The Washington Post Gets Its Own Reddit Page

The newsroom finally has a place on Reddit. Reporters and publications have long lurked around the internet's so-called front page, looking for underreported stories and a place to put links to their own. Because one of Reddit's top rules is no self-promotion, they've mostly been considered spammers. But now a select few media partners have been given a pass. The Washington Post is one of the first publishers to get a new profile page on Reddit, where it can freely post its own stories, ask me anything Q&As and all the dank memes it wants. Advance Local's Alabama site has a Reddit profile too, with a page for sibling in the works. Continue reading at

Instagram Tests Direct Response Ads in Stories

Instagram is testing direct response ads inside its Stories section, allowing sign-up and app-install pitches, among other salesy formats. On Wednesday, Instagram served an ad in Stories from SumUp, an e-payment device company, that prompted people to swipe up to sign up for its service. Until now, Instagram Stories ads have only offered broad "reach" objectives for branding purposes and not more targeted marketing goals. It's experimenting with ads encouraging app installation, sign-ups on websites and other goals that are already part of the main Instagram ad offering, according to people familiar with the testing. Instagram Stories will eventually accomodate all the same marketing objectives that are available from buying ads in the main feed, they said. Continue reading at

Grindr Gets Textual With New Editor-in-Chief

Grindr is signalling that it wants to get into the hard news business with an announcement this week that it hired an editor-in-chief for its online magazine, Into, which launched as a vertical on its site in March. Zach Stafford will join the gay hookup app from Guardian U.S. and Out Magazine to lead a growing newsroom. And he's interested in more than fluff pieces on workout routines or Instagram "lewk" queens. While lighter fare is certainly part of the plan, Stafford said he wants to focus on harder-hitting stories like articles about anti-gay laws in Rio De Janeiro, Stafford said. Continue reading at

Facebook’s New Tool Lets Publishers Use Its Data to Sell Video Ads

Facebook is opening up its data for streaming video publishers to target video ads on their sites and in their apps. A&E Networks, ESPN, Hearst Television and Scripps Networks Interactive are testing an automated system that lets marketers find their intended audience using Facebook data such as age, gender and location. "It's a new tool that allows publishers to sell their ad space directly to advertisers using Facebook's 'people-based' system," said Brian Boland, VP of publisher solutions at Facbeook. Continue reading at

A ‘Contrite’ Facebook Refunds Advertisers, Who Still Want Oversight

It wasn't much of a refund. But in this case it might be the thought that counts. Facebook found an accounting flaw in how it measures certain video ads and is now cutting checks to advertisers for the accounting oversight. It was the first time Facebook has been public about a problem measuring ads, involving billing, since it started disclosing such reporting errors last year, which impacted unpaid posts. Facebook said it found that over a period of about a year it was miscounting a specific type of video ad on its mobile website only -- not in its app, where most people and brands use the social network. On the mobile web, which mostly covers people logged into Facebook in browsers on phones, advertisers were wrongly charged when people clicked on their videos. Continue reading at

A Look at Pinterest’s Summer Pitch Deck To Brands

Pinterest has got its Memorial Day-through-Labor Day playbook planned for brands. The search-and-save social site has been selling brands on $100,000 summer specials. A few Pinterest pitch decks, recently sent to agencies and advertisers, show the pricing and strategy it offers. (Click on the image at left to see the decks.) Pinterest is selling ads for Memorial Day, July Fourth, wedding planning, and home design. "People are designing their lives for all moments on Pinterest, and brands have an opportunity to inspire and connect with people on the platform at those times," a Pinterest spokesman said in an email statement. "We work closely with our partners to leverage our insights and trend information to reach people when they are planning for a holiday or a big life event. We don't have additional comment on the materials." Continue reading at