Roger Ailes And His Fox News Empire

Roger Ailes was a brilliant and fearless television executive who built from scratch the most powerful conservative news brand in television.   Ailes died Thursday at the age of 77, and less than year after he resigned as Fox News CEO in the wake of a sexual harassment scandal.
No one would have bet on the success of the Fox News Channel when it was launched in 1996.  CNN had dominated the cable news world, and Microsoft and NBC News had just teamed up to create MSNBC.  But Ailes had a vision and a mission to create a voice for conservative Americans that he felt would be successful in tapping into the “silent majority.”
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Colbert v. Trump

CBS late night talk show host Stephen Colbert has been on a roll lately, outdrawing NBC’s Tonight Show in the household ratings since January.  Colbert’s rating’s growth has been largely fueled by his scathing anti-Trump monologues that drip with derision and contempt. But Colbert may have gone one insult too far Monday night.
In an appearance on CBS This Morning, President Trump abruptly ended an interview by CBS News Political Director John Dickerson when he was pressed to explain his charge that President Barack Obama wired tapped him. Earlier in the interview the president called Dickerson’s Sunday program “Disgrace the Nation” instead of Face the Nation, and indicated Dickerson may be peddling fake news. This was an unprecedented series of presidential insults never seen on network television before.  
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