Comedians Trick TV Show Into Booking Them As ‘Fitness Experts,’ Get Sued

It’s no joke: The owners of a Wisconsin TV station are suing two comedians who pranked the morning news show by pretending to be fitness experts.
Back in November, New York-based comedians Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher appeared as a “strongman duo” named Chop and Steele on “Hello Wisconsin,” a news program on WEAU-TV in Eau Claire.
As “Joe ‘Chop’ Shopsin” and “Nicholas ‘Steele’ Stelling,” the duo offered a variety of bizarre fitness tips including: Tennis racket sword fights.

Karate-chopping sticks.

Stomping on straw baskets.

And whatever the heck this is.

Atlanta-based Gray Television, which owns WEAU-TV, is suing Pickett and Prueher for using fake names and materials to fraudulently convince station producers to book them on the show, according to the Mercury Continue reading "Comedians Trick TV Show Into Booking Them As ‘Fitness Experts,’ Get Sued"

Right-Wing Broadcaster Calls For Killing Of ‘Globalists At CNN’

A conservative network is apologizing for comments made by a host who suggested it was “time to kill the globalists” who run CNN.
Nick Fuentes, a host for Right Side Broadcasting Network, made the comments April 19 on his show, “America First With Nick Fuentes.”
Fuentes made the comments during an Islamophobic tirade: 

“The First Amendment was not written for Muslims, by the way. It wasn’t written for a barbaric ideology that wanted to come over and kill us. It was written for Calvinists. It was written for Lutherans and Catholics, not for Salafists, not for Wahhabists, not for the Saudi royal family. Don’t think the founders had that one in mind. And it also was intended for citizens, not for immigrants.”

Fuentes then started talking about the mainstream media, lumping in Fox News.

“Who runs the media? Globalists. Time to kill the globalists. I don’t want Continue reading "Right-Wing Broadcaster Calls For Killing Of ‘Globalists At CNN’"

Billy Bush’s Creepy Instagram Video Shows He Desperately Wants To Be Back On TV

Billy Bush apparently will do anything to get back on TV ― even humiliate himself with an Instagram video that can only be described as “creepy.”
The video posted on Wednesday shows the former “Access Hollywood” and “Today Show” personality getting a haircut while singing an odd ode to himself that seems to be a rewrite of “Look At Me, I’m Sandra Dee” from “Grease.”

Look at me, I’m Billy B. / Trying to get back on TV / My hair is long and flat / And makes me look fat / And I can’t be — I’m Billy B.

Mere words don’t do it justice.


Time for a haircut with my beloved @tommy_cyr.

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Glenn Beck Says He Benched Tomi Lahren For A Whole Lot Of Rude Behavior

By any conservative estimate, the battle between political commentators Tomi Lahren and Glenn Beck is growing more heated.
Both Lahren and Beck filed court documents on Monday accusing the other of “bad behavior” and misconduct.
According to Lahren’s filing, the 24-year-old firebrand wants to be freed from her employment contract with Beck and his media firm TheBlaze so that she can freely express her “salient views” on “defendants and particularly Beck’s misconduct, which should be exposed for what it is.”
The filing does not specify exactly what sort of misconduct Lahren is alleging, according to the Dallas Morning News.
The suit does allege that TheBlaze has taken control of Lahren’s Facebook page and refuses to give her access to her 4.2 million followers.
Beck and TheBlaze filed a counterclaim Continue reading "Glenn Beck Says He Benched Tomi Lahren For A Whole Lot Of Rude Behavior"

Howard Stern: Sean Spicer Speaks ‘Fluent Moron’

Sean Spicer isn’t getting much love from Howard Stern after claiming Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons while speaking during a recent press conference.
Stern said Wednesday on his Sirius XM radio show that Trump’s press secretary speaks “fluent moron” and is “embarrassing” the president.
“When I heard [the Hitler comments], I was like, Trump’s got to fire this guy, I think,” Stern said.
The 63-year-old shock jock said Spicer managed to achieve a difficult goal: Make Syrian president Bashar Assad “look good” by comparison.
According to Stern, Spicer’s stupidity shifted the conversation from Assad’s atrocities against his own people to the question of how Spicer could “not know that Hitler marched his own people … to concentration camps and turned on chemical gas.”
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Alex Jones Tries To Defend Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Comments, But Even He Gives Up

You know things are going bad for Sean Spicer when even Alex Jones isn’t supporting him.
The controversial and obnoxiously bombastic talk show host has supported and promoted several bogus conspiracy theories, such as “Pizzagate,” that the Sept. 11 attacks were an inside job, and that the 2012 shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 26 people were killed, was a “false flag” staged by the government.
But even Jones couldn’t go along with Spicer’s comments on Tuesday that Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons.”
Jones heard about Spicer’s inept and controversial statement during his Tuesday InfoWars broadcast.
Jones’ guest was British conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson, who earlier this year offered to pay journalists to experience the “crime ridden” reality of life in Sweden ― only Continue reading "Alex Jones Tries To Defend Sean Spicer’s Holocaust Comments, But Even He Gives Up"

New York Times Makes A Doozy Of A Slip About Ivanka Trump

Make no mistake: Ivanka Trump has a very close relationship with her father. But she’s not his wife.
The New York Times made that mistake in a Wednesday article headlined, “Tracking the President’s Visits to Trump Properties.”
The story described President Donald Trump’s visits to his own properties on 22 days of his 76 days in office ― more than one-fourth of his term so far. But one of the story’s most memorable parts was the misidentification of Trump’s daughter as his wife, forcing this embarrassing correction:

Correction: April 5, 2017

Because of an editing error, an earlier version of this article misidentified Ivanka Trump as President Trump’s wife. His wife is Melania. Ivanka is one of his daughters.