Obama On Hurricane Irene: ‘Response And Recovery Efforts Will Be An Ongoing Operation’

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President Barack Obama made an address today in front of the White House on Hurricane Irene. He laid out the response efforts the government has been making in areas hit hardest by the storm. Even though the storm has passed through most of the eastern seaboard already, the president warned that “many Americans are still at serious risk of power outages and flooding.”

The president detailed the preventative measures taken by FEMA and Homeland Security in conjunction with state and local governments to stave off even further wreckage and loss of life. Obama acknowledged that the storm’s impact “will be felt for quite some time,” and promised those who are still in need of recovery that the federal government will “respond as quickly and effectively as possible.”

After the president spoke, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and FEMA Director Craig Fugate gave a few brief remarks, further detailing the recovery efforts currently underway.

Watch the president’s address below, courtesy of Fox News:

Al Gore Compares Climate Change Skeptics To 20th Century Racists

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Al Gore pushed the rhetorical envelope yesterday when he compared skeptics of climate change to racists during the Civil Rights Movement. Gore was sitting down for an interview with Alex Bogusky of the Climate Reality Project, and suggested that young people today whose parents do not believe in climate change are asking the same questions now that race-conscious young people in the 60s asked their parents.

Gore explains:

“There came a time when racist comments would come up in the course of the conversation and in years past they were just natural. Then there came a time when people would say, ‘Hey, man why do you talk that way, I mean that is wrong. I don’t go for that so don’t talk that way around me. I just don’t believe that.’ That happened in millions of conversations and slowly the conversation was won.”

In some circles, according to Gore, just using the words “climate change” is considered taboo, as was the case with Southerners bringing up racism. The interviewer suggested the comparison may not be quite accurate, considering the scientific evidence available for global warming. However, Gore suggested that there is a moral component that both arguments share.

Later in the interview, Gore addressed comments made by Rick Perry about climate change, and saw his remarks as part of “an organized effort to attack the reputation of the scientific community as a whole.”

“It’s not in [scientists'] nature to get ready to constantly defend themselves against political attacks. That’s not want they expected to be doing in their lives.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Ustream:

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Fox News Doctor Explains Toxic Dangers Of Same Sea Foam That Reporter Was Slathered In

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Late last night, Fox D.C. reporter Tucker Barnes reported on Hurricane Irene while covered in sea foam, which was initially just explained as “the remnants of raw sewage.” However, on Fox News today, Dr. Marc Siegel warned that human exposure to sea foam could be potentially dangerous.

The sea foam, washed up during Hurricane Irene, is also known as “red tide,” and Siegel explained the effects of exposure.

It can kill birds, it has pollutants in it, it has bacteria in it, it has proteins in it, and prolonged exposure could even cause birth defects. It can bother people with asthma and it can cause skin rashes.

Siegel pointed to bacterial contamination as an immediate danger of exposure to sea foam, and warned people against getting too close to it. However, some news reporters, including Barnes, have already been exposed, so they will hopefully be treated immediately.

Watch today’s Fox News segment below:

And you can watch Barnes’ report from last night here:

This Week Panel Compares Political Leadership On Hurricane Irene To Hurricane Katrina

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When we first learned that Hurricane Irene was headed for the United States, it was only a matter of time before comparisons and contrasts would be drawn between the response of federal and local governments during this storm to Hurricane Katrina, which Jake Tapper today described as “the hurricane that exposed mismanagement and weakness at the highest levels.”

Today’s This Week panel started by discussing the media reaction to the storm. George Will thought the coverage was creating “synthetic hysteria” and newspeople should not speak in dire terms when reporting on the hurricane. Cokie Roberts suggested the opposite, that the media should not understate the potential threat of a hurricane, pointing to the vast devastation of Hurricane Katrina and claiming that 5000 families were separated during the storm.

This brought the panel to the main focus of the discussion: the politics of a disaster response. Ron Brownstein, from the National Journal, highlighted a drop in George Bush’s poll numbers following Katrina, arguing that the threat of a political fallout should be enough “for elected officials to really be on high alert” during a natural disaster. Donna Brazile described the government’s response to Irene as “adequate” and singled out FEMA director Chris Fugate for his work at the agency through several hurricanes over the past few years.

