Why Can’t Those Who Claim to Be ‘Pro-Law Enforcement’ Defend Our Law Enforcement Leaders?

In Shakespeare‘s Henry VI, Dick “The Butcher” proclaims, in one of the scribe’s most quoted and notorious lines, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” ​The phrase is cited, in most instances, either as a crude lawyer joke or, at the least, as a preamble to some critique of my legal brethren. In reality, however, Shakespeare may have been doing just the opposite, alluding to the critical role lawyers play in maintaining law and order. After all, the line appears as Jack Cade and his team of conspirators discuss overthrowing the government and ​killing those ​guardians​ of law, the argument goes, as was necessary to clear the path for their villainy. It’s hard not to be reminded of the interpretation of that line, as the nation’s top law enforcement comes under fire, with more barbs certain to come. President Donald Trump-appointed FBI Continue reading "Why Can’t Those Who Claim to Be ‘Pro-Law Enforcement’ Defend Our Law Enforcement Leaders?"

It’s Time to Pardon Billy Bush

billy-bush This piece was originally published in December 2016. In the wake of Bush publishing a story about Trump we re-publish now. ‘Tis season of the pardon. As with all modern Commanders-in-Chief, President Obama will soon wave his pardon wand and offer clemency to an additional group of convicted criminals whose sentences may have been disproportionate compared to their crimes. Heck, he recently pardoned a turkey. Now, Billy Bush certainly wasn’t convicted of any crime, but he did receive about as tough a sentence as media organizations dole out — banishment from the hallowed halls of NBC News despite having a long term contract. Bush, of course, was heard on that now infamous Access Hollywood tape laughing along with now President-elect Donald Trump as he gloated about everything from his fame’s irresistible allure to women to his penchant for grabbing them “by the pussy.” So with that in mind, why Continue reading "It’s Time to Pardon Billy Bush"

Those Counting on Kim Jong Un To Avoid Suicidal Choices, Should Remember Saddam Hussein

Pondering the possibility of a nuclear war with North Korea is so frightening that any rational person looks for assurances that it won’t actually happen. It can’t happen. Yes, we would “win” but the cost to human life and the impact on America, and the world, would be so apocalyptic that it must only be regarded with the greatest fear and dread. Korean peninsula Cassandras are typically rebutted with one primary psychological argument about the North Korean leader. Kim Jong Un is a survivor, rational we are told, with a singular goal of keeping himself and his family in power. That, it would seem, offers some comfort that he will act with a modicum of rationality thereby preventing him from entering a suicidal war with the United States where he loses both the power that serves as his lifeblood, and that blood itself. I rely on those assessments from Continue reading "Those Counting on Kim Jong Un To Avoid Suicidal Choices, Should Remember Saddam Hussein"

Blame Criminal Defense Attorneys For Paving The Way For Trump Media Attacks

trump-legal-4-1 Editor’s Note: This piece had previously been published on sister site LawNewz.com It probably goes without saying that most criminal defense attorneys are going to lean left politically. Doing battle with the government on a daily basis and even being subjected to regular disparagement for defending often unsavory and frightening defendants, is hardly a recipe for conservative activism. The RNC even attacked Vice Presidential candidate Tim Kaine for some of the clients he has represented and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers issued a letter condemning many of Donald Trump‘s public statements. In fact, I would shocked if any high profile criminal defense attorneys are registered Republicans. So it is with this background that I point a finger of blame squarely at many of the highest profile defense attorneys for ushering in the era of media attacks brought to us courtesy of Donald Trump. One brief stop Continue reading "Blame Criminal Defense Attorneys For Paving The Way For Trump Media Attacks"

UTA and Mediaite Buck Trend, Plan Major Celebration For White House Correspondents’ Dinner

mediaite-larger-2-1-650x461It is no secret that President Trump doesn’t seem to think much of the “fourth estate” these days. After all, repeatedly declaring the ‘dishonest” media the “opposition party” really eliminated any of that lingering ambiguity. But the sticks and stones were really felt when the new President was able to slay the ultimate journalist jubilees –not The White House Correspondents dinner itself which will go on despite the administration now declaring it off limits to all White House officials–but the elaborate galas before and after the event itself. Like any good prom, the best times were often had at the soirees surrounding the “Nerd Prom” itself. 

Alas, well before President Trump pronounced (or tweeted) that he would not deign to attend the dinner which has welcomed every President for decades, social stalwarts Vanity Fair and the New Yorker pulled out of their annual shindigs because, well because, he is Continue reading "UTA and Mediaite Buck Trend, Plan Major Celebration For White House Correspondents’ Dinner"

It’s Official, Mediaite Now Amongst Largest Sites in America

mediaite-larger-2Writing self-congratulatory web traffic posts has become a staple of most web properties, including this one. Each time we pass a new milestone I pen a celebratory post congratulating the team and thanking the audience. In truth, while those posts are heartfelt, they are likely of interest to only a handful of our competitors and a few of the subjects and networks we cover. This is different. Mediaite has entered a new era and now competes at an entirely different level. First the numbers; in the month of January, Mediaite welcomed a record 11.86 million unique visitors. Not pageviews, or total views or total visitors but individual, unique visitors. Has Donald Trump and his administration helped? Of course and even more so by making the media (opposition party) such a central focus. Other news/politics websites and even cable news channels have seen traffic and ratings surges but we are Continue reading "It’s Official, Mediaite Now Amongst Largest Sites in America"