‘Evil Losers’: President Trump Condemns Manchester Terrorist Attack

Donald Trump took a moment out of his tour of the Middle East to address the catastrophic terrorist attack in Manchester, England last night. Speaking during a press conference in Bethlehem with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, President Trump offered a brief statement condemning the attack, calling the perpetrators “evil losers.” “I extend my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack and to the many killed and their families.” said Trump. “So many young beautiful innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life.” The president continued in his own unique way. “I wont call them monsters, because they would like that term. They would think that’s a great name. I will call them, from now on, losers because that’s what they are, they’re losers, and we’ll have more of them, but they’re losers. Just remember that.” The death Continue reading "‘Evil Losers’: President Trump Condemns Manchester Terrorist Attack"

‘She Can’t Stand Him’ The View Deconstructs Melania Trump Refusing to Hold the President’s Hand

Donald Trump’s visit to Israel went slightly off course after a curious incident shortly after he touched down in the country. the eagle eyes over at the Israel news service Haaretz noticed that as the Commander-in-chief walked down the red carpet, he reached for his wife, Melania Trump’s, hand, only to be sharply flicked away. The View — of course went to town. “Maybe she thought he was reaching over to pinch her on the butt,” said a trollish Whoopi Goldberg “She can’t stand him,” said Joy Behar, another frequent critic. After watching the clip numerous times, The View ladies carped on what they said was Trump’s often boorish behavior toward his wife, picking apart other instances when they said he had been less than gentlemanly — let alone presidential. Watch above [image via screengrab]

Nikki Haley Breaks With Trump, Endorses Special Prosecutor: ‘We Absolutely Need the Investigation’

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley says she supports Robert S. Mueller as special prosecutor. During an interview with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin, Haley said “we absolutely need the investigation.” “Trump has said the appointment of Robert Mueller divides this country,” said Melvin. “You disagree with that assessment. You think it’s a good idea.” “I think that all these questions need to be answered so that the administration can get back to to work.” It was a major rebuke for Trump who has very publicly sought to undermine the the FBI’s probe into connections between his campaign and the Russian government. To that end, Trump has fired FBI director James Comey and sought to use procedural rules to undermine the scope of Mueller’s investigation. Haley has often been a roguish voice in the administration. She was the first Trump official to strongly condemn the Syrian chemical weapons attack. Continue reading "Nikki Haley Breaks With Trump, Endorses Special Prosecutor: ‘We Absolutely Need the Investigation’"

NBC Has Reportedly Decided The Premiere Date and New Details For Megyn Kelly’s New Show

megyn-kelly-byeedited-1 Megyn Kelly. Remember her? The Fox News star ended her career with that network on a strong note, with a high profile feud with Donald Trump and helping to push network founder Roger Ailes firmly out the door. Then she kind of disappeared. Now, Deadline is reporting that Kelly will return to television with the June 4 premier of Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly. The program is expected to take the format of a news magazine. Fox NFL Sportscaster Erin Andrews has reportedly been confirmed as one of the initial guests. As Mediaite previously reported, Kelly is scheduled to travel to Russia next month to moderate a panel of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that will feature Vladimir Putin. Deadline (probably correctly) speculated that Kelly was likely jonesing for a larger sit-down interview with the autocrat that everyone can’t help talking about. The show in its current time slot is Continue reading "NBC Has Reportedly Decided The Premiere Date and New Details For Megyn Kelly’s New Show"

Billy Bush Opens Up About Life After Access Hollywood Tape: ‘The Initial Moments Were Total Chaos’

In 2005, two men rode a bus together and had an off-color conversation about women. One of those men is now President of the United States — the other is Billy Bush. On Monday, Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts aired a juicy teaser of a longer interview the anchor conducted with Bush. The remarks are the former television star’s first on-air comments on the subject since the video went viral in October, 2016. “What was it like for you to go back home after the tape had been released?” asked Roberts. “To face your daughters, your wife, what was that moment like for you?” Bush didn’t hold back. “Well the initial moments were total chaos,” he said but then added that “once we settled and got to connect there was a powerful moment.” Bush described a tough call he took from his teenage daughter after the video Continue reading "Billy Bush Opens Up About Life After Access Hollywood Tape: ‘The Initial Moments Were Total Chaos’"

‘Just Ridiculous’: John Oliver Slams Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters Over Trump Coverage

John Oliver (like many others in the media) has not been impressed lately with the quality of Fox News’ coverage surrounding Donald Trump and Russia. In the most recent episode of Last Week Tonight, the comedian took the network to task, specifically singling out primetime hosts Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson. Oliver played a clip of Watters claiming on a recent episode of The Five that the Trump Russia story was a “boring scandal.” “That is just ridiculous,” said Oliver. “There may be Americans hidden in plain view working on behalf of Russia is not boring, it’s literally a fucking Emmy nominated TV show,” (of course referring to the FX series The Americans) Oliver then slammed Carlson, who he called “the villain from a direct-to-video Caddyshack sequel,” for suggesting that much of the Russia scandal and reportage was not what it seemed. He “tried to Jedi mind trick Continue reading "‘Just Ridiculous’: John Oliver Slams Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters Over Trump Coverage"

Watch: President Donald Trump Addresses The Media With Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Donald Trump is expected to address the media shortly after arriving in Israel on the next leg of a visit to Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican. President Trump arrived in Israel early Monday morning U.S. time and was met on the tarmac by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ambassador David Friedman. After his arrival, the president and prime minister delivered remarks. The president comes off a widely praised trip to Saudi Arabia and speech to the Muslim world. It is Donald Trump’s first foreign trip abroad since taking office. Watch above. [image via sreengrab]