Watch Reporter Shout to Trump: ‘Did You Have Sex With a Porn Star?’

As President Donald Trump left the White House on Friday, one member of the press was determined to get a question in about Stormy Daniels — the porn star Trump allegedly had an affair with while he was married to third wife Melania. “Did you have sex with a porn star?” the Washington Examiner’s Steve Nelson shouted to the president twice. The White House press corps generally yells questions to the president while he walks across the South Lawn to Marine One, and Trump will occasionally step off to the sidelines for quick Q&As. On Friday, however, the president declined to stop, thus leaving the, uh, cocky inquiry unanswered. Steven Herman, the White House Bureau Chief for Voice of America, captured the one-sided exchange. And to be fair to the press corps, Trump was also asked about less sexy matters, including Rep. Devin Nunes’ recently released memo, the future of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and whether nor not he’ll fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Watch above, via VOA. [image via screengrab]

Band That Successfully Sued Radiohead Over ‘Creep’ Weighs in on Lana Del Rey Debacle (Exclusive)

The Hollies, a British rock band that successfully sued Radiohead for copyright infringement, are now weighing in on the current dispute between Radiohead and Lana Del Rey, urging both sides to “keep it out of court if you can.” “‘Credit where credit is due’, that is essential in all art,” the band said in a statement to Mediaite. They continued:
It can be very difficult to differentiate between coincidence and outright plagiarism – hence musicologists, in most cases, have a better role to play than lawyers. Keep it out of court if you can – the costs can mean nobody wins in the end. In The Hollies case, although ‘The Air That I Breathe’ was written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazlewood, it was our arrangement, production and style that gave it the distinctive sound that made it a huge international hit. I presume that Radiohead Continue reading "Band That Successfully Sued Radiohead Over ‘Creep’ Weighs in on Lana Del Rey Debacle (Exclusive)"

5 Predictions for Trump’s ‘Most Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards’

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter this week that he will be hosting the “Most Dishonest and Corrupt Media Awards of the Year” on Monday night at 5pm. The White House has been less than forthcoming about what this awards ceremony will actually entail, with Press Secretary Sarah Sanders telling reporters that she doesn’t “want to spoil anything.” As a result, we can only speculate. However, considering the President’s penchant for showmanship, surely there are some things we can expect.
1. The evening will feature a touching and heartbreaking In Memoriam to those who are DEAD to the President.  
2. Custom made, extra-large award statuettes to accommodate the President’s Twitter nicknames.
3. The White House will save hundreds on red carpet rental fees by simply using one of the President’s ties.  
4. The host will retweet praise from renowned entertainment critics like @GenocideGuy88 and @PepeCuckMaster4Ever.  

5 Ways Trump Can Win the War on Christmas

Donald Trump vowed to end the War on Christmas during last year’s campaign, but now that he’s in the White House, what has he really done to roll back the annual PC onslaught?

Yes, he’s declared it okay to say “Merry Christmas” and his online store is selling $45 dollar Christmas hats, but surely his supporters were hoping for something a little more aggressive.

If he really wants to show them he’s serious, here are 5 things he can do right away.

1. Foreign elves have been taking good, Seasonal American jobs for far too long. Convince Santa to move his workshop from the North Pole to Indianapolis.    

2. Pledge $1.5 billion in supplemental military spending to finally bring NORAD’s Santa Tracker into the 21st century.


3. Revitalize the coal industry to really stick it to those kids on the naughty list.


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6 Ways Trump Can Distract the Media from the Flynn Scandal

With former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn dominating the headlines, it’s clear that the White House needs to take dramatic action to turn this story around. But what? Tax reform probably won’t work. Trump could retweet some more anti-Islamic videos from far-right politicians, but that’d be a little cliché at this point. There’s still hope, though. Here are 6 ways Trump can weather the latest Russian storm.

1. Kick-off the First Annual Indictment Awareness Week

Start an Awareness campaign to teach the public about all of the great, hard-working Americans who have faced criminal charges throughout history.    

2. Fake it ’til you make it

Pardon Flynn while wearing a big hat. Begin speaking Portuguese. Place a moratorium on cotton candy. It will make absolutely no sense, but your supporters will claim that you’re playing 4D chess.    

3. Extreme Vetting

Respond to George Papadopoulos by calling for
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White House Ducks Press After Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty

  President Donald Trump’s sole appearance before the White House press pool was abruptly canceled today after former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. According to Ben C. Jacobs of The Guardian, today’s reporter assigned to represent print outlets, members of the press were brought outside the Oval Office for what was scheduled to be a quick media availability. They were taken back inside the briefing room not long after. White House Deputy Press Secretary Lindsay Waters told them several minutes later that they would not be given access to today’s meeting between the President and Libyan prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj. The press pool is traditionally brought into meetings like these to hear opening remarks from attendees. Reporters then have the opportunity to shout out questions, which Trump has been known to respond to. Mark Knoller tweeted that the Waters said the meeting Continue reading "White House Ducks Press After Michael Flynn Pleads Guilty"

White House Claims Election Nullifies Sexual Assault Claims, But Trump Dredges up Dems’ Past Scandals

  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has repeatedly told reporters that sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump are null-and-void due to his 2016 election win. “This was covered pretty extensively during the campaign,” Sanders told reporters earlier this month. “We addressed that then. The American people, I think, spoke very loud and clear when they elected this President.” If the administration genuinely believes that winning an election takes care of any lingering campaign misdeeds, then it’s a courtesy the President is clearly unwilling to grant others. There are at least three scandals that Trump has attempted to revive long after the elections that put them in the public eye have taken place. 1. Elizabeth Warren’s Native American ancestry During Monday’s briefing, Sanders said concerns over Trump’s Access Hollywood video were “litigated and certainly answered during the election by the overwhelming support for the President.” In the Continue reading "White House Claims Election Nullifies Sexual Assault Claims, But Trump Dredges up Dems’ Past Scandals"