BBC Anchor Sits Calmly In Silence For 4 Minutes As Live Broadcast Implodes

If broadcast journalism awarded a best time-killer award, “BBC News At Ten” anchor Huw Edwards would be its first recipient.
The newsreader sat through a massive technical breakdown on the flagship show on Tuesday, HuffPost UK reported. Breaking news graphics and alert intros repeated over and over for minutes on end, leaving Edwards to try to remain dignified and at the ready.
He folded his hands. He twiddled his thumbs. He reached for his phone. He eventually wrote something down (“Help” perhaps?)
Finally, the BBC got its act together (sort of) and Edwards began the news while adding nonchalantly as you please that there had been “a few technical problems, for which we apologize.”
Here’s the gloriously uncomfortable full footage: 

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Weatherman Confuses ‘Swinging’ With Swapping Partners, Anchors Lose It

Global Calgary weatherman Jordan Witzel on Tuesday seemingly confused the wholesome activity of swinging ― like on a playground apparatus ― with swapping sex partners. His apparent mistake set off uncontrollable mirth among his colleagues, news anchors Scott Fee and Amber Schinkel.
While this is all in good fun, we have to wonder whether Witzel knew what he was doing in the first place. Regardless, he got the laughs.
“Either way you get your activity in for the day, I guess,” Witzel said.
“Good cardio,” Fee added.
Witzel was introducing Canada’s “ParticiPACTION 150 Play List” of the day ― a list of physical activities the nation’s residents are encouraged to try.
He was proud enough of his comic moment to tweet it. 

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Pennsylvania Radio Host Quits After He’s Ordered To Not Criticize Donald Trump

Bruce Bond, host of a talk radio show broadcast Saturdays in central Pennsylvania, has resigned instead of heeding management’s order to stop criticizing President Donald Trump, media outlets reported.
Bond said he felt he had no choice after receiving the directive from one of his his bosses at WTPA-FM, which has a listening area that includes the state capital of Harrisburg.
“It wasn’t my agenda to talk politics, but it’s impossible to avoid the topic of Trump doing a 3-hour talk show,” Bond told on Tuesday. “The fact that my bosses would censor me and not allow me to talk about this stuff is ridiculous.”
Bond had earlier posted a letter to him from the station’s general manager, Tim Michaels, “serving notice” that it was against policy to “speak disrespectfully” about the president. Michaels wrote Bond’s actions had resulted in angry audience mail and threatened boycotts.
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Megyn Kelly To Alex Jones In Leaked Tape: ‘I’m Not Going To Be Barbara Walters’

Adding fuel to the controversial buildup to Megyn Kelly’s upcoming interview with Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist released late Thursday a secretly recorded conversation with the NBC host.
And it is not flattering to either party, nor Barbara Walters, the celebrated journalist and former NBC “Today Show” host, whom Kelly appeared to diss.
“I’ve never done this in 22 years, I’ve never recorded another journalist,” Jones said in an earlier video on Thursday, which included parts of his off-the-record talk with Kelly. “I’ve never done this but I knew it was a fraud, that it was a lie.”
Jones, who has an audience of millions for his InfoWars show, later posted the extended version (above) of their conversation, in which he injects commentary between his exchanges with Kelly before the interview.
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Donald Trump Jr. Tells Sean Hannity That The Dow Exonerates His Dad

After James Comey’s Senate hearing Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that the stock market’s rise amid the proceedings cleared the president’s name.
“When the Dow hits another all-time record right during the testimony, you know that he’s been exonerated,” President Donald Trump’s eldest child said. “The markets basically said this has been nonsense.”

The market did indeed peak toward the end of the testimony, CNN reported, but Wall Street’s reaction doesn’t exactly constitute a judge and jury.
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Bill Maher’s Ex-Girlfriend Has Advice For Him On Using A Racial Slur

An ex-girlfriend has a recommendation for Bill Maher whenever the “Real Time” host next ponders using a racial slur: Don’t.
Coco Johnsen, a model who dated Maher in the early 2000s, told TMZ Wednesday that anyone who uses the slur is “very insensitive” and had specific advice for her former beau.
Just use another word next time,” said Johnsen, who is black. “I’m sure that he’s learned his lesson. Maybe a little sensitivity training at the NAACP could do some use.”
A TMZ interviewer attempted to pin down whether Maher used the word around Johnsen, who later sued the comic for palimony, but she didn’t take the bait.
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Really Patient Cop Endures Ugly Tirade From ‘Ruined’ TV Reporter

A Philadelphia TV reporter became the news in disturbing fashion when video of her obscene diatribe at a cop went viral. 
The video shows Colleen Campbell raining profanities on the officer after being booted from local comedy club Helium on Sunday. He patiently endures the verbal assault while a comedian from the show filmed the encounter.
Police arrested Campbell, 28, on charges of criminal mischief, making terroristic threats, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, CBS Philadelphia reported in the video segment above. She also got fired from her job at PHL 17.

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