The FBI Found Tom Brady’s Missing Jersey With A Member Of The Media

The FBI and NFL security have recovered the jersey that was stolen from Tom Brady following the Patriots’ historic comeback in this year’s Super Bowl.
“The items were found in the possession of a credentialed member of the international media,” the league said in a statement.
In addition to the Super Bowl LI uniform, the investigation also led to the recovery of Brady’s missing Super Bowl XLIX jersey, which he wore against the Seattle Seahawks in 2015.
The uniforms were recovered in Mexico with the assistance of Mexican authorities, Houston Police Department Chief Art Acevedo said.

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Michael Moore Is Begging Donald Trump To Attend Security Briefings

Michael Moore is begging President-elect Donald Trump: “Do your job.”
The filmmaker took a moment on Wednesday’s “Late Night” with Seth Meyers to implore the president-elect to “pay attention,” citing reports that Trump has attended only three of the daily security briefings that he has been offered since he won the election.
Moore referenced the infamous Aug. 6, 2001, briefing titled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States” that President George W. Bush received while on vacation at his ranch in Texas.
While Moore described Bush at that time as “not engaged,” he said that Trump brings disengagement to another level.
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This Meteorologist Has A Whirlwind Of Creepy Halloween Costumes

Forecast says: Strong chance of cheesy costumes.
Halloween is clearly a special time for WDRB meteorologist Jude Redfield. From “Jude Behead-Field” to “Bones Redfield,” he’s doing a great job keeping Louisville, Kentucky, entertained — and informed! — on the spookiest day of the year.
Here are a few of his outfits, compliments of the WDRB Twitter feed and some of Redfield’s amused colleagues:

Time Magazine Cover Reduces Trump To Full-On Goop

Donald Trump is looking a little molten.
An upcoming cover of Time magazine features the Republican nominee for president and his campaign as a puddle in “Total Meltdown” form.
The face-melting illustration, released Thursday, reprises the publication’s Aug. 22 cover to show Trump’s transition from drippy during the summer to full-on goop in October.
Artist Edel Rodriguez intends “to capture the latest twists in Donald Trump’s campaign and the rising anger within the Republican Party leadership about their standard-bearer’s behavior,” according to Time staff.
Trump is dealing with the fallout from the now-infamous hot-mic recording of his 2005 comments about women with then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush. Soon after the release of the video, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) announced that he would no longer defend his party’s nominee
And on Wednesday, four women came forward with allegations that Trump had sexually assaulted them
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This Donald Trump New Yorker Cover Is A Thing Of Beauty

Donald Trump is on the front of the New Yorker again, and it isn’t pretty.
The magazine’s Oct. 10 cover by Barry Blitt, entitled “Miss Congeniality,” references Trump’s treatment of the former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, which Hillary Clinton brought up Monday during the first presidential debate.
Speaking with “Fox & Friends” the next morning, the Republican nominee doubled down on his attack of Machado, saying “She was the winner, and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. We had a real problem with her.”
Clearly, it was a flashpoint.
“Watching the debate, Blitt recognized a significant moment in the Presidential campaign,” a spokeswoman for the magazine said in a statement. “Of all Trump’s dangerous beliefs, Blitt said, his misogyny ‘might just be his Achilles’ heel.’”
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Twitter Breaks Out Its Best Laughing GIFs For #TrumpWon

The first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is in the history books. And while experts are analyzing who won the night, it’s 2016 ― which means political victories are counted in GIFs on Twitter. 
So when #TrumpWon jumped to the No. 1 trend on Tuesday morning, the rest of the internet responded. 
There was plenty of laughter:

Giraffe Wants To Nuzzle Way More Than He Wants To Be On Local News

Sometimes a reporter really needs to stick their neck out to get a good interview. For CBS 8 San Diego reporter Ashley Jacobs, this wasn’t one of those times.
“What is happening? What is happening?” was all Jacobs could say as the  9-month-old Masai giraffe, named Bairdi, leaned in for some nuzzling on live television.
The Huffington Post reached out to the zoo to answer that very question.
“He could have had an itch he was trying to take care of as he had just scratched against the truck post prior to this,” San Diego Zoo Safari Park keepers said. “Ashley also may have had perfume or other scent on her that he was trying to rub (not mating related).  It also could have just been misplaced or redirected energy from wanting more bottles as we had allowed Ashley to give him water in a bottle just Continue reading "Giraffe Wants To Nuzzle Way More Than He Wants To Be On Local News"