[Sponsor] UpHabit

UpHabit is about relationship management made simple. They’re a mobile-only personal CRM made just for you. You can set regular reminders, remember the little things and keep in touch with the people you care about most. They’d love you to sign up for their iOS beta starting August 21st (with the App Store release planned for October 2018). When out of beta, UpHabit will be a subscription app with a free tier, and of course the beta is completely free. Your data is private. They care deeply about that. UpHabit would love you to join them in their journey to help you develop deeper and more authentic high-quality relationships. Sign up for the beta now!

[Sponsor] Honeybadger

Don’t you hate it when your users ask you what’s going on with your broken web app — but you had no idea? Yeah, we hate that too… which is why we built Honeybadger, a web app health monitoring tool built for you and your team. We combine three types of monitoring into one platform. With Honeybadger:
  • Your users will thank you when you fix application errors before they can complain.
  • You’ll always be the first to know about other application issues, from widespread outages to missing cron jobs, via email, Slack, or on your phone.
Try Honeybadger today — you’ll love it so much you’ll wish your app had more errors. :)

[Sponsor] Journey Across Bhutan: The World’s First Carbon-Negative Country

Gray Langur’s Kingdom of the Clouds Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime, all-inclusive, 2-week exploration of one of the world’s least accessible, yet astonishingly forward-thinking countries. Bhutan is the the only place where “Gross National Happiness” is more important than Gross National Product, and tourism is regulated with care. On October 16, 2018, Gray Langur Tours will return to this fascinating Himalayan Kingdom for the third annual Royal Highlander Festival. Last year’s tour was a smashing success, and our guests even got to meet His Royal Highness, the king. You’ll experience everything Bhutan has to offer, from 5-star accommodations to trekking in the northernmost reaches of the Kingdom, where we will spend our nights as personal guests of the Laya villagers, in their homes. Availability is extremely limited. Daring Fireball readers can use the code DARINGFIREBALL for a 10% discount.

[Sponsor] Kolide for Mac: User Focused Security

Last year, Netflix blogged about a great internal tool called Stethoscope which helped their security team communicate the key settings they expect their employees to manage instead of relying on intrusive enforcement. They coined this concept, “User Focused Security”. We recently released Kolide Cloud which enables you to roll out this User Focused Security strategy and effectively communicate your organization’s Mac security best-practices to your users. Additionally, Kolide Cloud can detect and alert you about situational security concerns in your Mac fleet that often lead to serious compromises. We look for improperly stored 2FA backup codes, evidence of unencrypted backups, browser extensions that subvert the privacy of your users, and litany of other issues that you will want to shut down immediately. All of this is powered by Osquery, an incredibly performant and open-source agent created at Facebook by the folks who founded Kolide. Kolide Cloud is free for your Continue reading "[Sponsor] Kolide for Mac: User Focused Security"