Roberts saw Katrina as a tipping point in the Bush administration because people no longer viewed him as the president who would keep them safe. As for President Obama’s handling of Irene, Roberts thought that the president could improve his poll numbers if he demonstrated effective leadership during the storm. Brownstein agreed, positing that while strong leadership is not necessarily the only mark of an authoritative president, a lack of such would deal a significant blow to his popularity.

George Will, however, thought one of Obama’s biggest problems was the idea of portraying himself as a sort of larger-than-life problem solver, creating a “cult of the presidency” where the executive branch wields more power than it actually does. He also thought Obama should not be blaming other people and organizations for problems of governance that ultimately boil down to the separation of powers.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC:

Rep. Ron Paul: FEMA ‘Has One Of The Worst Reputations For A Bureaucracy Ever’

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Appearing on Fox News Sunday right after FEMA director Craig Fugate, who has been appearing on many of the Sunday talk shows to update people on relief efforts, Congressman Ron Paul criticized the federal agency for bureaucratic mismanagement and continued to argue his position in favor of abolishing it.

Chris Wallace asked Paul why he would favor getting rid of the government response organization when they are doing their best to take care of people in the middle of Hurricane Irene, but the congressman’s immediate reaction was to laugh, citing examples of FEMA mismanagement in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina six years ago. He referred to the agency’s “system of bureaucratic central economic planning” as a “deeply flawed” policy.

Paul said the agency was in deep financial trouble, and touted his opposition to it, given that he has shared this opinion in the past and has been reelected many times in his district.

“FEMA has been around since 1978, it has one of the worst reputations for a bureaucracy ever. I win elections because fight for constituents to overcome the bureaucracy. You can’t imagine how many calls we get because FEMA’s getting in the way and they can’t get their checks… Anyone who wants to argue for this department and this agency, they have a tough argument.”

On the subject of emergency funding for FEMA, Congressman Paul ruled out voting in favor for it, wondering where the money would come from. He brought up the Libyan intervention as an example of where the President could make budget cuts and find another billion dollars to fund FEMA.

During the rest of the interview, Paul discussed his political traction in the presidential race, his continuing opposition to U.S. involvement in Libya, and Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of Fox News:

FEMA Director: Unless It’s Urgent, We Ask People To Stay Home And Off The Roads

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As Hurricane Irene started to hit New York early this morning, FEMA director Craig Fugate appeared on many of the Sunday news programs to advise people how they can best keep safe from now until the storm subsides.

On ABC’s This Week, Fugate told substitute host Jake Tapper that damage in New York and elsewhere is unavoidable, but injury or loss of life can be prevented by taking appropriate safety measures. He strongly advised against going outside, even after the hurricane has moved on.

After the storm’s moved through, a lot of people want to get out, drive around, and see what’s going on. Unless it’s really urgent, we ask people to stay home, stay off the roads. Let the power companies and the emergency workers do their job. It’ll help us get power back on a lot faster if they’re not having to fight traffic with people sightseeing.

Tapper read a tweet Fugate sent out previously warning people not to underestimate the scope of the storm just because it is a Category 1 storm. Fugate explained that the speed of the storm was more troublesome than its size, and expressed optimism about the response from the federal government and local governments, saying that “we shouldn’t have to wait until a state is overwhelmed to begin getting ready.”

Watch the interview below, courtesy of ABC:

Report: al-Qaeda’s Number Two Killed In Pakistan

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Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, was killed today in Pakistan from a U.S. missile strike, according to a Pakistani intelligence official.

After Osama bin Laden was taken out in May, the SEALs that raided his compound discovered information about al-Rahman’s ties to al-Qaeda. Last month, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta expressed hope that the defeat of the terrorist organization is “within reach” given previous successes in taking out al-Qaeda leaders.

“Now is the moment, following what happened with bin Laden, to put maximum pressure on them… because I do believe that if we continue this effort we can really cripple al-Qaida as a major threat.”

One anonymous U.S. official claimed that al-Qaeda’s new leader Ayman al-Zawahiri relied on “Atiyah’s experience and connections to help manage al-Qaeda,” believing it will be harder for Zawahiri to manage al-Qaeda, which is seen now as “an increasingly weakened organization.”

