DigitalEd Panel: How to Get Better Engagement Metrics

Panel Title: How to Get Better Engagement Metrics Moderator: Jason Alcorn, MediaShift
Panelists: Hannah Wise, Dallas Morning News; Alexandra Smith, WhereBy.Us Engagement is so much more than Facebook reach. For publishers who want to cultivate a direct relationship with readers, it’s the top of the customer funnel. And how you define and measure engagement in your newsroom matters directly to whether you’ll be leading the industry or lagging behind. This live online panel will include a discussion with publishers who are at the forefront of using engagement metrics to build a direct relationship with readers, improve the quality of their journalism and drive revenue for their businesses. This free online panel is sponsored by Content Insights. Content Insights helps journalists and editors understand the behavior of their readership in a simple and comprehensible way. Content Insights is a multi-faceted web analytics platform for data-driven evaluation, ranking and comparing of Continue reading "DigitalEd Panel: How to Get Better Engagement Metrics"

Media Metrics Roundup for March 7, 2018

How To Manage A Successful Facebook Group
Annemarie Dooling / The Coral Project
Journalists have to be trained to participate in civic discourse, Dooling argues. How WhereBy.Us Will Track Impact of Local Media
Jason Alcorn / MetricShift
Alexandra Smith leaps into her new role, connecting metrics to local news revenue. February Social Media Platform Changes: Full Roundup
Tory Starr / WGBH Social
26 updates and 6 rumors to watch. New Data Shows Just How Much Social Sharing Has Decreased Since 2015 (And News Feed Tweaks Are Just One Factor)
Ricardo Bilton / Nieman Lab
The average article gets 4 shares, down from 8 in 2015. How Many Subscriptions Can You Afford?
Alexandre Botão / Medium
Can news publishers compete on cost and value? Who Cares Whether A Movie Has A Perfect Rating On Rotten Tomatoes?
Justin Charity / The Ringer
What happens when measurement is itself the metric.

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How WhereBy.Us Will Track Impact of Local Media

In December, Alexandra Smith joined WhereBy.Us as its first growth editor. The growing company, which uses the slogan, “Live like you live here,” and has 24 employees, currently runs local media sites in Miami and Seattle as well as a creative studio. And it just launched an impact tracker internally. It’s notable as one of the first times commercial media has embraced impact tracking as a strategy for marketing and growth. For local news organizations, tracking impact is a way to tie journalism’s value to revenue. Impact trackers can help show readers how news works and source powerful messaging for membership or subscription campaigns. Thirty-one percent of recent subscribers to local newspapers subscribed because they wanted to support local journalism, according to the Media Insight Project. Gannett, where Smith worked before joining WhereBy.Us, recently launched an internal impact tracker, and LION Publishers is now offering investigative reporting Continue reading "How WhereBy.Us Will Track Impact of Local Media"

Media Metrics Roundup for February 28, 2018

Lessons Learned from the Quartz Email Team
Cate Blouke / Really Good Emails
The most important metric? “Total number of active subscribers we have per newsletter.” Trust In News Matters. Don’t Give Up On It.
James Tyner / MetricShift
What publications lose by prioritizing “engagement” or page views. Paths To Subscription: Why Recent Subscribers Chose To Pay For News
American Press Institute
45 percent finally subscribed because of a promotion or a free trial. It’s Time To End ‘Trending’
Brian Feldman / Select All
Trending algorithms can’t determine whether content should be shared. After Years Of Testing, The Wall Street Journal Has Built A Paywall That Bends To The Individual Reader
Shan Wang / Nieman Lab
Each site visitor is scored, “based on dozens of signals,” on their propensity to subscribe. A Guide To Page Value – The Undervalued Metric
Donovan Ayon / Luna Metrics
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Knight Media Forum Focuses on Non-Profit News, Impact and Danger of Algorithms

MIAMI – The theme of this year’s Knight Media Forum in Miami was “Strengthening Local News, Community and Democracy.” The annual gathering of librarians, community foundations and journalists hosted by the Knight Foundation opened with a panel of Knight Commissioners who set a pragmatic but urgent tone on trust, media and democracy. Over a day and a half, the future of algorithms and technology took center stage, with talks from tech pioneers and authorities Tim O’Reilly, Jimmy Wales and Amy Webb. But more intimate breakout sessions and panels offered a chance to Continue reading "Knight Media Forum Focuses on Non-Profit News, Impact and Danger of Algorithms"

Media Metrics Roundup for February 21, 2018

In An Era Of Loyalty, Newspaper Publishers Focus On Time Spent And Frequency
Max Willens / Digiday
The Seattle Times has a dashboard showing which articles lead to the most digital subscriptions. Tricky Podcast: Attentional Serfdom
Emily Bell and Heather Chaplin / Tricky
The first episode of this highly listenable new podcast looks at “the fight to capture your attention.” (Or just read the transcript.) 7 Tips to Get Better Newsletter Metrics
Jason Alcorn / MetricShift
The best things we learned from our expert panel. Snapchat Finally Gives Creators Analytics
Josh Constine / TechCrunch
Independent creators can now see time spent, total story views and more. The Upside Down: Negative Goals In Google Analytics
Samantha Barnes / Luna Metrics
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MetricShift Survey: Newsroom Leaders’ Top Priority Is Audience Growth

What does the media metrics profession look like in 2018? How are editors and other newsroom leaders responding to seismic shifts in how audiences are built? In how audiences translate to revenue to pay for reporting? As we’ve done the last two years, we surveyed our readers here on MetricShift. We learned what you do and what you want to learn this year. We also learned some of the ways that metrics are evolving as metrics professionals are moving up the newsroom masthead. Your top priority? Audience growth, followed by impact measurement. Here are six more highlights from the 2018 MetricShift reader survey. Metrics matter to senior newsroom leaders

Question: Where are you in the org chart?

A majority of MetricShift readers hold senior positions in their newsrooms. That points to something we wrote a lot about last year: the increasing responsibility of many who started their careers in social
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