Facebook Wants to Award Ads That Stir Emojis, Taking Entries in Categories Such as ‘Laugh,’ Cry’ and ‘Wow’

Facebook is changing its awards this year, asking agencies for their best work in categories named Laugh, Cry, Wow, Love and Act, mimicking the react button options on Facebook posts. Last year's awards focused on categories such as Innovation, Beyond Facebook/Integrated, Facebook for Good and Best Use of Facebook. The company has also redesigned the award to look like a metallic heart balloon. On Tuesday, Facebook announced the opening of its annual awards, imploring Madison Avenue to "show us what you got." Andrew Keller, global creative director at Facebook Creative Shop, came over from the agency side of the industry last year, from Crispin Porter and Bogusky, where he had been CEO. So he knows what it's like to be on the other side submitting to Facebook's awards. Continue reading at AdAge.com

YouTube Clears Up Metrics Mess by Focusing on These Three Stats

YouTube is looking to clear up some of the metrics mess for advertisers by focusing its attention on three data points: Unique reach, watch time and audibility. These are the keys to a full understanding of how a YouTube campaign performs, and the site is now including those basics in digital reports it gives marketers. "These are the core things marketers really need to focus on," said Debbie Weinstein, global managing director for YouTube and video solutions. "We are trying to help them understand what really matters." Continue reading at AdAge.com

How Brands Demanding Safety Could Curtail YouTube Ad Sales

Advertiser angst -- and an eagerly vigilant European media -- will put a squeeze on YouTube's ad sales potential over the coming months, according to a prominent analyst. Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research Group said that concerns over brand safety on YouTube, where ads were recently seen running alongside terrorist-inspired videos, would have a chilling effect on the site's revenue. "Alphabet's Google is facing a serious issue in the U.K. with brand safety issues, which has global repercussions," Mr. Wieser wrote in an investor note on Monday. "Although spending by advertisers who have announced their intention to suspend spending on YouTube and other Google properties is relatively small so far, we think that awareness of the incident will marginally curtail global growth this year versus prior expectations." Continue reading at AdAge.com

Tear Down These Walls: ANA Calls for Audits at Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest

Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Foursquare were all put on notice by an advertiser group demanding they open up their walled gardens. The digital advertising platforms have yet to adopt independent audits of ad campaigns, according to a new report by industry group ANA. Google and Facebook recently announced plans to allow audits by the Media Rating Council, an advertising watchdog group. The rating council can verify ad campaign data such as audience size and other metrics, and does not rely on a platform's own analysis. Continue reading at AdAge.com

Around the World in 80 Days in 6 Seconds: YouTube Challenges Agencies to Shrink Classic Books into Short Ads

Who says you can't tell a wonderfully complex story in six seconds?

Certainly not YouTube, which challenged creatives in the ad world to adapt Western civilization's best books into six-second videos.

The request from YouTube was meant to showcase its new six-second video ad format, created for the mobile viewers who have little time for 30-second commercial interruptions. So, the video service tapped Madison AvenueJ. Walter Thompson, Wieden & Kennedy, Deutsch and other filmmakersto condense some of the most complex stories ever written into a super-short format.

Continue reading at AdAge.com

Twitter Hears Advertisers: ‘We Want to Buy Like We Do on TV’

Twitter is now offering some advertisers guarantees on video ads, a step of maturation for the company that makes its ad product similar to a TV-style buy. Twitter has been working closely with Dentsu Aegis Network to develop its first guaranteed ad product, which lets brands order a set amount of pre-roll video ads with certainty that they get seen by a target group of consumers. The pre-roll video ads are counted according to Media Ratings Council standards and the results are confirmed by third parties like Integral Ad Science. Integral is among the third-party measurement companies used by advertisers to independently verify data from platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Continue reading at AdAge.com