Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes

To anyone not living in the alternate Clinton-ite universe, a new Fox News poll showing Bernie Sanders as the most popular American politician is not surprising. According to the poll, the Vermont Senator had the highest favorables among Democratic voters — much to the chagrin of MSNBC’s Joy Reid, whose go to is, “But he’s not even a Democrat!” — and independent voters. He’s also tied with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as most popular among Republican voters, which really means Sanders is viewed most favorably since Schumer is, in many ways, a Republican in Democrats’ clothing. So, gee gosh, Jolly Jim! A progressive who sparked a monumental movement calling for the end of the 40-year Republican and neoliberal money-funneling-to-the-rich scheme, universal healthcare, free public college tuition, and investing in America is — wait for it — wildly popular. But the Democratic establishment and elitist corporate media is Continue reading "Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes"

How Corporate Media Morphed Paul Ryan From Radical to Reasonable

paul ryan

As policy wonks and chomping-at-the-bit Democrats anxiously await the CBO’s score on the GOP healthcare ‘plan,’ there’s one person in Washington less than excited. The pride and bastion of social Darwinism: Paul Ryan.

Make no mistake about it, this new healthcare monstrosity that will kick millions of downtrodden, vulnerable Americans off healthcare — while providing rich folks $600 million in tax breaks and welfare — is not Trumpcare.

It’s Ryancare, or more appropriately, AYNCARE.

That’s for Ayn Rand, the extremist champion of the greedy wolves of America (who Ryan has acknowledged as his idol). This makes sense since the Speaker of the House and Wisconsin Congressman has made a career of assaulting the poor and massaging the rich.

Whether it’s voucherizing Medicare in an attempt to eventually eliminate it, taking a machete to food stamps and other welfare programs, cutting millions in student financial aid and job training, or Continue reading "How Corporate Media Morphed Paul Ryan From Radical to Reasonable"

Why Media Still Loves Failed Corporate Democrats Over Progressives


After the epic failure of the Democratic Party losing to a reality TV star in November there’s been (the predictable) talk among the party about reflection.

Apparently corporate media executives skipped those meetings, as they continue to force feed the same stale, Democratic political operatives whose collective failures and faulty thinking created President Trump.

Over the last 24 hours, I’ve seen disgraced former DNC Chair Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton‘s communications chairman Jennifer Palmieri, and Clinton’s longtime aide and adult fan girl Neera Tanden all on MSNBC to fear monger on the great Russian boogeyman and give their pearls of wisdom on how to resist President Trump.

Over on CNN, the network continues to book the same establishment Democrat pundits who graced the screens before the election. You know, the ones who were wrong about Clinton’s strength, Trump’s unpalatability, and how angry and economically hurting a substantial portion Continue reading "Why Media Still Loves Failed Corporate Democrats Over Progressives"

Donald Trump’s Hoodwinking Of Working Class People Now Complete

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 5.38.06 PM In the glow of South Florida, President Trump kissed a ring of wealthy GOP donors Friday night, pleading with them to inject the RNC with enough cash to win a 60-seat, fillibuster-proof Senate majority. “I need you guys to step up and overwhelm them,” Trump said at the RNC’s spring retreat, according to POLITICO. So, essentially, Trump, who successfully railed against Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the political puppets who work for their donors instead of the American people, is, in fact, the puppet master. I’d say this would be a telling revelation if it wasn’t so predictable. A billionaire, gift-wrapped a million-dollar loan from his daddy, making billions off of his bravado and salesmanship (and later his name), promising the fine blue-collar working people of the Midwest that he will be the savior they’ve been waiting for. It was a fantasy Trump expertly conjured Continue reading "Donald Trump’s Hoodwinking Of Working Class People Now Complete"

Donald Trump Isn’t Running But He’s About to Beat Democrats AGAIN

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.03.32 PM While establishment Democrats and Clinton-ites spend their days endlessly blaming Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, James Comey, progressive journalists, and the mailman for Hillary Clinton‘s loss in November, the Democratic Party is about to lose to President Trump again. As voting for the DNC chair takes place on Saturday, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez has been elevated by the usual establishment suspects, receiving former VP Biden’s endorsement and Obama-world members’ endorsement behind the scenes. As my The Young Turks colleague Nomiki Konst showed, Perez is highly skilled in regurgitating talking points that mean nothing. And like Clinton––WikiLeaks revealed he was actively trying to help discredit Sanders among minority voters during the Democratic Primary––Perez is a prolific fundraiser, having hoarded $825,000 in donations for the DNC Chair race, according to Politico. Politico dubiously reported 73 percent of his donations came from small-dollar donors contributing $200 or Continue reading "Donald Trump Isn’t Running But He’s About to Beat Democrats AGAIN"

While Media Hyperventilates on Russia, REAL Scandals Ignored

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 3.25.52 PM Let’s start by stating the obvious: President Trump seems to puff up like a Teddy Bear when it comes to one foreign power — Russia. Although there’s been no concrete evidence provided linking Trump or his campaign to the dissemination of stolen emails from the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, there is mounting evidence that top campaign officials were in consistent communication with Russia. Now-fired National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was thrown under the bus for having a call with a Russian ambassador where he allegedly hinted at sanctions relief before Trump was sworn in. There’s also evidence Flynn called the Russian ambassador to the U.S. five times on December 29th — the day former President Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the U.S. — presumably to soothe Russia’s concerns and foreshadow a friendlier incoming Trump administration. And we now know Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, Continue reading "While Media Hyperventilates on Russia, REAL Scandals Ignored"

Inside Donald Trump’s Selective Islamophobic Fear Machine

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 12.24.43 PM Of the many dumbfounding things I observed on the campaign trail in 2016, one of the top head-scratchers was Republican voters’ selective fear and outrage toward what they call “Islamic terrorists.” After I would follow up and ask if they’re equally concerned about the epidemic of disturbed, white Americans shooting up schools, movie theaters, malls, or spree-shooting while driving an Uber, I’d get a blank stare and an inability to speak coherent words. This selective fear machine is what President Trump is preying on now: the fear that the “other” is a threat to our families, culture, and very existence. Make no mistake: there is and will most likely always be a threat of foreign terrorists actively plotting to inflict maximum damage on the U.S. The president is not wrong to want to find ways to improve our border, cyber, and airport security within the bounds of the
Continue reading "Inside Donald Trump’s Selective Islamophobic Fear Machine"