Shep Smith Monitors Hurricane Progress As Fox News Reporters Brave Huge Waves And Heavy Winds

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Hurricane Irene is slowly making its way through the eastern seaboard, and on Fox News today, Shepard Smith, who does not normally anchor on Saturdays, updated viewers on the latest on the scope of the hurricane and how it has impacted the region.

Powerful hurricane and tropical force winds have hit many areas in the southeast, and rain has been reported from New York to Wilmington, Delaware.

Smith cut to reporter Doug McKelway in Ocean City, Maryland, but because of an audio malfunction, they were unable to communicate directly. Nonetheless, McKelway delivered his report as waves peaked right behind him, describing them as some of the biggest he has ever seen in the region. Local officials are concerned that the heavy rainfall combined with a poor drainage system could pose a threat of flooding.

Smith cut directly to footage from Fox’s local affiliate in Washington DC to highlight the attempts by local officials to place handbags strategically in the city. Smith praised all of Fox’s affiliates in the hurricane-targeted areas for doing their best reporting in such difficult weather.

Smith has been praised in the past for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and so his dedication to keeping viewers informed about Irene obviously comes from a very personal place.

John Roberts, reporting from North Carolina, stood out in the middle of a field as heavy winds blow around him. Roberts said he was feeling the heavy part of the storm, but the eye is steadily approaching the area for a brief respite from the hurricane. Roberts also worried that New York could face the same harsh weather.

People have their fun with reporters who fall over while reporting on heavy weather, but for McKelway and Roberts to brave what most people wouldn’t even dare venture into if their lives depended on it is admirable. News reporters provide a public service by informing people what to expect and how they can be safe.

Watch the video of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News:

President Obama: “All Indications Point To This Being A Historic Hurricane”

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Today, President Barack Obama delivered a short address on how people can prepare themselves for the impact of Hurricane Irene.

The president has already pledged emergency aid to North Carolina, which is expected to bear the full brunt of the hurricane today. He warned Americans that safety needs to be a high priority for everyone living in states where the hurricane is projected to hit.

If you are in the projected path of this hurricane, you have to take precautions now. Don’t delay. We all hope for the best, but we have to be prepared for the worst.

He recommended people visit Ready.gov to learn how best to prepare for a hurricane, and assured that the federal government has been working closely with local officials to create contingency plans.

Watch the president’s remarks below, courtesy of CNN:

UK Goverment Abandons Plan To Censor Social Media During Civil Disturbances

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Remember those riots in England that we were all fixated on for a few days before our attention turned to other stuff? Well, you may have heard that Parliament was actually considering temporary blocks on social media sites during times of violent unrest.

Prime Minister David Cameron talked to police during the riots to discuss, among other things, “whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.” A Labour MP suggested shutting down Blackberry service during the riots, while one Tory MP argued that “We’d all survive if Twitter shut down for a short while during major riots.” And a recent survey of 2000 Brits found that roughly half of them would favor temporary blocks on social media.

After weeks of negotiations, the ultimate decision of the British government was to not ban these services, even during riots. In fact, some government spokesmen admitted there are no plans to censor the internet on the docket.

Spokespeople for Twitter and Facebook welcomed the decision, and said their respective companies are committed to individual safety as well as the public’s right to information. Government officials praised the talks as constructive for the public dialogue.

A Home Office statement said the Home Secretary, Theresa May, the Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, and the Foreign Office minister Jeremy Browne had had a “constructive” discussion with the industry about how to prevent the networks from being used to organise criminal behaviour.

A spokesman added: “The discussions looked at how law enforcement and the networks can build on the existing relationships and cooperation to crack down on the networks being used for criminal behaviour.”

According to the Guardian, British police have “acknowledged that they ‘needed to do more’ with regard to learning how to use social media.” Not only that, but they are “slightly behind” other forces regarding Facebook and Twitter. Not to sound too much like an anti-Luddite, but now that we’re over a decade into the 21st century, shouldn’t people have government officials who understand the influence and magnitude of new technologies?

Now when I first heard about this, my reaction was “How dare England even consider censorship! We would never do this sort of thing in America!” And then a few days later BART police in San Francisco shut down cell service during a protest in the Metro.

ACLU staff attorney Michael Risher criticized the BART shutdown as “the kind of thing we hear about happening in oppressive regimes.” And yes, there is truth in that statement. We want people in the Middle East to be able to access the internet, so why are we talking about censoring it? Why are democracies like the United States and England taking advantage of tools we cite as being essential for free societies in other countries? Just saying.

