Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz Voters Duke it Out on Immigration in Tense Frank Luntz Panel: ‘You Would Let Somebody Rape your Child’

Political pollster Frank Luntz has conducted a new voter panel for VICE News, this one featuring an even split of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) supporters in the upcoming Texas senate race. As one might expect, the end result was a rousing debate about illegal immigration, Cruz’s record, and everything in between. Cruz’s critics on the panel — which is set to air in full on VICE News — went after the senator’s legislative history, political opportunism and subservience to President Donald Trump. Since Cruz and O’Rourke have diametrically-opposed views on border security and illegal immigration, the panel spent a good amount of time debating which candidate has the better vision on both issues. Here’s a handful of excerpts from how that went:
Angie Byrnes (O’Rourke supporter) – “I guarantee you, as a mother of two boys, that I would do everything illegal, legal — it Continue reading "Beto O’Rourke and Ted Cruz Voters Duke it Out on Immigration in Tense Frank Luntz Panel: ‘You Would Let Somebody Rape your Child’"

GOP Rep Dave Brat Compares Inmate’s Challenges to Dem Rival’s Ad Campaign: ‘How Do You Think I’m Feeling?’

Congressman Dave Brat (R-VA) has a very odd way of expressing his empathy for inmates who struggle with reintegrating into society upon release from prison. NPR reporter Ben Paviour recently received some audio that was recorded when Brat visited Chesterfield County Jail to speak with incarcerated drug addicts. Brat used much of his time to talk with the inmates about various aspects of law enforcement and criminal justice reform, but at one point, a woman shared her concerns with him about how she’ll maintain a job and stability in her life at the end of her sentence. That’s when Brat seemed to compare her issues with the political competition he’s facing from Democrat Abigail Spanberger.

The View Slams Trump For Praising GOP Rep Who Assaulted Reporter: ‘Condoning Violence Against the Media’

The View had a lot to say on Friday about President Donald Trump‘s praise of Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) for his attack on a reporter. Joy Behar started off by joking about “telling Melania” (a reference to the First Lady’s campaign against bullying) before outright condemning the president for “straight-up condoning violence against the media.” This quickly segued into a conversation among the panel about Trump’s “tone-deaf” reaction to Saudi Arabia’s attempts to explain Jamal Khashoggi‘s disappearance. Meghan McCain noted the poor timing of encouraging violence against the press, and then pivoted the conversation to the profane message CNN’s Jim Acosta sent to a former aide of the First Lady. McCain argued that the media and Trump are both responsible for raising the country to a more respectful standard. Behar took umbrage with this argument — sking McCain if she was trying to equate Trump and Continue reading "The View Slams Trump For Praising GOP Rep Who Assaulted Reporter: ‘Condoning Violence Against the Media’"

Carly Fiorina: Trump ‘Diminishes’ the Presidency With Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ Insults

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says Donald Trump brought the country to “a new low” by exchanging insults with Stormy Daniels. Fiorina spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday night — where she was asked about the president’s taunt of Daniels as “horseface” this week after her defamation lawsuit against him was thrown out. (Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump over his hush money scheme remains in play.) Fiorina remarked that the president’s conduct denigrates the White House — even if Trump, Daniels and Michael Avenatti are all publicity-seekers at the end of the day.
“I want to distinguish between the office of the presidency and the person who is in that office. There’s no doubt that the office of the presidency is diminished when the occupant engages in this kind of insult over Twitter. On the other hand, when I think about the people involved here, Continue reading "Carly Fiorina: Trump ‘Diminishes’ the Presidency With Stormy Daniels ‘Horseface’ Insults"

NY1’s Pat Kiernan Left Nearly Speechless Over Trump’s Praise for Reporter Attack: ‘How Can You Cheer for That?’

NY1 anchor Pat Kieran barely kept it together on Friday as he reacted to Donald Trump‘s compliments to Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) at last night’s rally. The president drew applause last night when he called Gianforte “my kind of guy” for body-slamming a journalist last year. As Kiernan aired that moment on his show today, he tried to maintain his poise, but eventually succumbed to pure exasperation. “How can you cheer for that?” he asked incredulously. Trump’s remarks have drawn renewed outrage from the media, especially since critics are still accusing his administration of buying into Saudi Arabia’s cover story for Jamal Khashoggi‘s suspected murder. Watch above. [Image via screengrab] — —
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Fox & Friends Guest: The Democratic Party is a ‘Full-Blown Socialist Party’ That ‘Endorses Antifa’

Campus Reform editor Lawrence Jones went on a free-wheeling tangent today on Fox & Friends accusing the Democratic Party of endorsing political violence. Jones spoke to Ed Henry about whether leftist figures are encouraging misbehavior and harassment of Republicans by rejecting the concept of civility. Jones said this is the only thing the left can do when they’re “losing on the issues.”
“This is why Republicans were targeted on the baseball field. This is why Rand Paul‘s neighbor attacked him because of his views on healthcare. This is why Susan Collins is under protection because they didn’t agree with her vote on the Senate confirmation of [Brett] Kavanaugh.”
Putting Steve Scalise and Susan Collins aside for a moment, it’s worth noting that Paul was not attacked by his neighbor because of his views on health care. Reports initially suggested that Paul and his neighbor had disagreements on health Continue reading "Fox & Friends Guest: The Democratic Party is a ‘Full-Blown Socialist Party’ That ‘Endorses Antifa’"

CNN’s John Berman Shuts Down Rick Santorum’s Claims Democrats Support Open Borders: ‘No They Don’t’

On Friday, CNN’s John Berman and former senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) had a bit of a contentious moment when they discussed whether Democrats really believe in open borders like Republicans claim they do. Since Trump has been railing a lot about migrant caravans and how Democrats are supposedly to blame for the state of illegal immigration in the country, Berman asked Santorum if he thought the president’s arguments are fair. Santorum began to say that Democrats believe in open borders, though Berman interjected to say “they are not calling for open borders.” This spiraled into a debate about the Democratic Party’s record on border policy and whether believing in a “compassionate” approach is the same thing as open borders. Berman argued that he’s never heard of Democrats blatantly running on open borders, and Santorum said that even if “they don’t use the term,” calls to abolish Immigrations and Customs Continue reading "CNN’s John Berman Shuts Down Rick Santorum’s Claims Democrats Support Open Borders: ‘No They Don’t’"