DigitalEd: User Experience Testing 101

User Experience Testing 101

User Experience Testing 101 DigitalEd training

Title: User Experience Testing 101 Instructor: Megan McNames, Director of User Experience, Emplify; Instructor of Emerging Media Design and Development, Ball State University The rapid pace of technological change drives not only more innovative approaches to storytelling but also new behaviors among story consumers. Understanding how audiences experience media platforms and the stories they deliver is one key to retaining and growing them in a shifting media landscape. Applied in a wide-range of professions toward goals as diverse as the design of new digital products and improving hospital patient outcomes, user experience testing is an approach to understanding what audiences do and why they do it in order to adapt to their needs and leverage their behaviors. This training will introduce a number of user experience testing strategies and explain how communication and media professionals can use them to understand readers/users and identify opportunities Continue reading "DigitalEd: User Experience Testing 101"