Pat Robertson: Is Crack In Washington Monument A “Sign Of The Lord”?

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And now we turn to The 700 Club’s resident seismologist, Pat Robertson. Take it away, Pat!

This week, CBN’s flagship program did a week-long special series on “The Sign of the Times.” Well, talk about synergy, because this week has brought us an earthquake on the East Coast and an impending hurricane. After the earthquake hit, you might remember reports that the Washington Monument sustained a minor crack.

Pat Robertson wondered if it was really all the hurricane’s fault, or if the crack was a sign from God. However, he was careful to preface his remarks with the following:

“I don’t want to get weird on this…”

Naturally. Speculate all you want on the supernatural causes of mysterious cracks, but let’s not have things getting weird. Robertson continues:

It seems to me the Washington Monument is a symbol of America’s power. It has been the symbol of our great nation. We look at that monument and we say, ‘This is one nation under God.’ Now there’s a crack in it. There’s a crack in it, and it’s closed up. Is that a sign from the Lord, is it something that has significance or is it just a result of an earthquake? You judge.

Are we ever going to get through a natural disaster without Pat Robertson weighing in? Because I feel like this has happened before

Watch Robertson’s full remarks below, courtesy of CBN:

h/t Gawker

Romney: Biden’s Comment About China One-Child Policy ‘Shocks The Conscience’

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On the campaign trail yesterday, Mitt Romney responded to Vice President Joe Biden’s controversial comment on China’s one-child policy. Biden said during his visit that he “fully understand[s] the policy” and wasn’t “second-guessing it.” Since then Biden’s office has insisted he finds the practice “repugnant.”

But Romney harshly condemned the VP’s initial comments, and expected Biden would have to apologize (even though the clarification from Biden’s office came two days ago).

“His statement shocks the conscience. His lack of understanding of brutality, of forced sterilizations, of forced abortions, is simply unacceptable. It is reprehensible and astonishing.”

Watch the video of Romney’s remarks here, courtesy of CNN:

Inside Look At Gaddafi Family Belongings: Gay Porn, Spinning Teacups, And A Golden Mermaid Sofa

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These are a few of his favorite things…

The Condoleezza Rice photo album discovered at Moammar Gaddafi’s compound was just the tip of the eccentric iceberg. This week Libyans got an inside look at the Gaddafi family riches and helped themselves to whatever they could get their hands on.

According to the Washington Post, the smell of opulence wafts throughout all the Gaddafi homes. A villa belonging to son al-Saadi Gaddafi held several cars, including a BMW, an Audi, and a Toyota. The garage is decorated with a mural depicting a lavish sports car. There were also plans to purchase a yacht. But not just any yacht, a 7-million-euro yacht. That’s over ten million dollars. Gaddafi also had a soccer (sorry, football) field outside and several tents, one of which “housed guards and was filled with ammunition.”

Then, of course, there’s the porn. Like Osama bin Laden before him, Gaddafi was in possession of a gay porn DVD called “Boyz Tracks.” A quick Google search turned up no relevant answers.

Then, of course, there are al-Saadi’s ties to Hollywood. He previously worked with a firm called Natural Selection, LLC, which has been involved in the production of several Hollywood films, like 2010’s The Experiment, starring Adrien Brody. Gaddafi and his business partner, Matty Beckerman, were planning on funding several movies over the next few years before Gaddafi’s assets were frozen. And when Libyans were raiding the compound, they found a black cloth from the back of a director’s chair reading “Executive Producer al-Saadi Gadhafi.”

Meanwhile, al-Saadi’s sister, Aisha Gaddafi, had her own villa with piles of children’s clothes, a pink travel cot, a golden sofa in the shape of a mermaid, and a large indoor swimming pool. One resident was bewildered to see just how opulent the place was, saying, “I can’t even believe what I am seeing.” In fact, according to locals, “a small neighborhood clinic was razed to make room for her home” several years ago. Wow. And this is the nice Gaddafi.

But lest you think that the Libyan people are engaging in rampant looting, one of them claims this is not the case.

[Seifallah Gneidi] said rebels are not condoning looting of private property, and only allow the wrecking of symbols of the Gadhafi family’s abuse of power.

