Amanda Knox Opens Instagram World: Creepy Fairy Tales, Cuffs And Cats

Amanda Knox, the American convicted of murder in Italy and then freed, has gone public with her Instagram account two years after being exonerated, and a couple of the posts are fairy-tale bizarre.  
Two of the shots show Knox, 29, earlier this month dressed in full Little Red Riding Hood regalia with her beau, Christopher Robinson, dressed as a wolf stalking her in Germany’s Black Forest.

A post shared by Amanda Knox (@amamaknox) on

A post shared by Amanda Knox (@amamaknox) on

The photos were taken during the couple’s tour this May and June of France and Germany. How serious are the two? To Robinson, a novelist, Knox tweeted in May after a “birthday kiss” in Colmar, Continue reading "Amanda Knox Opens Instagram World: Creepy Fairy Tales, Cuffs And Cats"

Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Illegally Destroying White House Records

Two watchdog groups have sued Donald Trump over White House records, accusing the president of illegally destroying communications that must be preserved by federal law.
The suit — filed Thursday against Trump and the Executive Office of the President by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and the National Security Archive — focuses on an “auto-delete” app reportedly being used for messages sent from the White House that erase messages after they’re read. 
Such communications could involve correspondence among the president, aides, advisers, contractors, lobbyists and others. They’re part of a “historical record” that belongs to the public and must be preserved, as mandated by the Presidential Records Act of 2014, notes the suit, which was filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. The Continue reading "Lawsuit Accuses Donald Trump Of Illegally Destroying White House Records"

Journalists Lash Out As Georgia Campaigns Bar Media Right And Left

The hotly contested special election for a Georgia congressional seat took on the added drama of a media war Monday as both campaigns reportedly barred news operations unfriendly to their cause.
The conservative Washington Free Beacon said its reporter was escorted out of a campaign event Monday night before Democrat Jon Ossoff was scheduled to speak on the eve of the election.

And a reporter from liberal ThinkProgress said she was barred from events by Republican Karen Handel.

Journalists ripped the actions on Twitter.
CNN’s Jake Tapper called both actions cases of “bipartisan petulance and thin skin.”

Keith Olbermann: We Need To Help Donald Trump Self-Destruct

Keith Olbermann is convinced Donald Trump is “self-destructing.” What’s an American to do, he asks in his latest episode of “The Resistance” for GQ.  “We need to give him all the help we can in his task,” Olbermann urges. “Better him than our country.”
Olbermann points to a litany of signs in the press that the president is becoming disturbingly obsessed with the ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election and possible ties between that country and Trump’s campaign. Trump is incessantly watching TV news about the investigation and “yelling at television sets in the White House,” convinced he’s the target of a conspiracy, the Associated Press has reported. 
“Let’s just hope the sets are actually Continue reading "Keith Olbermann: We Need To Help Donald Trump Self-Destruct"

Newt Gingrich Says ‘Pugnacious’ Donald Trump Has ‘Compulsion’ To Counterattack

President Donald Trump has a “compulsion” to counterattack when he’s under fire, and that’s not a good thing, Newt Gingrich said Sunday.
The former House speaker, discussing the “pugnacious” president on ABC’s “This Week,” said that Trump’s attack instincts don’t “serve him well.” In particular, Gingrich believes it was a mistake for Trump to respond in a tweet to The Washington Post report last week that cited unnamed sources and said Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating the president for possible obstruction of justice in firing FBI Director James Comey.
Trump called the probe a “witch hunt.” His tweet appeared to confirm that the president is a target of the investigation.
“Trump has a compulsion to counterattack, and is very pugnacious,” Gingrich said. “I don’t think it serves him well. I don’t think that tweet helped him.”
Still, the staunch Trump ally indicated he could sympathize with Continue reading "Newt Gingrich Says ‘Pugnacious’ Donald Trump Has ‘Compulsion’ To Counterattack"

Wonder Woman Inspires Crazy Sword-In-The-Dress Memes

Wonder Woman knows that a sword tucked carefully down the back of a dress can come in handy. Now apparently lots of other women are imagining what that honed steel could do.
Women and girls are popping up for photos on social media with some facsimile of Diana Prince’s handy-dandy sword — known as the “God killer” — slipped down the back of their dresses. They’re mostly posing in gowns a bit like the dress Wonder Woman wore in the scene when she attends a party with the sword where she can grab it quickly.

Photos are being posted at #WWGotYourBack, making the point that a good weapon can help a clever girl — and that women can have each other’s backs.
Lots of posers on social media Continue reading "Wonder Woman Inspires Crazy Sword-In-The-Dress Memes"

Ahead Of NBC Interview, Alex Jones Talks About Bullets In Wolf Blitzer’s Head

Right-wing conspiracy fanatic Alex Jones isn’t toning down his rhetoric ahead of his controversial interview Sunday on Megyn Kelly’s show on NBC. He talked Thursday about someone putting bullets in CNN journalist Wolf Blitzer’s head, and warned that others “better have some helicopter jump jets” to escape violence in “Civil War 2.”

The ominous speech isn’t likely to calm critics or remaining commercial sponsors of Kelly’s program. The bombastic Jones attacked Blitzer, and later in the day threatened to publish extra footage of his interview with Kelly to expose “fake news.”

On his Infowars program Thursday, Jones criticized Blitzer for his purported stance on James Hodgkinson, the shooter who opened fire Wednesday at a congressional GOP baseball game, critically wounding House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-La.) and injuring others. Blitzer, claimed Jones, said Hodgkinson “wasn’t a monster.” In fact, Blitzer didn’t say that; an acquaintance of Hodgkinson said in an interview he “wasn’t evil.” Blitzer took no position.

“What happens, Wolf Blitzer, when somebody pumps rounds into your little pumpkin head and says, ‘It’s just political’?” Jones asked in a rant.

“Hah, you people,” he added, possibly referring to the press or to Democrats. “You guys better have some helicopter jump jets and be ready to get out of here real quick if the actual civil war kicks off.”

He emphasized that he’s “not the one that’s calling for violence,” then added: “You’re going to get wrecked bad.”

He said there are a “lot of people like Santa Claus ... making a list ... checking it twice about who’s been naughty and nice. And you kick off Civil War 2, baby, you’ll think Lexington and Concord was a cake walk.”

Jones’ latest screed will no doubt add even more fuel to the mounting controversy over Kelly giving him a platform on her program.

JP Morgan Chase reportedly yanked its ads from the program after NBC released a preview of the interview with the man who has claimed the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” and that the murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school were possibly faked in a bid to win stricter gun laws. News that he would be featured on Kelly’s show triggered outrage from Sandy Hook parents and inspired a #shameonNBC hashtag.

“Multiple” other unidentified advertisers have dropped out, CNN Money reported in a story confirmed by NBC. A network spokesman insisted the advertisers will likely return.

Kelly has defended the upcoming program, saying that it will give people an opportunity to “know” Jones. She might get to know him a bit more than she would like if he follows through with a threat he made on Twitter Thursday to release footage of their interview. 

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said Thursday at a network event at the network’s Time Warner Center headquarters that Jones is newsworthy because Donald Trump “relies on him and his points of view.” But, he added, Jones must be “held to account as much as somebody who spews such hatred and nonsense needs to be.” It doesn’t appear that will happen on NBC, judging by the preview, he added.

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