Snapchat Spends Black Friday Serving HBO Ads to Every User on its Service

Snapchat users emerging from their tryptophan haze this morning will see a promoted story from HBO with a message telling Black Friday shoppers to stay home and watch "Game of Thrones" instead. The ad is the first since Snapchat began serving ads to go out to every user in the country. The ad can be found in the "stories" section of the app where publishing and media partners host channels and shows. HBO's channel will also be labeled as an ad, it will have a tile with a cover image pointing to the promoted story, and people click the tile to watch it. Until now, advertisers could only buy short, interruptive video ads inside stories that are created by publishers like BuzzFeed, Hearst, 21st Century Fox, NBCUniversal, and other media partners. Advertisers typically use Snapchat's automated platform to buy the ads inside the stories section, which allows them to target Continue reading "Snapchat Spends Black Friday Serving HBO Ads to Every User on its Service"

BMW Test Drives Snapchat Lenses In First 3D Car Ad

BMW designed a car inside Snapchat that almost looks real enough to drive. The carmaker became the first brand to create a 3D augmented-reality version of a product with Snapchat as part of a new ad campaign to launch the BMW X2. On Wednesday, overseas consumers on Snapchat began seeing ads from BMW that link to the augmented-reality version of the new car. When someone swipes on the ad, it opens the camera and the gold car appears in the frame. A person can then virtually walk around the car and see all its detail. Continue reading at

Discriminatory Housing Ads Continue to Appear on Facebook

Facebook ads are still getting through even if they could discriminate against minorities and protected groups, according to a new report. On Tuesday, ProPublica, the nonprofit investigative journalism group, said it was able to exclude African Americans, mothers, disabled people and Spanish speakers when placing hosuing ads on Facebook. There are laws regulating advertising practices when it comes to housing, employment and financial services to avoid discrimination. "Under its own policies, Facebook should have flagged these ads, and prevented the posting of some of them," ProPublica said in its report. "Its failure to do so revives questions about whether the company is in compliance with federal fair housing rules, as well as about its ability and commitment to police discriminatory advertising on the world's largest social network." Continue reading at

Google’s Search Tweaks Target Russian Sites RT and Sputnik

Google could lower the visibility of RT and Sputnik, the Russia-based properties that were considered responsible for spreading misinformation during the 2016 election, according to reports. Alphabet chairman Eric Schmidt, talking at a security conference in Canada this week, said that Google's algorithmic search results should be more discerning and choose higher quality over lower- quality information. He cited RT and Sputnik as examples of news sources that would get dinged. "We are working on detecting and de-ranking those kinds of sitesit's basically RT and Sputnik," Schmidt said. Continue reading at

Facebook’s New App Connects Creators With Video, Fans and Watch Shows

Facebook is trying to win over the influencer crowd with an app built just for them, and it connects to Watch for those influencers with an official show on the social network. The Facebook Creator App, announced Thursday, will give internet stars a place to create and edit videos, film live, message with followers and track stats about their videos. The app is for people with a Facebook Page, not just a personal account. Facebook also announced that it was developing more Watch shows with creators as the stars. Continue reading at

Snapchat Filters Ads Now Target People — Not Just Places

Join us in New York this Wednesday and Thursday for Ad Age Next, a new event where top marketers and innovators including Procter & Gamble, Amazon, Wayfair, Google, Walmart, The Washington Post, Burger King, Twitter, Bloomberg and Headliner Labs will explore AI, chatbots, voice marketing, rapid-fire creative iteration, next-level ad blocking, VR and even the way we see the future. Brands can now apply more-advanced targeting tools to Snapchat photo filter campaigns, enabling them to reach select audiences and experiment more with the creative messaging, the company says The messaging and media app is calling the tool, which launches Tuesday, "audience filters." Instead of just hitting a specific location (which is what its geofilter does), brands can target based on interests, time of day, age, gender and other technical criteria. Continue reading at