One rebel captured footage inside Aisha Gaddafi’s bathroom (which would sound wrong in any other context). Footage below:

But perhaps the biggest sign of grand opulence in the entire Gaddafi compound is the mini-amusement park in the gardens. Gaddafi had a full-sized carousel and spinning teacups. It’s been described as his own personal Neverland. Rebels entered the gardens and were completely taken aback by what they saw.

[O]ne man could only stare in disbelief at this theme park within a warzone. He snorted: “Libyan children have no childhood, their lives are destroyed by Gaddafi. But his children, his family, have everything.”

As if all this weren’t enough, Col Gaddafi had also used some of the estimated $470 billion he has plundered from the country to build a zoo, stocked with animals supplied by fellow African despots.

I know calling people “Bond villains” has become a great cliché, but I think it’s fair to say that Gaddafi is a Bond villain with a strong hint of Prince.

h/t Washington Post

Would Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ever Consider Honoring Reality TV Stars? ‘Hell To The No!’

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Whoever runs the Hollywood Walk of Fame Facebook page deserves the world’s biggest cookie.

Apparently, one of their fans inquired if any of the famous Hollywood stars would be given to reality TV characters. You know, because Snooki is just as culturally important as Humphrey Bogart or Samuel L. Jackson. On Monday, the group’s Facebook page explained their position on inducting reality TV stars:

Someone asked if we give reality show characters stars? Hell to the No!

There are, of course, people on the Walk who have been in reality TV shows (i.e. Ozzy Osbourne), but their stars were granted based on their other contributions to the arts. The reception to the news appears to be almost unanimous. There are even some famous media personalities who have receivd stars, including Edward R. Murrow and fellow CBS journalist Cecil Brown.

The HWOF Facebook page details the criteria for receiving a star:

To be honored with a star in Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the world’s most famous sidewalk, is a tribute as coveted and sought after as any of the entertainment industry’s equally prestigious awards — including the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, Golden Mike or Tony. And, because it recognizes a life-long contribution of both public and peer appreciation, it is an honor uniquely in a class of itself, a permanent monument of the past, as well as the present.

So it goes without saying that reality stars don’t qualify anyway. And you’ve got to draw the line somewhere. But I’m curious to find those few people who would disagree with this decision. You know, the ones dipping their tainted toes in the human gene pool. In fact, you know how people think reality stars are famous for doing nothing? Well, Kim Kardashian doesn’t think what she does is “nothing.”

“People say I do nothing but I laugh at that because my job is the reality show, the fashion lines the books — I never stop… It’s a fulltime job. It’s not nice to be criticized but it really doesn’t bother me because I know everyone has their own opinion.”

The fashion lines and books? Oh good golly gosh! Such a heavy workload.

Influence and fame means absolutely nothing if you’ve done nothing to deserve it. Writing books after the fact merely proves you have a good ghostwriter and can think in almost-complete sentences.

Hollywood may not be the grand place it used to, but at least there are standards: “You must be this talented to ride.”

h/t Washington Post

Report: Libyan Rebels Claim They Have Gaddafi Surrounded

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Libyan rebels are claiming they have Moammar Gaddafi and some of his sons surrounded in an apartment complex near the dictator’s compound.

Rebels have made significant advances against Gaddafi this week, claiming most of Tripoli and turning their key focus on several major cities still under Gaddafi’s control.

One of the rebels told Reuters that how they expect events to unfold.

“They are together. They are in a small hole… Today we finish. Today we will end that.”

Watch the report below, courtesy of CNN:

The Politics Of Thurston Howell: How A Gilligan’s Island Character Became A Big Media Meme

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Last night, Rachel Maddow compared billionaire candidate Mitt Romney to fictional billionaire Thurston Howell III. If you’re looking for a rich-person caricature, there is no better person to cite than the oil baron of Gilligan’s Island. But it seems that 2011 is the year where both liberals and conservatives are pulling out the “You’re more like Thurston Howell than I am” card.

If you think about it, Howell can be an effective hypothetical tool to use in such a debate. He could not be more of an elitist if he tried: his demeanor, manner of speaking, and treatment of the other castaways is very snobbish.

But what truly makes Howell a perfect weapon to use is that he is unabashedly proud of his wealth. He brought thousands of dollars to the island. He brags about all his money to the others, and wife laments that during the Depression, he lost money and became “just a millionaire.” He is THE rich guy. Liberals paint him as a typical rich conservative who hoards his money and gives nothing back, while conservatives make him the stereotypical elitist liberal with no empathy for regular Americans.

