Conservatives, ‘Antifa’ Clash at Evergreen State College

Conservative activists clashed with far-left “antifa” counter-protesters on Thursday at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, as the former held a free speech rally that spotlighted the ongoing race-based controversy on the liberal campus.

CBS’s local affiliate in Seattle, KIRO-TV, spotlighted the dueling protests in a Thursday write-up. The report first noted that a “conservative, pro-Trump group protested at The Evergreen State College because they believe that ‘political correctness and hatred has taken over the campus.'”

The organization, Patriot Prayer, is active in the Pacific Northwest. On their Facebook page, they disclose that they “us[e] the power of love and prayer to fight the corruption both in the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception.”

KIRO’s article pointed out how the news outlet “captured several Patriot Prayer protesters taking down a man for having a knife.” There was one arrest Continue reading "Conservatives, ‘Antifa’ Clash at Evergreen State College"

CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump ‘Ushering A Return to The Cold War’ With Cuba

CNN’s Jim Acosta dropped a reference to a conflict from the 20th century as he discussed Donald Trump‘s Friday speech in Miami, where the President announced a restoration of some pre-Obama policies regarding Cuba. “He is [Trump is] ushering in a Cold War — a return to the Cold War — between Washington and Havana,” Acosta said. “He made that very clear in this speech.” The CNN correspondent outlined how the President went after “the Castro government time and again — accusing the government in Havana of…rounding up innocent people, putting them behind bars purely for political reasons. He talked about firing squads at one point, the sounds of gunshots in the air…that is the kind of Cold War rhetoric that we have heard for decades between the United States and Cuba.” Acosta continued by pointing out that “when he [Trump] says that he is completely Continue reading "CNN’s Jim Acosta: Trump ‘Ushering A Return to The Cold War’ With Cuba"

Russia Probe is Apparently So Bad Trump’s Lawyer Is Hiring A Lawyer

michael-cohen-wolfedited President Donald Trump‘s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, has reportedly hired his own lawyer, according to anonymous sources cited by NBC’s Katy Tur. Tur devoted a series of Twitter posts on Friday to developments related to the multiple investigations into Russia’s role in the 2016 presidential election. The NBC News journalist also reported that Trump campaign official Michael Caputo has been contacted by the FBI. The House Intelligence Committee is also trying to get Caputo to testify for their investigation into the Russia matter.

Organizer of July 4th Boat Parade in New Orleans Cancels Event Over Trump Presidency

2016-07-04-YouTube-New_Orleans_Boat_Parade The annual July 4th Flotilla in New Orleans was canceled after its founder concluded that “her heart is just not in it this year” in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump. The Times-Picayune detailed the cancellation in a Tuesday article. Katrina Brees, an artist who founded the Flotilla, “customarily leads a ceremonial procession around the edge of Bayou St. John wearing an American-flag motif dress and carrying a triumphant sword,” but revealed to the newspaper that “the symbolism seems off-base since the election of President Donald Trump.” “When I think about wearing my flag dress and waving flags; I don’t know what it means this year,” Brees said. “There are a lot of questions about our government.” The Times-Picayune report noted that “the Trump-targeted lampooning she [Brees] saw in Mardi Gras parades this year didn’t brighten her spirits.” Brees explained that “even the Continue reading "Organizer of July 4th Boat Parade in New Orleans Cancels Event Over Trump Presidency"

Otto Warmbier’s Doctors Reveal Massive Damage To Former Prisoner’s Brain; No Evidence of Botulism

A panel of doctors at the University of Cincinnati revealed on Thursday that former North Korean prisoner Otto Warmbier suffered severe damage to his brain while he was being held by the communist regime. “His neurological condition can be best described as a state of unresponsive wakefulness,” Dr. Daniel Kanter said. Dr. Kanter explained that “the most important diagnostic test thus far was a magnetic resonance imaging scan of the brain. This study showed extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain.” The Ohio-based physician then outlined, “We have no certain or verifiable knowledge of the cause or circumstances of his neurological injury. This pattern of brain injury, however, is usually seen as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest, where the blood supply to the brain is inadequate for a period of time, resulting in the death of brain tissue.” Dr. Kanter also revealed that the Continue reading "Otto Warmbier’s Doctors Reveal Massive Damage To Former Prisoner’s Brain; No Evidence of Botulism"

Joy Behar Says Megyn Kelly Should Go Ahead with Alex Jones Interview: ‘He Deserves to be Vilified’

On Thursday, The View hosts were split over Megyn Kelly‘s soon-to-be-aired interview with controversial commentator Alex Jones. Joy Behar and Jedediah Bila both thought Jones was an “awful” figure, but one still worth interviewing. Sunny Hostin, on the other hand, criticized Kelly’s decision to interview him. Whoopi Goldberg introduced the Kelly/Jones subject and pointed out that “the New York Times interviewed him recently. He was booked here at one point at The View; but then, he canceled, and he’s not going to be rescheduled.” Goldberg continued by wondering, “Is Megyn right when she says, you know, you can’t just interview the good guys? She wants to expose the garbage being spewed by a guy who has the President’s ear. Is there value to that?” Behar replied, in part, by spotlighting how Jones “went after the families in Newtown…that was a big sin.” She soon Continue reading "Joy Behar Says Megyn Kelly Should Go Ahead with Alex Jones Interview: ‘He Deserves to be Vilified’"

The SKS Rifle, Reportedly Used in Virginia Mass Shooting, Is Not An ‘AK Variant’

Several media outlets — most notably, CNN — have forwarded erroneous information about the firearm reportedly used in the Wednesday mass shooting in Alexandria, Virginia that targeted Republican members of Congress. A Wednesday article on pointed out that “traces are still being done on the two firearms recovered at the scene — an SKS rifle 7.62 (which is a Chinese-made AK variant) and a 9 mm pistol, a law enforcement source tells CNN.” During the 11 pm Eastern hour on Wednesday night, correspondent Jessica Schneider used similar language during an on-air report (see video above): “A law enforcement source says two weapons were recovered at the scene — a SKS rifle, a Chinese-made AK variant that investigators believe was used in the shooting; and a nine millimeter pistol.” A Wednesday article from the Chicago Tribune noted that the deceased gunman, James Hodgkinson, “had purchased at Continue reading "The SKS Rifle, Reportedly Used in Virginia Mass Shooting, Is Not An ‘AK Variant’"