Sean Hannity Clams Up On Live TV As His Conspiracy Theory Falls Apart

Sean Hannity kicked off his Tuesday night show on Fox News by telling his audience that he will not discuss Seth Rich’s death “for now,” an announcement he teased hours before going on air.
“I totally, completely understand how upset and how hard this is on this family, especially over the recent coverage of Seth’s death,” Hannity said at the top of his show. “Now, I’ve been communicating with them. I got a very heartfelt note. I also sent them a heartfelt note back. I reached out personally today to Seth’s brother, Aaron. ... I’m a father. I don’t think I’d ever recover from losing a child.” 
He continued, “Out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing this matter at this time.”
Then he went right into a rant about the “conspiracy” involving the Democrats and the media linking Russia to the Trump campaign.

Infowars’ Alex Jones Forced To Apologize To Yogurt Maker

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was forced to publicly apologize to yogurt company Chobani on Wednesday after the right-wing radio host was sued for defamation.
Last month, the yogurt giant filed a suit against Jones and his website, Infowars, for posting a fake news story that linked the company and its CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, to a 2014 sexual assault case involving refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho. According to Chobani’s lawyers, the falsified report accused his company of bringing “crime and tuberculosis to the community.” The story was given the headline “Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Importing Migrant Rapists” when it was tweeted by Infowars to its hundreds of thousands of followers.
Chobani owns and operates the largest yogurt plant in the world in Twin Falls. Ulukaya has won praise for hiring immigrants Continue reading "Infowars’ Alex Jones Forced To Apologize To Yogurt Maker"

Ana Navarro Calls Out GOP: You’d Impeach Hillary Clinton Over This

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro responded with contempt for her own party after The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump had allegedly revealed “highly classified” information to Russian officials.
Navarro, a Republican strategist who has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s rise in the conservative movement, summed up Congressional Republicans’ subdued reaction to the report with two tweets:

Republicans, especially Trump and his surrogates, routinely criticized 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while on the campaign trail, arguing that the former secretary of state mishandled Continue reading "Ana Navarro Calls Out GOP: You’d Impeach Hillary Clinton Over This"

Fox News Has Now Paid $45 Million For Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Settlements

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes is still costing the network that used to employ him a lot of money.
The network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, disclosed in its most recent quarterly report on Wednesday that the company has paid a total of $45 million in costs “related to settlements of pending and potential litigations following the July 2016 resignation of the Chairman and CEO of Fox News Channel after a public complaint was filed containing allegations of sexual harassment.” 
Former “Fox and Friends” co-host Gretchen Carlson, who sued Ailes for sexual harassment last year, settled her case for $20 million. Of the remaining $25 million in settlements, $10 million was paid during the first three months of 2017.
After Carlson filed her suit, more than 20 women stepped forward Continue reading "Fox News Has Now Paid $45 Million For Roger Ailes Sexual Harassment Settlements"

New York Times: Comey Fired Because He ‘Could Bring Down A President’

The New York Times’ editorial board blasted President Donald Trump for firing James Comey on Tuesday, accusing the president of dismissing the FBI director for having information with “potentially ruinous consequences.”
In an editorial published Tuesday evening, the board said the need for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian interference with the 2016 election and the Trump administration’s ties to the Kremlin “is plainer than ever.”
The board wrote:

Mr. Comey was fired because he was leading an active investigation that could bring down a president. Though compromised by his own poor judgment, Mr. Comey’s agency has been pursuing ties between the Russian government and Mr. Trump and his associates, with potentially ruinous consequences for the administration.

The Times added that this is “a tense and uncertain time in Continue reading "New York Times: Comey Fired Because He ‘Could Bring Down A President’"

Chobani Sues Alex Jones For Posting Vicious Fake News Stories

Chobani filed a lawsuit this week against conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, accusing the right-wing radio host and his site, Infowars, of posting a fake news story linking the company and its CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya, to a 2014 sexual assault case involving refugees. 
Ulukaya has long been the target of xenophobic threats and right-wing attacks over business practices that earned him and his company admiration all over the world. In addition to supporting charities that aid refugees and immigration, Ulukaya made it a point early in the company’s history to hire refugees and individuals who had been laid off.
“If a refugee has a job, they are no longer a refugee,” Ulukaya, himself a Turkish immigrant of Kurdish descent, told The Financial Times last year.
Earlier this month, Chobani argued that Infowars published a falsified report about a sexual assault case in Twin Falls, Idaho, where Chobani owns and operates Continue reading "Chobani Sues Alex Jones For Posting Vicious Fake News Stories"

Samantha Bee ‘Fixed’ Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Exit Statement

It took Samantha Bee just one tweet to destroy Bill O’Reilly over his statement about leaving Fox News.
The network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, announced on Wednesday that O’Reilly would not be returning to the channel amid multiple sexual harassment allegations that led to an advertiser boycott and protests
Bee, whose commentary has been the subject of O’Reilly’s criticism in the past, took O’Reilly’s statement in which he called the claims made against him “completely unfounded” ― and reworked it.
She changed a few words, added some quotes and strikethroughs and triumphantly tweeted that she had “fixed” his statement.

Network sources say it will pay the former Fox News host $25 million in a settlement package, despite the Continue reading "Samantha Bee ‘Fixed’ Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News Exit Statement"