How to Reach Consumers While Protecting Their Privacy

The debate surrounding probabilistic versus deterministic cross-device tracking is nothing new. But with the rapidly evolving online landscape and technological capabilities, and with customers increasingly engaging across multiple devices, brands and agencies should be having a different conversation: They need to look beyond which targeting method to use and determine how they can best identify customers for more personal and relevant engagement while continuing to maintain consumers' privacy. This is especially true as the issues of trust and scale have recently been raised concerning first-party data companies, such as Facebook. Utilizing deterministic methods, based on some form of specific identifying data on a consumer (commonly logins, registration data, physical addresses and sometimes offline customer data or IDs, etc.), a company can determine who a specific user is. But this method has caused major issues for first-party data companies. Facebook faces this dilemma, since not only is its data limited Continue reading "How to Reach Consumers While Protecting Their Privacy"

Iconic brand advertising on TV isn’t going anywhere

The era of "peak TV" has ushered in a renaissance for brand advertising, and there has never been more opportunity to connect with viewers. By the same token, there have never been more challenges for marketers. TV's evolution is happening at a time when shifts in audience behavior, the proliferation of digital video, precision targeting and addressability are taking hold. New challenges have emerged. Increased ratings pressure, inflationary pricing and audience fragmentation have given rise to new thinking and evolved methods of targeting and measurement. These complexities are creating uncertainty within the TV ecosystem as stakeholders grapple with how to balance investments between existing and new technology. The 80-year-old TV industry has evolved from using content as a proxy for audience to targeting actual audiences on TV. We're entering an era of better understanding the customer. Continue reading at

Reddit rolls out native video ads in attempt to woo Madison Avenue

Fresh off the heels of a new redesign from its former Web 1.0 layout, Reddit announced Tuesday that it's rolling out native video ads that will appear in-stream and automatically play without sound. Companies such as Nintendo, Netflix and Audi have already bought in. "Because of our scale, and as our video inventory continues to grow, we believe our native video product provides a material pocket of efficient reach for marketers," says Jen Wong, Reddit's chief operating officer. "We're bringing a lot of reach to the market." Continue reading at

Are you ‘in the zone’ for peak creativity?

One of my very first jobs was as a recording engineer. Working with musicians, I set up and operated the complex recording equipment that's used to capture, shape and mix the sounds of an album. After working with many artists, I noted there were two kinds of musician: those who wanted to spend more time sitting behind the workstation pulling the knobs and levers until something was "perfect," and those who just wanted to play and be "in the zone." More often than not, the musicians who focused on the playing had the best takes and achieved the best results. Since those early days, my engineering career has taken me from working in music to financial services and now to marketing and advertising. However, there's always been a constantno matter the industry, the focus must always be on how best to unlock creativity. And the creativity comes best from Continue reading "Are you ‘in the zone’ for peak creativity?"

Cannes Lions Festival of Technology? Digital presence can seem more crass than creative

From a T-Pain show on a yacht for an ad-tech outfit to a giant yellow Ferris wheel/oven on the Palais to promote Snapchat, flamboyant promotions have transformed advertising's largest festival into something more crass than creative, to hear some industry leaders tell it. The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a shell of what it once stood for, they say, rapidly losing what set it apart from the tech-centered experiential marketing extravaganza better known as South by Southwest. Others suggest giving the Cannes Lions' tech delegations a chance. Continue reading at

Google GDPR policy under fire from (more) trade bodies, including IAB France

A French revolution of sorts is brewing among several trade bodies representing publishers, ad tech, agencies and marketers that are upset over Google and its GDPR practices. The groupswhich include the Interactive Advertising Bureau France, the Union of Advertisers, the Union of Consulting and Media Buying Companies, the Union of Internet Registries and the Online Services Publishers Groupsent a letter to Google on Friday arguing that the tech company's implementation of GDPR has created a major negative impact on revenue and costs for all players in the digital ad ecosystem. A meeting between the two parties is taking place Tuesday in Paris. The move underscores the growing tensions between Google's GDPR policy and the rest of the ad industry. Continue reading at

Amid strong sales, Stitch Fix hires CMO from Google

Stitch Fix, the algorithm-based subscription fashion brand and current retail darling, is building up its marketing muscle. The San Francisco-based company, which went public late last year, has hired Deirdre Findlay, most recently senior director of global hardware marketing at Google, as its new chief marketing officer. Findlay is the first CMO for the company in over four years and its first since it went public. Marketing had been lead by Chief Operating Officer Mike Smith. The news follows the brand's strong earnings report on Thursday. For the third quarter, Stitch Fix reported a 29 percent increase in net revenue to $316.7 million, compared with the year-earlier period, and net income of $9.5 million. Most tellingly, however, the company said it saw a 30 percent year-over-year growth in active client accounts, which currently number 2.7 million. To continue such growth, the company is fine-tuning its marketing strategy. Continue reading at