gender identity in an interview on “Ellen” Monday. “Sex and identity are different. ‘Female’ is a sex, and sex is between our legs, and gender identity is between our ears,” they told the host. 
The star, who hails from Ithaca, New York, said they “felt ambiguous” about their gender identity from a young age, shortly after seeing the 1968 movie musical, “Oliver!” 
“I can remember, actually, seeing the film ‘Oliver!’ and understanding so badly that I wanted to play that part,” Dillon said, “but that I would Continue reading "‘Billions’ Star Tells Ellen What It Means To Identify As Gender Non-Binary"

Dan Savage: ‘I F**king Hate Melania Trump’

Dan Savage wants to make one thing blatantly clear: he is no fan of Melania Trump

On the latest episode of “Savage Lovecast,” the outspoken LGBTQ rights activist and author criticized what he sees as the “undeservedly charitable view” many Democrats have of the new first lady. Make no mistake, he warned: “Melania Trump is as ugly on the inside as she is pretty on the outside.” 

“I f**king hate Melania Trump,” Savage said in the episode, a snippet of which can be heard above. Noting that some have come to view the first lady as a “pretty princess in the tower locked up by the orange ogre” since her husband’s inauguration, Savage called Melania Trump out for her apparent transgressions. 

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Gay Indian Men Strip Down For Queer Magazine Pictorial

An independent, up-and-coming publication that strives to present the queer community as one of deep diversity is putting the gay men of Mumbai, India in the spotlight. 
(This article contains images that might be considered not suitable for work.
Shot by founder and editor Liam Campbell, the photographs below appear in the tenth issue of Elska magazine. Each issue of Elska is focused on exploring the nuances of queer life in different cities around the world. Campbell, who previously worked as a flight attendant before launching the bimonthly magazine in 2015, said each of his Indian subjects were “really enthusiastic” about being photographed, especially since South Asian people are still underrepresented across LGBTQ media. 
Though India is home to a visible queer community, gay sex was deemed a criminal offense in 2013 when a colonial era law was controversially reinstated. Still, Campbell said the men he Continue reading "Gay Indian Men Strip Down For Queer Magazine Pictorial"

Troye Sivan Won’t Change His Unabashedly Queer Tune For Trump

America’s shifting political climate has made Troye Sivan even more determined to be an unapologetically queer voice for the millennial set. 
The 21-year-old singer-songwriter, of course, has never shied away from incorporating LGBTQ themes into his videos and live performances. In a candid chat with transgender model-actress Hari Nef for Teen Vogue, Sivan doubled down on the inclusive message of his work, noting, that he wants “to tell a lot more than just [his] story.” 
“I’m just trying to show people that you can be queer, live your life, and be happy,” he said. “I’ve been given this platform, and I want to do my best to give the voice that I’ve been given to somebody who maybe wouldn’t have had that voice otherwise. I feel like Continue reading "Troye Sivan Won’t Change His Unabashedly Queer Tune For Trump"

You Won’t Believe How Great Anderson Cooper’s Cher Impression Is

Did you know Anderson Cooper and Cher are secret siblings?
Well, sort of. On Tuesday’s broadcast of “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” Cooper recalled how his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, would occasionally refer to Cher as her “fantasy daughter” when he was growing up. Naturally, the CNN anchor was confused. 
“All throughout my childhood, actually, my mom would refer to people as her fantasy [children],” Cooper, 49, revealed. In 2013, he finally met Cher when she was interviewed by his pal, Andy Cohen, on “Watch What Happens Live.” Now, he and the legendary singer-actress joke about their quasi-familial bond. Slipping into a remarkably spot-on impression of Cher’s signature timbre, Cooper said the diva “now texts me, ‘Hey, little bro.’”
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The Joke’s On Conservatives Who Love Lady Gaga For ‘Not Getting Political’

Lady Gaga brought razzle-dazzle to Super Bowl LI on Sunday, pulling out all the stops in her mesmerizing, hit-filled halftime show.
No stranger to controversial statements, the pop superstar nonetheless steered clear of politics ― or, at least, overt political references ― in the performance, which included “Poker Face,” “Telephone” and “Bad Romance.” Turns out, this decision may have earned Gaga a few new fans in an unlikely demographic: right-wing conservatives. 
The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren was among those to applaud Gaga’s halftime show, comparing it unfavorably to Beyoncé’s Black Panther-themed rendition of “Formation” at last year’s Super Bowl. “Yes, she has political opinions, but on Super Bowl Sunday, America’s game day, Lady Gaga choose to keep her political opinions and/or distaste for the president to herself,” Lahren said. “We Continue reading "The Joke’s On Conservatives Who Love Lady Gaga For ‘Not Getting Political’"