Duggar Sisters Are Suing Everyone Except Their Brother And Parents

Four Duggars are taking legal action over their brother’s molestation scandal, which their parents attempted to cover up. But their target is not who you’d expect.
Jill, Jessa, Jinger and Joy Dugger have filed a federal breach-of-privacy suit against In Touch and Arkansas law enforcement over police documents released to the magazine through a Freedom of Information Act request in 2015. The documents revealed Josh Duggar molested underage girls as a teenager, including some of his sisters, an issue the children’s parents knew about.
The sisters claim that when they spoke to investigators in 2006 as minors, they were assured their statements would not be made public. They say that under Arkansas law, information collected involving minors is not subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.
According to the lawsuit, the four sisters are seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages against the Arkansas city of Springdale, Continue reading "Duggar Sisters Are Suing Everyone Except Their Brother And Parents"

Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Apologize For Having Fun At A Strip Club

It wasn’t so long ago that entertainment media covered every celebrity screw up ― no matter how minute ― with a sense of glee. Every drunken night out, wardrobe malfunction, and hacked photo was meticulously reported on. 
Today, these kinds of stories are reserved for bottom-of-the-barrel publications like RadarOnline, which on Tuesday attempted to shame Jennifer Lawrence for having fun at an Austrian strip club last month. The website posted video of the star dancing onstage at the club and described her “cutting loose like a low-rent gogo dancer.”
But the publication’s attempts at humiliating the actress didn’t work.
On Wednesday, Lawrence addressed the video over Facebook, where she explained how she was celebrating a friend’s birthday and refused to apologize for having fun. What’s more, while Radar claimed that Lawrence was dancing while only wearing a bra, the actress pointed out that it was actually an Alexander Continue reading "Jennifer Lawrence Will Not Apologize For Having Fun At A Strip Club"

‘Scandal’ Will Reportedly End With Season 7

Who needs “Scandal” when Trump is in the White House? 
“Multiple sources” have confirmed to TVLine that the upcoming seventh season will be the last for the ABC drama. The network is expected to confirm the news at its upfront presentation on May 16.
Series creator Shonda Rhimes recently revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that when Donald Trump was elected president, it ruined the original ending she had planned for Olivia Pope — and that’s not all.
Like nearly all political dramas on television right now, ratings for “Scandal,” which debuted in 2012, have been down. Season 6 premiered days after Trump’s inauguration, with 7.62 million people tuning in. Those numbers are better than the ones the show drew for its Season 5 finale, which fell smack-dab in Continue reading "‘Scandal’ Will Reportedly End With Season 7"

Twitter Is Concerned Ryan Seacrest Is Coming For All Of Our Jobs

On Monday, Kelly Ripa announced that Ryan Seacrest would be her new “Live! with Kelly” co-host, replacing Michael Strahan after he left for “Good Morning America” in May of last year. 
Seacrest is a surprising choice for co-host, only because he’s one of the busiest people in the media business today. 
The former “American Idol” host is a producer on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” hosts a radio show, is a staple on the on the red carpet during award season, and is ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve host since taking over duties from the late Dick Clark. If that wasn’t enough, the CW announced in January that it picked up a new scripted pilot from Ryan Seacrest Productions called “Insatiable,” which is, well, a good description of Seacrest. Continue reading "Twitter Is Concerned Ryan Seacrest Is Coming For All Of Our Jobs"

Michael Moore Recalls The Time Bill O’Reilly Accosted Him On The Street

Michael Moore is feeling pretty good after Bill O’Reilly was dumped by Fox News following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. 
On Thursday, while speaking after a special screening of his 2002 film “Bowling for Columbine” at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Moore recalled how O’Reilly once randomly accosted him on the street. 
Moore told the audience of one time when O’Reilly was “passing me by on the street in a limo, sees me, tells the driver to screech to a halt, and he jumps out of the car, yelling at me. Someone happened to capture a picture of the moment. Look at O’Reilly’s face ― it’s the scariest frikkin’ thing. But I’m still standing and he’s not,” he said. 
Yes, there’s somehow photographic evidence of such an event, which Moore tweeted out on Wednesday. 

Alec Baldwin Feuds With Producer Over Memoir Claims In Ridiculous Twitter War

Alec Baldwin and Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti ― two successful men who are presumably very busy ― spent about five hours on Wednesday night engaged in a no-holds-barred Twitter war of epic proportions. 
Earlier this week, Brunetti called out Baldwin for allegedly lying in his recently released memoir, claiming that he didn’t know co-star Nikki Reed was underage when they filmed 2006’s “Mini’s First Time,” which included some sex scenes ― but no nudity ― between the actors. It was an odd anecdote for Baldwin to include in his memoir, since almost no one saw the film, and neither Baldwin nor the production company had done anything illegal by casting Reed, who was 16 at the time. 
Brunetti claimed that Baldwin was fully aware that Reed was Continue reading "Alec Baldwin Feuds With Producer Over Memoir Claims In Ridiculous Twitter War"

Alec Baldwin Knew Nikki Reed Was Underage While Filming Racy Movie, Producer Claims

Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti is taking Alec Baldwin to task for claiming he didn’t know that actress Nikki Reed was underage when they filmed 2006’s “Mini’s First Time.
In the film, Reed plays a bored high school senior who decides to give sex work a try. When one of her first clients turns out to be her stepfather (Baldwin), the two begin a full-fledged affair. 
“I was forty-seven, and it never occurred to me to ask how old Nikki Reed was,” Baldwin writes in his memoir Nevertheless.When I found out, just as we finished, that she was seventeen, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different.”

On Tuesday, Brunetti, who is one of the producers behind “House of Cards,” “The Social Network” and the “Fifty Shades of Grey” franchise and was also called “the most openly disliked and secretly beloved” Continue reading "Alec Baldwin Knew Nikki Reed Was Underage While Filming Racy Movie, Producer Claims"