United Promises Cops Won’t Drag You Off Plane In Full-Page Ad

United Airlines has had a tumultuous month. A passenger was violently dragged off a plane so the company’s employees could travel instead, a rabbit died inflight, and their advertisement got laughed out of a festival.
The company is attempting to make amends, releasing a set of new policies aimed at “improving customer experience” and taking out a full-page ad in today’s Washington Post.

The ad apologizes for the airline’s recent behavior and stresses how they plan to change:

The ad comes right after the company released a memo on Thursday indicating a litany of things United says it will do to better its business practices. 

One bullet point reads, “Law enforcement will not remove customers from a flight and customers will not be required to give up their seat once Continue reading "United Promises Cops Won’t Drag You Off Plane In Full-Page Ad"

‘Good Morning America’ Tweets ’69 Days Until Summer,’ Internet Says ‘Nice’

Good Morning America” was just trying to count down to summer, but Twitter had other ideas.
Here is the tweet GMA sent out Thursday morning: 

Here is how Twitter responded:

Confused? Let’s discuss.
It has long been the internet’s tradition that when the number 69 appears, in any context, the only response is “nice.” Why? Because sex. If you were ever a teen, you know that 69 is shorthand for “sex stuff.”
This is “The Game.” This is how The Game is played, according to NYMag:

You don’t have to actively seek out 69s, but when you see them, you must act. You have to say ‘nice.’ That is shorthand for ‘You and I? We both know about sex. Congratulations to us on our base-level sexual knowledge. Continue reading "‘Good Morning America’ Tweets ’69 Days Until Summer,’ Internet Says ‘Nice’"

Wendy’s Underestimated This Intrepid Man Desperate For A Year Of Free Nuggets

What would you do for a year of chicken nuggets?
Well, Twitter user Carter Wilkerson is trying to get 18 million retweets.
On Wednesday at precisely 10:31 p.m., in a tweet that will live on in infamy, Wilkerson tweeted at fast-food chain Wendy’s. He asked Wendy’s how many retweets would snag him a year of FREE chicken nuggets.

Unflinching and clearly appreciative of the tenacity of the request, Wendy’s responded a mere minute later with:

Wilkerson, a hero, responded in kind:

Wilkerson is up for the challenge, although it’s unclear whether he knows just exactly what he signed up for. 
For reference, the most-retweeted tweet in Twitter Continue reading "Wendy’s Underestimated This Intrepid Man Desperate For A Year Of Free Nuggets"

Nivea Ends ‘White Is Purity’ Campaign After Widespread Backlash

In 2017, it seems a little ill-conceived to create an advertisement that touts “white is purity.” Yet that was the tagline skin care brand Nivea ran with in a recent ad campaign.

Unsurprisingly, that ad campaign has since been pulled.

Nivea’s “white is purity” ad was created to promote their Invisible For Black & White deodorant. The ad appeared on the brand’s Middle East Facebook page for two days and received such an intense amount of backlash on social media that the company decided to remove it Tuesday.

“We are deeply sorry to anyone Continue reading "Nivea Ends ‘White Is Purity’ Campaign After Widespread Backlash"

Tomi Lahren’s Show Reportedly Suspended From TheBlaze After Pro-Choice Remarks

Tomi Lahren has had her show, “Tomi, suspended by TheBlaze, according to The Daily Caller.
Sources told the outlet that while the 24-year-old political commentator will be suspended for at least one week, she may not finish out the duration of her contract, which expires in September.
Lahren’s reported suspension comes after she incited backlash Friday as a guest on “The View” by calling anti-abortion conservatives “hypocrites” during her appearance and admitting she believed in a woman’s right to an abortion.

“I’m pro-choice,” she said, “and here’s why: I can’t sit here and be a hypocrite and say I’m for limited government but I think that the government should decide what women should do with their bodies.”

Dan Rather To Write A Book On ‘What Unites Us’

Dan Rather has just announced that he’ll be writing a book of essays on “what patriotism looks like.” It’ll be called What Unites Us.

The book will be published by Algonquin and is slated for release this November.

The venerated television journalist ― who is currently 85 years old ― has only grown in popularity in recent years, particularly with his recent commentary on President Donald Trump.

Rather took to Facebook on Thursday to share his thoughts on the essay collection and what he wants it to tell the American people. 

“We live in turbulent and disorienting times,” Rather writes.

He says he’s been writing the book in conjunction with the “daily (or even minute by minute) news cycle” and has “tried to step back for a wider perspective. Continue reading "Dan Rather To Write A Book On ‘What Unites Us’"

Hillary Clinton Photographed On Plane Reading About Mike Pence’s Emails

Oh, the irony.
Hillary Clinton was spotted Friday afternoon doing some reading on a commercial American Airlines flight traveling from Logan Airport in Boston to LaGuardia in New York. 
In the photo below, Clinton sits in a coach seat next to Huma Abedin (who’s mostly obscured below) with a phone in her hands and her eyes on the papers splayed across her lap and Abedin’s.
One paper is a copy of USA Today, with the headline Pence used personal email in office” emblazoned across it.

The photo was taken by Caitlin Quigley, 32, the manager of development and communications for Callen-Lorde, a New York-based LGBTQ health care center.
Twitter got hold of the photo and has already done the work of zeroing in on its details ― sipping tea Continue reading "Hillary Clinton Photographed On Plane Reading About Mike Pence’s Emails"