To The Women Of The View: Don’t Normalize Tomi Lahren

To the Ladies of The View,
I love yinz. As a kid growing up in Western Pennsylvania, my early exposure to cross-the-aisle political debate was watching Meet the Press with my Dad, and The View with my mom. I loved my sick days in high school watching Elisabeth and Joy debate the Iraq War, gun control, recession, or tax breaks. The debates were lively, yet civil ― at least most of the time! They reflected the debates I was having with my conservative family members. Like in my life, your debates got heated and sometimes personal, but you had boundaries.
Then you invited Tomi Lahren.
I’m not against bringing opinions on the show that typically aren’t represented by the hosts. This is great! Bring on people who have some facts, talk Continue reading "To The Women Of The View: Don’t Normalize Tomi Lahren"