The Word TV Censors Didn’t Want Roseanne To Say On Air

Roseanne Barr has always been a trailblazer. Throughout her career, the comedian often broached topics that made FCC censors deeply uncomfortable, and one of those topics was the wildly distressing idea of... menstruation.
In February of 1989, Roseanne’s self-titled ABC sitcom ― which is getting a reboot slated for 2018 ― aired an episode that focused on her 11-year-old TV daughter, Darlene, getting her first period. As Roseanne told Oprah in an interview several years later, getting that episode on air was one of several battles she had with the network.
“They’re have just been so many [battles],” Roseanne said back then. “The menstruation show... It was hard because that had never been on television.”
It certainly wasn’t Roseanne’s first fight in her efforts to speak openly about women’s bodies Continue reading "The Word TV Censors Didn’t Want Roseanne To Say On Air"

Oprah: ‘We’re Living In A World Of Fear-Based Leadership’

Last week, Oprah hosted OWN’s third annual “SuperSoul Sessions” speaker series at UCLA, where spiritual and inspirational thought leaders like Tony Robbins and Glennon Doyle Melton gave talks to a live audience on a variety of topics ― and within the first talk, things turned to politics.
Sitting down for a Q&A with Seat of the Soul author Gary Zukav, Oprah directed the conversation toward the state of the country.
“We all know how polarized we are in the world today,” she said. “It seems like it’s just accepted, the more divided we are than ever.”
Zukav agreed. “We have an administration which is encouraging hate crimes, which is encouraging division, which is encouraging fear,” he said.
This prompted Oprah to address the current approach to governing. “We’re living Continue reading "Oprah: ‘We’re Living In A World Of Fear-Based Leadership’"

That Time Oprah Lost It When Mary Tyler Moore Walked On Stage

Twenty years ago, Oprah was showing her studio audience a clip of the time one of her favorite people ― the late Mary Tyler Moore ― surprised her with a phone call. After the clip played, Oprah gushed about Moore, completely unaware that the actress she adored was hiding backstage, listening to every word. 
“Mary Tyler Moore, one of the greatest ever,” Oprah said, to camera. “I love her. Thank you, Mary, for being such an inspiration to us all, all of us women in television. Thank you very much.”
At that moment, Moore walked out from backstage. Upon seeing her, Oprah was at first stunned, then overcome with emotion.

As Moore wiped away Oprah’s tears, Oprah collected herself and began sharing her thoughts about Moore. “Let me just Continue reading "That Time Oprah Lost It When Mary Tyler Moore Walked On Stage"

The Inspiring Way This Small Business Owner Handled Social Media Backlash

More than 25 years ago, Lisa Price was working in television production and pursuing her big love ― making soaps, bath oils and body butters ― in her spare time. Soon, her hobby turned into a full-fledged business, and Price became the founder of a beauty company she named Carol’s Daughter, focused on multiracial beauty through the use of natural, environmentally friendly ingredients for the body and hair.
Carol’s Daughter caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey, who featured the company on an episode of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2002.
“The show aired and traffic on my site went from literally 17 people to over 10,000 in a space of four minutes,” Price says. “It was as if we had suddenly arrived.”
Business began booming, and with celebrity investors Continue reading "The Inspiring Way This Small Business Owner Handled Social Media Backlash"

This Moment Perfectly Sums Up George Michael’s Legacy

Pop superstar George Michael revealed his sexual orientation in 1998 shortly after he was caught engaging in a sexual act by an undercover police officer in a Beverly Hills restroom. Some may have shrunk away from the limelight after such a discovery. George, on the other hand, used it as an opportunity to come out to the world. Later, in a 2004 interview with Oprah, George made it clear he wasn’t concerned about losing fans over the announcement.
“Are you worried about American fans ― now even ― with this new album accepting you as a gay artist?” Oprah asked.
George took a moment to think about it.
“I’m not interested in selling records to people who are homophobic, really,” he said, to enthusiastic applause from the audience. 
“I’ve Continue reading "This Moment Perfectly Sums Up George Michael’s Legacy"

Viral Sensation Shirley Caesar Responds To Snoop’s Music Video For The #UNameItChallenge

Chris Brown started it. Then a flood of dance-happy social media users got in on the craze. Then Snoop Dogg took the whole thing to the next level. Now, the original voice behind the viral #UNameItChallenge is responding to Snoop’s two-minute iteration of the remixed “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” holiday anthem ― and she loves it.
As legendary gospel singer Shirley Caesar tells, she’s thrilled that her rendition of the 1988 classic “Hold My Mule” is experiencing longevity thanks to DJ Suede’s remix. Caesar also says she’s grateful that celebrities like Snoop Dogg have helped to bring attention to the song, which recently reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Gospel Songs chart.
“May I thank Snoop Dogg for doing such a marvelous job?” Caesar says. “Even the church Continue reading "Viral Sensation Shirley Caesar Responds To Snoop’s Music Video For The #UNameItChallenge"

‘Thong Song’ Singer Sisqó Pinpoints The Reason Why His Success Suddenly Stopped

When you hear the name “Sisqó,” it’s almost impossible not to hear his catchy underwear anthem “Thong Song” playing in your head. But for the artist whose solo success was explosive the moment “Thong Song” debuted in 2000, Sisqó says his music career took a turn in the time that followed.
As Sisqó tells “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” in an upcoming interview, he’s since gone from “the top of the mountain” to “nobody knowing where I’m at,” a trajectory that he attributes to one clear reason.
“Once you get to that level of success, you have to play the game. That’s what I did not understand,” Sisqó says. “I thought that once you get success, your job was the ‘Robin Hood’ situation... You know, I’m from Baltimore; nobody has Continue reading "‘Thong Song’ Singer Sisqó Pinpoints The Reason Why His Success Suddenly Stopped"