Stop Piling On Rachel Maddow For Not Taking Down Trump

About 90 minutes before her show aired on Tuesday night, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, host of “The Rachel Maddow Show,” sent out a message over Twitter: She had Donald Trump’s tax returns. 

The post quickly caused widespread excitement ― a predictable response considering multiple polls have found the vast majority of Americans want President Trump to release his tax returns, just like every other president for decades has done.
People wondered whether this was the moment that Trump’s business ties to foreign entities, including those in Russia, would finally be exposed. But less than an hour later, Maddow tempered expectations by explaining more precisely that she had President Trump’s 1040 Continue reading "Stop Piling On Rachel Maddow For Not Taking Down Trump"

People At NBC Reportedly Worried Jimmy Fallon ‘Too Weak On Trump’

With his overall viewership coming in below that of his late-night rival Stephen Colbert for the fifth straight week, Jimmy Fallon is apparently feeling the pressure to tweak his show to fit the times. 

The New York Post’s Page Six cited multiple sources when reporting this week that forces inside NBC are pushing “The Tonight Show” host “to be more political.”

Viewership has been down for Fallon in the months since he had then Republican nominee Donald Trump on for a playful interview ― a decision that led to widespread ridicule ― leading to questions about whether Fallon should alter his act. 

“He has to change his format to keep up because he’s losing viewers,” a source told Page Six. “They had to figure out a way to get Trump [into his routine] because he’s too weak on Trump, and viewers are going elsewhere.” 

Fallon still holds Continue reading "People At NBC Reportedly Worried Jimmy Fallon ‘Too Weak On Trump’"

‘PBS NewsHour’ Is Unexciting And Even-Keeled, And People Are Loving It

The U.S. media landscape has become so polarized that it can sometimes feel as if Fox News and MSNBC are reporting on different worlds.

When discussing issues like the Affordable Care Act and Russia, these U.S. news outlets, and so many others like them on the left and right, appear to be working within completely unrelated intellectual frameworks ― frustrating independent-minded viewers who sometimes may not know what to believe. 

At CNN, meanwhile, the news has been transformed into something akin to sports ― a “Monday Night Football”–like affair that prioritizes storylines and pivots over reason and policy discussions. 

This combination of partisan and drama-fueled news has led to a growing distrust of media organizations among the people who are, ironically, supposed to be enticed by those two tactics: American viewers. A study by the American Press Institute last year found that only 6 percent of people have a great Continue reading "‘PBS NewsHour’ Is Unexciting And Even-Keeled, And People Are Loving It"

Jimmy Fallon Never Recovered From His Disastrous Trump Interview

In September, back when President Donald Trump was still just the Republican presidential nominee, Jimmy Fallon invited him to appear on “The Tonight Show” for some fun and games. 
The decision to have Trump on at all proved controversial at the time, as some thought Fallon should have gone the way of Seth Meyers, who months earlier had banned Trump from his late-night show for as long as the Trump banned The Washington Post from his rallies. 
But the interview itself led to another level of anger for liberals around the country. Rather than confront Trump about his decision to build a campaign on xenophobic promises, Fallon went the other way, tossing him softball questions about coins and laughing uproariously at Trump’s joke about hamburgers. He even ruffled Trump’s hair.

Fallon’s interview, in many people’s eyes, was a not just embarrassing, but dangerous, normalizing the views of a seemingly Continue reading "Jimmy Fallon Never Recovered From His Disastrous Trump Interview"

So, Chris Christie Might End Up Replacing Mike Francesa

Chris Christie, once thought to be a potential Republican candidate for U.S. president, is now in the running for a job of a very different variety: Mike Francesa’s. reported Wednesday that WFAN 660-AM’s program director, Mark Chernoff, would be interested in hiring the New Jersey governor as the replacement for legendary afternoon radio host Mike Francesa, should Francesa actually decide to retire at the end of 2017. 
I would certainly at least want to consider him,” Chernoff told the outlet. “If he’s interested and we’re interested, it’s worth pursuing.” 

WFAN, which predominately covers sports in the tri-state, famously became the first radio station to dedicate itself entirely to sports 24 hours a day in 1987. 
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Trump Assistant Implies Literally, Like, Everything Is ‘Fake News’

A deputy assistant to President Donald Trump suggested Monday that every single scrap of news put out by the American media could rightfully be categorized as “fake news.” 

Sebastian Gorka, a top assistant to the president and former Breitbart News editor, joined the conservative radio program “The Michael Medved Show” to discuss the Trump administration’s first weeks in power, and the media’s reaction to it.
Gorka often used the term “fake news” during the discussion, and a caller complained. “Every time you call everything fake news, it just turns everyone except your hardcore fans off,” the caller said. “Not everything’s fake news.”  
To which Gorka responded: “You know, I would beg to differ.
“Every single organ that generates these kinds of stories comes from the Continue reading "Trump Assistant Implies Literally, Like, Everything Is ‘Fake News’"

Donald Trump Says The ‘Today’ Show Is Doing Badly. It’s Actually Surging.

With just two days to go before his presidential inauguration, Donald Trump is finally focusing in on the issues that matter: “Today” show ratings. 
On Wednesday morning, the president-elect sent out a tweet proclaiming that the “Today” show, which airs on the “biased” NBC network, is doing “badly.”
Per his penchant for ending his claims on a climactic and exclamatory fragment, he tacked on “Little credibility!” to the end of his remark.

The problem is, NBC’s “Today” show just had its best month in some time. The long-running show bested its primary competitor, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” in the ratings department in December for the first time in four-plus years, excluding periods during the Olympics, a fact pointed out by MSNBC’s Continue reading "Donald Trump Says The ‘Today’ Show Is Doing Badly. It’s Actually Surging."