Twitter Company Email Addresses Why They’ve Broken Twitter for Third-Party Clients

Good piece by Sarah Perez at TechCrunch:
And Twitter wonders why users don’t want to use its own clients? Perhaps, users want a consistent experience — one that doesn’t involve a million inconsequential product changes like turning stars to hearts or changing the character counter to a circle. Maybe they appreciate the fact that the third parties seem to understand what Twitter is better than Twitter itself does: Twitter has always been about a real-time stream of information. It’s not meant to be another Facebook-style algorithmic News Feed. The third-party clients respect that. Twitter does not.
Twitter executive Rob Johnson:
We’ve heard feedback (#breakingmytwitter) from our customers about the pain this causes. We’re committed to understanding why people hire 3rd party clients over our own apps, and we’re going to do better with communicating changes.
My strong preference for Tweetbot, on both iOS and Mac, is simple: Continue reading "Twitter Company Email Addresses Why They’ve Broken Twitter for Third-Party Clients"

DF Weekly Sponsorship Changes

Let’s try something new with the DF weekly sponsorship. Instead of just the RSS feed, I’m going to include the display ad on the DF website with the sponsorship. Still just one sponsor for the week, but now it includes the RSS feed, the weekly thank-you post from yours truly, and the exclusive display ad in the left column of every page on the site. This current week remains open (let’s make a deal), next week is open, and most of September is open. If you’ve got a product or service you’d like to promote to Daring Fireball’s excellent readership, get in touch.