Amid Backlash, Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Doubles Down On Trump Criticism

Neil Cavuto made headlines on Tuesday after issuing a stern critique of Donald Trump, calling out the president for scapegoating others when he should be blaming himself for distractions like Twitter feuds. 
The segment was praised by some and derided by many others ― namely the president’s supporters. 
At the end of his Wednesday broadcast, the Fox News host recapped some of the angry tweets he received, including messages that described him and his program as “fake news.” 
“There’s nothing ‘fake’ about what I said, bottom line,” Cavuto said. “Regular viewers of this program also know there’s nothing new about what I said.”
Cavuto vowed to cover the good and bad of Trump’s presidency, including the Russia investigation and stock market successes.
“I figure I’m on three hours a day between two networks here, so I’ve got time to cover both,” Cavuto said. “Fake is Continue reading "Amid Backlash, Fox News Host Neil Cavuto Doubles Down On Trump Criticism"

‘Body Slam’ Candidate Issues Lengthy Apology To Reporter He Attacked

Montana Republican Greg Gianforte, who was elected to Congress the day after he was charged with assaulting a reporter, sent an apology letter to The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs on Wednesday, taking full responsibility for the attack.
“I made a mistake and humbly ask for your forgiveness,” Gianforte says in his letter, acknowledging that his behavior was “unprofessional, unacceptable and unlawful.”
Jacobs was covering the special election for the state’s lone House seat last month when he asked the millionaire Republican candidate a question about health care. According to Jacobs and a Fox News crew that witnessed the attack, Gianforte responded by putting both hands around Jacobs’ neck, slamming him into the floor and punching him.
Jacobs said Gianforte “body-slammed” him and broke his glasses. The candidate’s team issued a statement blaming Continue reading "‘Body Slam’ Candidate Issues Lengthy Apology To Reporter He Attacked"

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Calls Out Donald Trump: Stop Scapegoating. You Are The Problem.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto devoted a segment on his Tuesday show to giving some “common sense” advice to President Donald Trump.
Following days of Twitter outbursts about “fake news” and London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s handling of the weekend’s deadly terrorist attack, Cavuto spoke directly to Trump. “Mr. President, it is not the fake news media that’s your problem. It’s you,” he said.
The host continued to call out the president for “scapegoating,” “feeding [his own] beast,” and “acting beastly with [his] own guys.” Cavuto criticized Trump for alienating members of his own party and creating the very distractions he blames for derailing his presidential agenda. He then urged the president to listen to his once-friendly allies.
“Use these critiques you’re now hearing from usually friendly and supportive allies as sort of like an intervention,” Cavuto suggested. “Because firing off these angry missives and tweets risk your political Continue reading "Fox News’ Neil Cavuto Calls Out Donald Trump: Stop Scapegoating. You Are The Problem."

Dessert Blogger Sues Food Network Over Snow Globe Cupcake Video

Pastry chef Elizabeth LaBau became a global success years after launching her dessert blog SugarHero, thanks to the food writer’s Snow Globe Cupcakes recipe.
The sought-after festive recipe that features edible dome gelatin sheets gained traction when LaBau posted it to her website in 2014. But it truly took off after a 2015 Facebook post caused such a surge in traffic that her site temporarily shut down.
LaBau’s 2016 holiday season video tutorial on how to make the dessert quickly racked up thousands of likes, shares and views. But three weeks later, LaBau said the Food Network posted a plagiarized version of her how-to video without mentioning her at all.
In a lawsuit filed in the Central District of California last week obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, LaBau is seeking damages she said she incurred after The Food Network posted a similar video, including missed web traffic which affects her Continue reading "Dessert Blogger Sues Food Network Over Snow Globe Cupcake Video"

Lawrence O’Donnell Says He’s Staying At MSNBC

Lawrence O’Donnell told audiences Wednesday that he will be staying at MSNBC for “the next couple of years,” ending weeks of speculation about the longtime host’s future at the network.
Last month, sources told Yashar Ali in an article for HuffPost that network executives had not been in touch with the “Last Word” host as his contract neared its expiration. The lack of negotiation with a highly rated anchor like O’Donnell was considered unusual, as competing networks could lure talent away with counter-offers.
O’Donnell put those rumors to rest, addressing his future at the network both on the air and on Twitter. 
“I will be sitting right here talking about the James Comey hearing and everything else that happens next week and everything that happens for the next couple of years,” O’Donnell said. 

Sean Hannity Just Can’t Stop Himself From Talking About Seth Rich

Days after host Sean Hannity pledged to stop discussing the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, the Fox News host mentioned it again when he returned to air.
Last week, amid Fox News retracting a story and public pleas from Rich’s family to cease peddling a conspiracy theory surrounding the 27-year-old’s death, Hannity said he would stop talking about the subject “for now.” Apparently that lasted only a few days, as the host told his audience Tuesday night after a short vacation that he was “getting close” to sharing more information.
The Fox News host said he was “happy to accommodate” Rich’s family last week, but wanted to remind his audience that he was still “investigating” Rich’s death.
“Out of respect for the family’s wishes, I decided Continue reading "Sean Hannity Just Can’t Stop Himself From Talking About Seth Rich"

Guardian’s Ben Jacobs Will Donate His Broken Glasses To Newseum

The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs, whose glasses were broken when Montana Republican Greg Gianforte attacked him, will donate the mangled spectacles to the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
Last Wednesday, Jacobs was covering Montana’s special election for a U.S. House seat when he asked Gianforte a question about health care. Jacobs said the candidate, who went on to win the election the following day, body-slammed him and broke his glasses. A Fox News team that witnessed the attack said Gianforte grabbed the reporter by the neck with both hands and slammed him down on the ground. The candidate then began punching the reporter, the Fox News team said.

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