Investigative Multimedia Unit Brings New Life to Malaysia’s ‘Star’ Newspaper

This piece originally appeared at The Splice Newsroom. In June 2016, the online documentary “Predator in My Phone” exposed an alarmed public to the dangers faced by Malaysia’s increasingly connected children, inspiring a campaign that captured the attention of celebrities, NGOs and politicians, and spawned a new law targeting child sex crime. The result of a ten-month undercover investigation by R.AGE, a millennial-focussed multimedia unit at Malaysian newspaper The Star, the series has now accumulated some 4.5 million views on its Facebook page alone. Audience engagement is an integral part of R.AGE’s work and campaigning is central to its remit, says executive producer Ian Yee, who argues that journalists can offer solutions to problems when they are confident their reporting is objective. “I don’t see there being any kind of conflict. I think a lot of millennials don’t see that either, don’t see that there
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