RussiaGate Hysteria Exposes Corporate Media as Selective Guardians of Democracy

Watching the non-stop, hysterical coverage of so-called Russia-gate over the last few weeks has made me ponder whether CNN and MSNBC producers have been drinking too much Stolichnaya. I say that as someone who covered the Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton campaigns in the field in 2016, interviewing hundreds of voters. I say that as someone who has all along believed there should be an investigation into whether the Trump campaign criminally colluded with the Russian government to hack the DNC and/or John Podesta’s emails to then hand off to WikiLeaks. I say that as someone who, despite being in favor of that investigation, has for two years derided the corporate-media-Russia-industrial-complex, which in a mad dash for ratings has delivered a Cold War reenactment on our screens and in our papers. This reached a fever pitch when CNN reporter Drew Griffin recently performed a ridiculous, loony Continue reading "RussiaGate Hysteria Exposes Corporate Media as Selective Guardians of Democracy"

Why President Obama’s ‘Courage’ Award Is Cowardice

I voted for Barack Obama twice. In 2008, I had a Chris Matthews-level thrill up my leg watching him deliver his Grant Park acceptance speech. “If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible, who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time, who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer,” the newly elected president said. Democrat, Republican, or marshmallow—the man had a real gift to lift spirits, hopes, and recapture the sentiment of a bygone America; one where people actually gave a damn about each other, where the false bumper sticker that anyone can make it in America could, again, become reality. But the presidency has a way of showing who you really are. Of course, it’s easy for folks like me to bask behind their laptops and criticize Continue reading "Why President Obama’s ‘Courage’ Award Is Cowardice"

After Syria Attacks Corporate Media Russia Industrial Complex Grinds to a Halt

For months, the corporate media and political drumbeats have been thumping the same old chestnuts: Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet, Hillary Clinton‘s epic defeat is somehow not valid, and any journalist who asked for incontrovertible evidence of Russian collusion is a Kremlin agent. For several weeks at a time, we’ve also seen pundit parties with an open buffet table of groupthink and “stated-as-fact” proclamations that Russia “hacked the election.” Trump’s inner circle and possibly Trump himself are a stooge of Russia, was the major news theme of the past two months. Well, if Trump’s a puppet, he needs new strings. Because if Trump is living under some type of dark, Putin-extortion cloud that holds damning financial or embarrassing social information over him, it would be highly stupid of the Donald to claim Russia is somehow covering for Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad‘s alleged chemical weapons attack on his own Continue reading "After Syria Attacks Corporate Media Russia Industrial Complex Grinds to a Halt"

Corporate Media War Machine Clicking on All Cylinders

msnbc Following President Trump‘s decision to strike 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syrian airfields, the corporate media descended into full-on war machine, bringing on the same usual suspects to beat the drums of war. Having the painful task of watching some of Morning Joe Friday morning, it was as if the last 14 years never happened, and that there was never an Iraq War. “The strong impression is this can not be a one-off after this despot has been doing this kind of work in his country for a long, long time,” corporate media legend Tom Brokaw casually said. Umm, who is giving off that strong impression, Tom? You! Brokaw went on to ask Senator Mike Lee what the “tone” would be if President Trump comes to Congress and wants to “kick start” the war in the Middle East. (Of course it’s less than 24 hours after the airstrikes and the Continue reading "Corporate Media War Machine Clicking on All Cylinders"

SHOCKER: Trump Shows Government Can’t Run Like a Business!

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 1.16.41 PM Of all the silly, wrongheaded one-liners I’ve heard from conservatives over the years, “government should run like a business” ranks near the top. And for these folks, President Trump was their champion. Trump campaigned as a faux populist and outsider who would “drain the swamp” (which really meant replacing it to instill a much larger swamp), routinely railing against the bloated government bureaucracy and inefficiency. Having covered nearly two dozen Trump rallies on the campaign trail, Trump tossed out fairy dust to his supporters: he’d swoop into Washington, and with the mere touch of the Donald, bing, bing, bing, winning! And in 65 days, Trump’s gotten quite the crash course on running government like a business. While trying to unilaterally pass autocratic, xenophobic executive actions, Trump was shocked to learn there are checks and balances embedded in U.S. government that wouldn’t allow him to do whatever he pleases. When Continue reading "SHOCKER: Trump Shows Government Can’t Run Like a Business!"

Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes

To anyone not living in the alternate Clinton-ite universe, a new Fox News poll showing Bernie Sanders as the most popular American politician is not surprising. According to the poll, the Vermont Senator had the highest favorables among Democratic voters — much to the chagrin of MSNBC’s Joy Reid, whose go to is, “But he’s not even a Democrat!” — and independent voters. He’s also tied with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer as most popular among Republican voters, which really means Sanders is viewed most favorably since Schumer is, in many ways, a Republican in Democrats’ clothing. So, gee gosh, Jolly Jim! A progressive who sparked a monumental movement calling for the end of the 40-year Republican and neoliberal money-funneling-to-the-rich scheme, universal healthcare, free public college tuition, and investing in America is — wait for it — wildly popular. But the Democratic establishment and elitist corporate media is Continue reading "Bernie Sanders Reigns Supreme as the Establishment Fumes"

How Corporate Media Morphed Paul Ryan From Radical to Reasonable

paul ryan

As policy wonks and chomping-at-the-bit Democrats anxiously await the CBO’s score on the GOP healthcare ‘plan,’ there’s one person in Washington less than excited. The pride and bastion of social Darwinism: Paul Ryan.

Make no mistake about it, this new healthcare monstrosity that will kick millions of downtrodden, vulnerable Americans off healthcare — while providing rich folks $600 million in tax breaks and welfare — is not Trumpcare.

It’s Ryancare, or more appropriately, AYNCARE.

That’s for Ayn Rand, the extremist champion of the greedy wolves of America (who Ryan has acknowledged as his idol). This makes sense since the Speaker of the House and Wisconsin Congressman has made a career of assaulting the poor and massaging the rich.

Whether it’s voucherizing Medicare in an attempt to eventually eliminate it, taking a machete to food stamps and other welfare programs, cutting millions in student financial aid and job training, or Continue reading "How Corporate Media Morphed Paul Ryan From Radical to Reasonable"