Howell was used by Senator Orrin Hatch several months ago while speaking in Congress about tax hikes.

Hatch explains:

I want to be clear that I do not lump all of these folks in with Bill Gates, LeBron James, Warren Buffett, or Gilligan’s Island’s resident millionaire Thurston Howell III.

Unlike Hatch, many conservatives have used Howell’s name in reference to establishment Democrats. Conservative blog The Last Refuge described a video of Nancy Pelosi chanting “Hands off our Medicare!” as “Mrs. Thurston Howell attempts to lead the crowd.” One blogger referenced “John (Thurston Howell III) Kerry.” And one blogger even thinks Obama is worse than Howell.

[Y]ou have America’s leader, probably one of the most aloof and indifferent presidents we have witnessed in the modern era, jetting off to the liberal enclave of Martha’s Vineyard. Were Thurston Howell III alive today he would be appalled by the presence of these neo-Marxist, capitalism-hating nogoodniks taking over “the Vineyud.” Wonder how Kennebunkport is looking these days?

But the meme has been used more often by liberals, attempting to link him to Republicans and frame them as friends of the wealthy. A letter in The Republic from earlier this month compared Howell to John Boehner, and this political cartoon illustrated the debate between Republicans and labor groups.

Here’s an excerpt from a PressDemocrat op-ed:

Thurston Howell III, remained rich even when paying taxes at rates much higher than those which apply today. He and Lovey Howell provide Gilligan with proof enough that the rich will do fine under most any circumstances, so it’s about time that the Skipper, Professor, Ginger and Mary Ann, together with the rest of us, demand fairness from our elected representatives.

And blogger Roy Edroso invoked the billionaire while throwing cold water on Rick Perry’s presidential campaign.

I doubt things will be improved by President Rick Perry, who will upon inauguration give the last $32.98 in the Treasury to Thurston Howell III and ask America to pray for money.

Which brings us back full circle to Rachel Maddow. In another segment of her program last night, she played an ad for Orville Redenbacher popcorn featuring the characters of Mr. & Mrs. Howell. In the segment, which you can watch here, she insisted the ad was an “exercise in 2012 presidential campaign analysis,” and asked if this would be a year where voters would go for an obscenely wealthy candidate.

Would you vote for Thurston Howell III? The country-clubbing millionaire who, for some reason, brought a bunch of ascots and a smoking jacket on a three-hour boat tour in 1965. When voting for president, would you vote for Thurston?

It’s all well and good for pundits to invoke fictional characters when going after their political rivals, but why this particular one? Why not Montgomery Burns, a character who still exists on TV? What about Gordon Gekko? Daddy Warbucks? George Bluth? Lex Luthor?

I’m not old enough to understand the cultural impact of Gilligan’s Island, but it seems to have left a lasting impression on people, since he has become the go-to stereotype for rich elitism even though his star has been eclipsed by many others in the media landscape. Perhaps one day we will see a campaign ad comparing Thurston Howell III to a presidential candidate. But for today’s voters, a face from an old TV show isn’t going to cut it. Update your analogies, people!

Jon Huntsman: I’d Be Michele Bachmann’s Running Mate, But Not Mitt Romney’s

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Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman told Piers Morgan last night that he would be open to running on a presidential ticket with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, but ruled out the possibility of running alongside Mitt Romney.

When Morgan asked Huntsman if he would run with Romney, the former Utah governor’s immediate reaction was to laugh and say, “There would be too many jokes about that.” However, when asked if he would be willing to run alongside a Tea Party candidate like Bachmann, Huntsman said if he was called to serve his country, he would definitely accept.

Watch the video of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

Here’s A Picture Of Joe Biden Posing With A Mongolian Wrestler

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There has been a disturbing lack of hilarious Joe Biden moments in recent months, so consider yourselves lucky we came across this. Hopefully this will provide a temporary moment of amusement amidst all of today’s actual news.

During his tour across Asia, the vice president stopped in Mongolia, calling it a “shining example for nations in transition,” as well as “a close friend and partner of the United States.”

And then, somehow, the following picture was taken. I wonder if Biden can actually wrestle…