How the OU Daily Transformed into a Digital-First Newsroom

The need to transition college media to a digital-first mindset has been recognized as nearly ubiquitous, yet it’s far from easy. At the University of Oklahoma, adviser Seth Prince and former enterprise editor Dana Branham knew the pivot was essential, and below, they share a conversation, images and ideals that guided the OU Daily’s innovative journey to digital. Dana Branham: When I got to The Daily, we published five days a week in print, and that was our focus. Now, we’ve dramatically changed the way we think about our work, and we’re truly a digital news operation. Seth Prince: I’d been through something similar to this at The Oregonian. It’s tough, of course, but it’s doable. The particularly heartening part, I’d say, is that it’s an easier process in more nimble newsrooms like those we commonly have in college media, where students are already more digitally inclined and less rooted
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