Angela Rye Slams Former Rep. Joe Walsh: ‘That’s What Makes You A Bigot!’

CNN commentator Angela Rye had no patience for former Congressman Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) when he said the bar was lowered for President Barack Obama because of his race. 
“I’m not talking to bigots,” Rye said during a CNN segment Wednesday
Rye and Walsh were invited on air to discuss what started as a Twitter fight. In response to Rye saying that Obama “had to be the next best thing to Jesus” during his presidency, Walsh argued that the president was held to a lower standard during his two terms because he is black.

Rye criticized CNN for bringing Walsh on the air.
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Netflix Changes Rating System Because ‘5 Stars Feels Very Yesterday’

Say goodbye to Netflix’s five-star rating system. The entertainment company revealed Thursday that it would be replacing the feedback tool with a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down format.
Netflix vice president of product Todd Yellin said that the streaming giant has already been testing the replacement rating system among some customers and found a 200 percent increase in user reviews. The change will hit all subscribers in April.
“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” Yellin said, according to reporters present at the briefing. “We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogs, that just adds a challenge.”
Gizmodo’s Rhett Jones said the change was “troubling,” as it could further limit consumers’ ability to discover content on the streaming service.
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Van Jones: Trump’s Budget ‘Drops A Bomb Financially’ On His Own Supporters

CNN’s Van Jones had some blunt words Thursday night for President Donald Trump’s voters: Your guy is screwing you.
Jones was talking about the proposed budget the president unveiled earlier in the day ― a spending plan that targets the elderly and the poor, in part by eliminating a $35 million affordable housing program and government funding for Meals on Wheels. The budget also makes it clear that U.S. taxpayers will be footing the bill to construct a border wall, not Mexico, as Trump routinely promised throughout his campaign.
“Today was a crazy day, even by Trump’s crazy standards,” Jones said. “We got our first look at the Trump budget, which basically drops a bomb financially and economically on Trump’s own supporters.”

Sean Hannity: Trump Needs To ‘Purge’ The ‘Obama Saboteurs’

Sean Hannity had a simple message to share on Thursday night with President Donald Trump: Purge the “Obama holdovers” sabotaging the presidency.

Hannity blamed Trump’s scandal-ridden first months in office on people from the previous administration who were still working in government. He made the assertion on the same day news broke about former national security adviser Michael Flynn concealing foreign lobbying work from the Justice Department, and hours after the Office of Government Ethics criticized the White House for failing to penalize adviser Kellyanne Conway when she plugged first daughter Ivanka Trump’s products on national television.

“It’s very important for President Trump to act right now,” Hannity said. “He’s gotta end the leaks that are plaguing this administration.”

The Fox News host said these “Obama holdovers” had gone “so low” as to “insinuate without any evidence that there’s some sort of campaign collusion with Russia.”

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Shepard Smith Is Fed Up: ‘It’s Too Much Lying, Too Much Russia, Too Much Smoke’

Fox News’ Shepard Smith interviewed Associated Press reporter Julie Bykowicz on Thursday about the latest bombshell, that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn concealed his foreign lobbying work from the Justice Department.

Lobbying disclosure forms that Flynn filed Tuesday revealed that the retired lieutenant general was collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars each month to lobby on behalf of the Turkish government while simultaneously campaigning for President Donald Trump.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters that the Trump administration was unaware of Flynn’s work. But Smith was not having it.

“There’s been a lot of lying,” Smith said. “And there’s been lying about who you talk to, and by lots of people, and almost inevitably and invariably, they were lying about talking to the Russians about something.”

He added, “It’s too much lying and too much Russia and too much smoke, and now they’re investigating.”

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Joe Scarborough Tells Stephen Colbert Why His Show Won’t Book Kellyanne Conway

Joe Scarborough laid into President Donald Trump on Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” Tuesday for having a chaotic first month in office. He also addressed during his appearance recent news that his show, “Morning Joe,” would not book Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway.
“It got to a point where Kellyanne would keep coming out and everything she said was disproven like five minutes later,” Scarborough said. 
“There’s a quicker way to say that entire sentence,” Colbert responded. “She just lied.”
“Well, yes, exactly,” Scarborough said.
After reports surfaced this month that CNN was questioning Conway’s credibility following the advisor’s “Bowling Green Massacre” flub, MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski said she wouldn’t be booked on “Morning Joe” because she wasn’t credible.
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Chris Wallace: Obama Didn’t Like The Media, ‘But He Never Said We Were An Enemy’

Chris Wallace sparred with White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus on Sunday over President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media.
The “Fox News Sunday” host said the president “crosses a line” when he describes the media as “the enemy of the American people,” referencing a tweet Trump sent last week.
“Here’s the problem,” Wallace said. “When the president says that we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sound like if you’re going against him, you’re going against the country.”
Priebus defended Trump’s attacks, and continued criticizing the media’s coverage of the new administration.
“Here’s the problem, Chris,” Priebus said. “You get about 10 percent [media] coverage on the fact you had a very successful meeting with Bibi Netanyahu, the prime minister of the UK, the prime minister of Canada ... but as soon as it was over, the next 20 hours is all about Russian Continue reading "Chris Wallace: Obama Didn’t Like The Media, ‘But He Never Said We Were An Enemy’"