5 Examples of Great Nonprofit Email Subject Lines (and Why They’re Awesome)

You, a nonprofit employee, are preparing for the biggest fundraising event of the year: giving season. Website call to actions? Check. Social media ramped up? Check. Game face? Double check. All that’s left is email. Between the newsletters and narratives, email subject lines sometimes get neglected as a fundraising tactic. By doing so, nonprofits miss an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on their donors. Think of email subject lines as the elevator pitch of your nonprofit. You have mere seconds to strategically “sell” your nonprofit to users, so you need to pack a lot of punch in a just few words. In case you’re not convinced, let’s start out with the big picture. Why should nonprofits care about email marketing?
  1. Emails notify donors and interested parties about what your nonprofit has been up to, which can mobilize volunteers and increase donations. Keeping followers in the loop about your organization
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Boost Nonprofit Donations in 3 Easy Steps

If there was a fast, free way to increase visibility to your nonprofit’s donation page, would you do it?

Google has recently released a feature that connects Google users with a nonprofit’s donation page via the knowledge panel (the box that appears on the right-hand side of search results that tells you a business’s phone number or hours of operation).

In Google’s The Keyword blog, Google product manager Prem Ramaswami says about this new feature, “We’ve seen people’s generosity throughout 2017, especially in times of crisis and need. And earlier this year, we made a commitment to continue to bring the best of our people, products, and philanthropy to make an impact and help create opportunity for everyone.” Think about how this can translate to hard numbers for your nonprofit. For most of our nonprofit clients, Google search is their top source of traffic. So, when people are
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If it Ain’t Broke, Still Fix it – Understanding the Value of User Feedback

Imagine you’re a highlighter manufacturer. You come into work, and see that everything is working perfectly: the shades are fluorescent, the ink does not smudge, and the marker does not dry out. Then, your manager arrives and says, “let’s mix it up here, and add a clear window to the tip so users can see what they’re highlighting.” You might be alarmed. “Why would we change what already works?” You can thank usability.

Like a masked superhero, usability is a behind-the-scenes process that yields visible results. But what is it? Usability means “…making products and systems easier to use, and matching them more closely to user needs and requirements.”1 In other words, usability is a way that you can improve your product or website simply by listening to user feedback. Usability and websites go hand in hand. So why should you care about it?