Sex, Lies and Metrics: The Truth Behind The Clicks

As print publications go, The Atlantic and The National Enquirer are roughly equally popular. They have a similar circulation. You could even argue that way more people are exposed to Enquirer headlines in check-out lines. And yet on Facebook way more people say they are into The Atlantic, which has 2.1 million likes compared to 44,000 fans for the National Enquirer. I have 161 friends who like The Atlantic on Facebook. Zero of my friends publicly reveal that they like the Enquirer.

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The media we say we consume versus the media we actually consume is one striking example of why social media metrics can’t always be trusted, and why more hidden metrics from Google are what data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz calls “digital truth serum.” “Facebook is digital brag-to-my-friends-about-how-good-my-life-is-serum,” Stephens-Davidowitz writes in his book Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data and What The Internet Can Tell Continue reading "Sex, Lies and Metrics: The Truth Behind The Clicks"

The Problem with Short-Sighted Metrics

Young Howard Cigelske managed chickens and hogs, landscaped on the farm and planted hybrid popcorn. He was also my grandpa and at his funeral I found a newspaper clipping that talked about him at age 17. The reporter who wrote the story noted he wasn’t a boy with a lot of free time. You learn about relatives at their funeral through people who knew them in different avenues of life and at different ages. But this newspaper article, in particular, left a big impression on me. It froze an era in time. It helped me see my grandpa as a hard-working teenager growing up through the Depression, not just the 83-year-old grandfather that I had come to know. That newspaper article came out in 1942, and somehow stuck around for 66 years to find its way into a funeral home where I read it in 2008. The impact of that article is hard Continue reading "The Problem with Short-Sighted Metrics"

#MetricShift Chat: How to Get Better Video Metrics

Are you putting more resources into video? As publishers increase the time they spend producing content for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other video platforms, they need better insights into what works and what doesn’t. In our #MetricShift chat on Friday, July 21, starting at 1 p.m. ET / noon CT / 10 a.m. PT, we’ll preview our upcoming online panel on how to get better video metrics. The free online panel is sponsored by empowers companies to understand, own and improve digital audience engagement through data, so they can ensure the work they do makes the impact it deserves. The chat, which you can find by searching for #MetricShift on Twitter, will be moderated by Tim Cigelske, associate editor of metrics at MediaShift; and will include special guests Andrew Goldstein, sports content executive at Marquette Wire and features reporter at Planet Princeton; and Jason Continue reading "#MetricShift Chat: How to Get Better Video Metrics"

#MetricShift Chat: The Metrics of Subscriptions

Digital subscriptions for some of the largest national newspapers are rising dramatically, as more traditional metrics like ad revenue and circulation continue to decline. The New York Times saw a 47% year-over-year rise in digital subscriptions with 500,000 more in 2016, the Wall Street Journal added more than 150,000 digital subscriptions, and the Chicago Tribune added about 100,000 in weekday digital circulation, a 76% year-over-year gain, according to new reports from Pew Research Center. The digital subscription metrics are a bright spot as the overall newspaper industry saw the 28th consecutive year of declines in total weekday circulation. Will digital subscriptions become the new top metric for publishers? In our #MetricShift chat on Friday, June 23, starting at 1 p.m. ET / noon CT / 10 a.m. PT, we’ll discuss the metrics of subscriptions amid the fall of traditional circulation and the rise of digital. The chat, which you can find Continue reading "#MetricShift Chat: The Metrics of Subscriptions"

Media Metrics Roundup for June 14, 2017

Apple Opening Up In-Episode Analytics of Podcasts 

Jason Snell / Six Colors 
The biggest thing to happen to the podcast business since Serial first went nuclear, says Gimlet Media co-founder Matt Lieber.

The Ugly Media Truths I Always Share with My Audience

Chelsea Fagan / Medium
Sorting through the financial metrics of funding a media start-up can be complicated.

Guardian US Raises More Than $50,000 in 31 Hours

Lucia Moses / Digiday
More than 1,000 readers pledge to fund an editorial series on the threat to public lands in America.

Why a NASCAR Reporter Left USA Today and Launched a Patreon Account

Simons Owens /
“With my business model it does not matter if I get one click or 10,000 clicks on a story,” saysJeff Gluck.

At ‘Washington Post,’ Tech Is Increasingly Boosting Financial Performance

Yuki Noguchi / NPR
Monthly Web traffic has grown 56 percent, to 78.7 million over the Continue reading "Media Metrics Roundup for June 14, 2017"

Media Metrics Roundup for June 7, 2017

Audioboom Podcast Listener Study

Home beats out commuting in survey of 6,602 listeners that also found 64% responded to a podcast ad.

How to Improve Your Google Ranking Quickly

Andrew Romans / Can I Rank? 
A step-by-step process to quickly optimize on-page SEO.

Why We Need a ‘Best Before End’ on Trending Stories

Paul Bradshaw / Online Journalism Blog
An old story receiving higher than normal attention should trigger some editorial attention.

New York Times Adds 500,000+ Digital Subscriptions in 2016

Pew Research Center
A 47% year-over-year rise.

Notifications: A Tragedy Of the Digital Commons

Scott Belsky / Medium
App developers rejoiced at engaging users outside of the app – but we’re left with a noisy tactic to steal attention.

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Netflix and Vaudeville: The Metrics of News Entertainment by Tim Cigelske  Engagement Highest On Mondays And Evenings According To A New Analysis by Jason Alcorn Rebekah Monson of WhereBy.Us: Continue reading "Media Metrics Roundup for June 7, 2017"

Snapchat for Old People: Social Media Isn’t Always About You

I’ve spent a good chunk of my career explaining social media to people who find it mysterious and foreign.

I’m used to negative reactions. I commonly hear phrases like “waste of time,” “it’s only for narcissists” and the catch-all “I just don’t get it.”

People fear what they don’t know. We often assume the worst about out-groups. We hold stereotypes from fragments we pick up in the media — some of it true, some of it sensationalized.

I learned early in my social media career that my job wasn’t to convince people who hold these negative beliefs that they need to use social media. The truth is, social media is not for everyone.

And most people find evangelists annoying. Telling people what to do usually has the opposite effect.

Instead, I make it my mission to educate people on the facts and let them make up their own minds. Even

Continue reading "Snapchat for Old People: Social Media Isn’t Always About You"