NBC Reportedly Paid Settlement to Former Employee Who Accused Chris Matthews of Harassment

A new report states that NBC paid off a former employee who claimed she was sexually harassed by Chris Matthews when she used to work on his show. According to The Daily Caller, a former assistant producer for Hardball spoke with network executives in 1999 and complained about some sexually-charged comments Matthews made about her. The report states that Matthews was “formally reprimanded” after a review on the matter, but even though his remarks were considered “inappropriate” and “juvenile,” the network determined they were not intended as propositions. Nonetheless, two sources told Daily Caller that the network paid Matthews’ accuser $40,000 to settle the incident. NBC addressed the report by confirming that there was a separation-related compensation involved when the woman left the network. However, the network disputed the $40,000 figure, insisting that the package was actually a lot smaller than that. The news about old accusations against Matthews Continue reading "NBC Reportedly Paid Settlement to Former Employee Who Accused Chris Matthews of Harassment"

SNL Shows Trump Decorating a Christmas Tree With the Faces of Political ‘Losers’

Saturday Night Live kept their recent trend going by mixing politics with the festivities of the holiday season. Tonight’s cold open showed Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump again as he delivers a Christmas address from the White House. After bragging about the push for tax reform and his victory in the culture wars, Trump dedicates his Christmas tree to all of the allies and enemies who have met their political demises during his presidency so far. Trump makes it all official by having his staff bring him ornaments to represent these “haters and losers.” Kellyanne Conway is the first to join the president, and she presents him with a bauble that has James Comey‘s face on it. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is up next with bulbs to represent Anthony Scaramucci and Sean Spicer, and Mike Pence gave Trump an ornament in honor of Michael Flynn. Jeff Sessions concludes Continue reading "SNL Shows Trump Decorating a Christmas Tree With the Faces of Political ‘Losers’"

Twitter Reacts to Picture of Sewage Bursting From EPA Water Fountain: ‘2017 In a Nutshell’

There’s a picture making the rounds on Twitter today that’s convincing everyone that irony is officially dead…again. Earlier today, the Environmental Protection Agency apparently suffered a sewage backup which caused a disgusting black sludge to gush from a water fountain. Of course, a picture is worth 1,000 words, and plenty of people thought this was an all too perfect metaphor for what 2017 has been like.

‘Harlem Shake’ Creators Threaten Legal Action Against FCC Chief Over Anti-Net Neutrality Video

If you’re one of those people who are really concerned about the end of Net Neutrality, you might’ve seen Ajit Pai‘s really weird, meme-packed video about why the Internet is not actually going to die. If you haven’t seen it yet, however, you might care to do so before it gets hit by copyright strikes. DJ Harry Rodrigues (better known as Baauer) announced on Twitter yesterday that he does not approve of how Pai’s video featured his 2012 viral sensation “Harlem Shake.” Baauer announced that he would take legal action. His threat was repeated by Mad Decent, the record label that worked with him on the song:

One Hour After Trashing FBI, Trump Tells Them He Has Their Back ‘100 Percent’

President Trump gave a speech at the FBI National Academy Graduation Ceremony, where he praised the institution and its operatives just after dragging them through the mud in front of the media. Trump commended the graduates today for the tough training they endured and their future roles in maintaining national security. As he praised the audience’s heroism, the president eventually started waxing on about how much respect he has for law enforcement and how they deserve that same level of admiration across the country. “With me as your president, America’s police will have a true friend and loyal champion in the White House…more loyal than anyone else can be,” said Trump. “I want you to deliver a message to your fellow officers: the President of the United States has your back 100%.” While Trump was obviously playing to the crowd, his remarks are interesting since they came approximately an Continue reading "One Hour After Trashing FBI, Trump Tells Them He Has Their Back ‘100 Percent’"

Trump Doesn’t Rule Out Pardon for Michael Flynn: ‘We’ll See What Happens’

President Trump held a brief pool spray with the White House press corps on Friday, though he seemed to largely dodge questions about Michael Flynn. The retired general and former national security adviser continues to be a flashpoint of political intrigue ever since he agreed to cooperate with Robert Mueller after pleading guilty for lying to the FBI. Trump has defended Flynn over the past few weeks, though there are outstanding questions about when the president knew of Flynn’s deceptive statements. When he was first asked about this matter, Trump refused to answer by telling reporters “you know the answer” for when he learned that Flynn lied. Trump proceeded to slam the FBI (just hours ahead of his speech to Continue reading "Trump Doesn’t Rule Out Pardon for Michael Flynn: ‘We’ll See What Happens’"

Chris Cuomo Collides With GOP Rep Over Mueller, Tax Reform: ‘CNN’s Not Your Problem, Your Position Is’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on for an interview today, which led to a heated session as the two fought it out over taxes and the integrity of Robert Mueller‘s investigation. When the discussion began, Gaetz blasted the special counsel by citing the recent intrigue surrounding Peter Strzok, the anti-Trump FBI agent who was recently reassigned from the Russia investigation. Even though Strzok has slammed a lot of different people and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has said there is no good reason to remove Mueller as special counsel, Gaetz said it was clear that the investigation is biased and Mueller ought to be fired by the Justice Department. When Cuomo challenged him about whether there’s an actual case that the investigation is corrupt, Gaetz argued that the amount of pro-Clinton figures involved proves that there’s a “pervasive conflict of interests.” Cuomo pushed back Continue reading "Chris Cuomo Collides With GOP Rep Over Mueller, Tax Reform: ‘CNN’s Not Your Problem, Your Position Is’"